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100 Solu

  1. 1. 1 – 201. Use earmuffs2. Listen to calm music so that you dont hear the other noise anymore3. Buy a tabletop fountain that makes calm noise4. Ask the people to reduce noise5. Move to another place6. Go to join the party7. Keep awake and learn instead of sleeping8. Do a party on your own9. Visit a hotel when there is a party10. Go to the doctor and ask for sleeping pills11. Try to get an acoustic isolation for your room12. Read a book until you get really tired13. Count sheep14. Drink warm milk with honey15. Let black tea steep for five minutes. It will make you sleepy16. Try to do some autogenic training17. Try to do some sports during the day so you will be more tired in the evening18. Ask the landlord to set up rules concerning noise in your students hostel19. Call the police to stop the parties20. Make noise yourself when the party people are going to sleep
  2. 2. 21 – 4021. Hire as a barkeeper at the parties, so you will at least earn money22. Sleep at your girlfriend’s house whenever there is a party23. Sleep at some friend’s house24. Try to ask your landlord to split up the people on different hostels. One for the party people and one for the others25. Try not to get mad about the noise but try to listen to the music until you get tired26. Buy the student hostel and throw out any noisy student27. Invent a machine that neutralizes noise28. Ask a friend to hypnotize you29. Finish your study as quick as possible to move out as fast as possible so that you can sleep again30. Attend a distance university so you dont have to live in a student’s hostel31. Sleep at your parents’ house32. Collect votes for a referendum to forbid parties at all33. Invent a pill so that sleep is not necessary anymore34. Buy a dangerous dog that will frighten your neighbors so that they do not dare to make noise anymore35. Take a long walk outside in the fresh air until you get tired36. Invent a noise absorbing pillow37. Get a baby. You still wont sleep but you have got a good reason to be awake.38. Count other animals than sheep if sheep doesnt work for you39. Buy a telescope in order to count stars until you get tired40. Get a cold. Most people do not hear very well and are very tired when they have a cold
  3. 3. 41 – 6041. Move to the moon as there are no sound waves42. If the parties are in a girls apartment than go over and marry her. She will prefer to spend her time with you instead of organizing parties43. Play computer games all night. All male students do so.44. Move to the cellar of the student’s hostel. Normally it is less noisy there.45. Convince your professors to do their lectures at night. So you can study at night and sleep during the day.46. Put a sign "dangerous insects found in this student hostel - take care" outside the hostel. No-one will go party there.47. Ask the owner of the student hostel if there cannot be one or two rooms only for doing party. These rooms should of course have a good acoustic insulation48. Ask a friendly hypnotist to hypnotize all other people in the hostel49. Simply put out a sign: "No more parties allowed (the landlord)". No-one will notice that you put up the sign50. Dress up as a police officer and stop the party on your own51. Switch of the electricity of the students hostel52. Organize a party on your own outside the hostel. You dont have to go there but can sleep instead53. Take a warm shower, it will make you tired.54. Drink some alcohol. Well, not a good solution but still somehow a solution55. Put empty egg cartoons on your wall. This will reduce the noise.56. Invent noise absorbing wallpaper57. Shift the subject to "social behavior during student parties" so that the parties will even be useful58. Do his actual study during the summer courses when there will be less students in the hostel59. Put paper tissue into your ear60. Get trained by a Chinese monk to not let you get influenced by bad external stuff
  4. 4. 61 – 8061. Wait until you get old, you will hear less than62. Go to a loud rock concert, you will hear less afterwards63. Do not clean your ears anymore64. Give everyone on the party a headset with a micro so that they can hear music and talk to each other with hardly any noise. Actually everyone at the party can hear his own favorite music65. Put chewing gum into your ears66. Does some online crash course on creativity instead of sleeping67. Put a small submarine inside your room and sleep inside the submarine. You will hardly hear any noise anymore68. Imagine that you were on vacation and the noise in the background is the sea69. Avoid drinking coffee during the day. You will feel sleepier in the evening.70. Put your forefingers into your ears71. Increase the temperature in your room as sound waves distribute less if it is hot. It is a minimal effect, however if it is hot enough...72. Invent a machine that makes rooms colder depending on how many people are in a room - e.g. with 3 people in a room its already about zero degree73. Buy KO. medicaments and give them to the people having the party (you should invite them for a drink beforehand)74. Ask them to organize their parties in a party location75. Ensure to wake up about 1 hour after their party stopped and have your own party or ring at their door till they are all awake. They soon will be too tired to have a party.76. Ensure having more than one girlfriend (it might be, that the one girlfriend does have a own party)77. Ask your parents to buy the house from the landlord and cancel the contract of the people having the party78. Invent a machine that makes the noise only hearable in the place of the party people79. Tell them you bought a dangerous animal that becomes crazy when hearing any noise80. Invite the party people to a star watching party and ensure them all becoming boring and sleeping instead of having another party afterwards
  5. 5. 81 – 10081. Stand in front of a very loud noise until you do not hear anything82. Put a sign "house has a dangerous structure - entry on your own risk"83. Ring at their door and tell them that the whole area needs to be evacuated - then go back to your bed and sleep84. Put a sign "Due to economic reasons, electricity is switched off from 10pm till 7am every day and during the whole weekends"85. Ask your professor to let you do a research project on the party behavior of students and ask them to be the people to write about. Than start first with the chapter "Students without party become crazy - and how long a student can live without parties"86. Get rich and then spend every one of the party people a vacation in another country.87. Try to get in touch with an alien and kindly as it to beam up the party people into their spaceship88. Try to make the people who are inviting to the party unpopular so that no-one joins their party anymore.89. Put a sign in front of the house stating "No alcohol allowed"90. Stand in front of the party room and say the party had to be canceled91. Go to the party and cry. They maybe will also get sad and dont want do party anymore92. Invent a time machine and put yourself into the Stone Age. There are no parties known in Stone Age.93. Brick the party door up.94. Buy all crisps in the neighborhood. There is no party without crisps.95. Convince the party people to become nerds. Nerds dont do party.96. Tell them that parties are not cool anymore.97. Tell everyone that the guy who is inviting to the party has a contagious disease.98. Steal all the drinks from the guy who is inviting to the party. No drinks, no party, no noise.99. Tell everyone that a famous pop star is doing a free concert at the other end of the town.100. Try to do all the other 99 on after each other tips. You will be so tired afterwards that you will sleep for sure.