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Nanobots kgec


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Nanobots kgec

  1. 1. KALYANI GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGESeminar-1 ec-682SUBJECT: Nano-roboticsGroup members1. Dipankar som2. Biplab bhadra3. Amritendu hazra1
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  3. 3. Nanotechnology(sometimes referred as ‘nanotech ’) is thestudy of manipulating matters on an atomic and molecularscale.Generally nanotechnology deals with developing materials,devices or structure whose at least one dimension is sizedfrom 1 to 100 nanometers.3
  4. 4. Nano-robotics is the technologyof creating machines or robots at orclose to nano(10-9) dimension.The namesnanobots, nanoids, nanites, nanomachines and nanomites have alsobeen used to describe these deviceslargely in research-and-development phase.4
  5. 5.  Research in Nano-robotics began in the late 1980’s.Aroundthis time, K. Eric Drexler published his research onNano systems. From there research developed along with two paths:-1. Design and simulation of robot with nano scaledimensions.2. Manipulation or assembly of nano scale components withmicroscopic instruments. Nano robot are nano machine embedded in our bodyperforming their duties as disciplined soldiers.5
  6. 6.  According to current theories, nano-robots will possess at leasttwo-way communication.A network of special stationary nano-robots might bestrategically positioned throughout the body, logging eachactive nano-robot as it passes, then reporting those results,allowing an interface to keep track of all of the devices in thebody.Simulation is an essential tool for exploring alternatives in theorganization, configuration, motion planning, and control ofnano-devices exploring the human body. Basically, we may observe two distinct kind of nano-robotutilization. One is nano-robots for the surgery intervention,and the other is nano-robot to monitor patients’ body. 6
  7. 7. Nano-robots consists of :-1. Molecular Sorting Rotor.2. Propellers.3. Fins.4. Sensors.Molecular Sorting Rotors:- Made up of Carbon nano-tubes. SWNT’s can be used togenerate a mechanicalmotion.Nano-tubes with nano-gears are responsible for changingdirection of movement. It is used for molecular manipulation.Structure of nano-robots7
  8. 8. Propellers:- It is used to drive forward and backward. They arebi-directional propellers.Fins:- These are fitted alongwith the propellersused to propel thedevice. The three finsuses plane surface fornavigation.Sensors:- These are thenavigational acoustic sensors.8
  9. 9. WIFI-CMOS with wirelesscommunication isfeasible way to interface withnano-robots i.e.tracking, operation, diagnosis.CMOS:- It enable production of highperformance nano- devices.Nano-robot IC Layout 9
  10. 10. This is caused by fatty depositson the walls of arteries. The deviceshould be able to remove thesedeposits from the arterywalls.ARTERIOSCLEROSIS:-TUMORS TREATMENT:-Drillers, Peppers and Stringersengage in a delicate surgical operationto remove a cancer tumor.10
  11. 11. Nano-robots may carry smallultra-sonic signal generator todeliver frequencies directly to thekidney stone which in-turn getcrushed and pass out throughurine.KIDNEY STONE:-Nano-robots can be used in the body to break up blood clotsinto smaller pieces before they have a chance to break free andmove on their own.Nano-robots are used in space-ships, space-suits andequipments used to explore planets and moon 11
  12. 12. In nano-computers usingnano-tubes andnano-wires.In the detection of blood sugarlevel in human blood.In the detectionand treatment ofcancer cells.In Brain -Augmentation-toreplace dead cellswith new cells 12
  13. 13. Speed up of Medical Treatment.Faster and More Precise Diagnosis. Verification of Progress and Treatment. Nano-structuring is expected to bring aboutlighter, stronger and programmable materials. Non-degradation of Treatment Agents.13
  14. 14. Nano particles will penetrate living cells and accumulate inanimal organs and can perhaps enter the food chain.There is no regulatory body dedicated to check this potent andpowerful invasion. Their impact on environment is unknown e.g. Nano-tubes ofcarbon use gallium & arsenic and minute traces of galliumarsenide which could prove toxic in the human body. Changes in the proteins due to the presence of nano- particlesin the blood stream could trigger dangerous effects like bloodclotting.14
  15. 15. From these types of inventions, it will be useful for man tocure many diseases and lead a fantastic life. The same technique is used in various treatments likecancer, breaking kidney stones, brain surgery, heart surgery.Nano-robots could improve the performance of spaceships,spacesuits and equipment used to explore planets andmoons.The major advantage of nano-robots is thought to be theirdurability, in theory, they can remain operational for years, decadesor centuries.Nano-robot might function at the atomic and molecular level tobuild devices, machines known as molecular manufacturing. 15
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