Big data a possible game changer for e-governance


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Big data is an IT trend on the fast track. It is one of the most disruptive IT trends that will change the way business is done today. It will make the organizations a proactive one from the current reactive state through the insights generated from the vast volume of data that is getting generated across different medium. There is a huge potential of using Big Data in e-governance projects for improving efficiency, transparency, and resource utilization of the system.

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Big data a possible game changer for e-governance

  1. 1. Big Data – A Possible Game Changer For E-governance In India Somenath Nag Director – Business Development & | | Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  2. 2. Big Data – A Possible Game Changer ForE-governance In IndiaBig data is an IT trend on the fast track. It is one of the mostdisruptive IT trends that will change the way business is donetoday. It will make the organizations a proactive one from thecurrent reactive state through the insights generated from thevast volume of data that is getting generated across differentmedium. There is a huge potential of using Big Data in e-governance projects for improving efficiency, transparency, andresource utilization of the system.This presentation discusses the following aspects of using BigData in e-governance projects:• Challenges faced in e-governance initiatives in India• Importance of structured and unstructured data for e- Somenath Nag governance Director - Business• How Big Data can have a positive impact on improving Development & Marketing, transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness of the e- ALTEN Calsoft Labs governance initiatives• Big Data in Education – a use case for applying Big Data analytics in e-governance
  3. 3. Content• Background• E-governance in India – Challenges & Opportunity• E-governance & Big Data• A Big Data Analytics Usecase in E-governance Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  4. 4. India – Our Country Huge Data Big Machinery Complex Systems Big Data Innovation Conference (c)Source: Indian Census, 2011
  5. 5. What is E-Governance Community Transition Management Management E-Governance Knowledge Infrastructure Management Management Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  6. 6. Objective of E-GovernanceBuild services around citizens choiceMake government more accessibleFacilitate social inclusionProvide information responsiblyUse government resources effectively & Reduce spendingInvolve citizens in the governing process Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  7. 7. E-Governance Stages We are Here Transformation Transaction Interaction InformationInformation Revolution Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  8. 8. Challenges Faced in E-governanceProjects Infrastructure • Setting up proper infrastructure App • Management of application portfolio Management Integration • Integration of cross-departmental applications Data • Collecting, processing, managing huge volume of data • Getting insights from the collected data to take timely Management action, drive socio-economic growth Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  9. 9. Big Data Opportunities in E-Governance Big Data Innovation Conference (c)Source: Gartner, 2012
  10. 10. Source of Big Data in e-Governance Census Data Economic Public Data Services Data Govt. Data Defense & Forms & Intelligence Reports Data Climate & Disaster Data Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  11. 11. How Can Big Data Help? Futuristic Planning Improved Disaster Efficiency Manaement Improved Transparency QoS Reduce Rate of Crime Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  12. 12. A Big Data Use CasePREDICTING & REDUCING STUDENTDROP OUTS Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  13. 13. Education landscape in India 50% of our children aged 6-18 do not go to school. In India, >30% of villages DO NOT have a primary school. In India, >80% of villages DO NOT have a secondary school.On an average a secondary school is >2 km away for 70% of our children. Every 4th student drops out of formal education system at primary level.Just 8-10% of those who make it to high school, graduate Distribution of Villages by Education Facilities Available
  14. 14. Reasons Behind Drop Outs Infrastructure Socio Demographic Economic Student Drop Outs Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  15. 15. A Big Data Solution can• Provide details on where drop-outs happening Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  16. 16. Provide An Analysis about why it is happening& Predictions Based on This Analysis 9% 10% 23% 58% Higher Probability of drop outs in next 3 months Reasons: Flood, Reduced support for Demographic Natural Events Mid-Day Meal, Poor Infrastructure due to Socio Economic Infrastructure flood Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
  17. 17. Helps Government toPlan based on ground level dataPlan based on recent dataPlan for arresting drop outsReview the actions taken and its resultBring in transparencyEffective utilization of resources Big Data Innovation Conference (c)
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  19. 19. ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Analytics Services andBig Data solutions• Business Analytics Operational • Business KPIs & Metrics dashboard Analytics • Customer insight Business Social • Business & Customer Trends Analytics Analytics• Operational Analytics Insight • Operations KPIs & Metrics for dashboard Success • SLA Dashboard • Application Support & Monitoring Big Data Analytics Solutions dashboard • Customer experience & usage pattern dashboard Business Data Hadoop Cluster • Resource utilization trend analysis• Social Media Analytics Industry Specific Pattern Based • Social Media KPI & Metrics Operations Data Analysis Dashboard • Conversation data analysis • Advocacy & Threat analysis Social Media Data • Social Media campaign dashboard
  20. 20. Your Contact Big Data Innovation Conference (c)