Market Potential of HCL


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To analyze the market potential of HCL Career development center (CDC)

To analyze brand awareness of HCL CDC.
To assess the degree of customer satisfaction among the customers of HCL CDC

The project has been done on market potential of HCL career development center. HCL CDC is a part of HCL infoSystems one of the subsidiaries of the $5 billion company HCL enterprise. The other half of HCL enterprise is HCL technologies.

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Market Potential of HCL

  1. 1. Prepared By: Somdeep Kumar Sen Registration No: 092170710046 Roll No: 09217009050 IBRAD SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT
  2. 2.  Main Issue Of The Project- The project has been done on market potential of HCL career development center. HCL CDC is a part of HCL infoSystems one of the subsidiaries of the $5 billion company HCL enterprise. The other half of HCL enterprise is HCL technologies.  Limitations Of The Project:  Sampling Error.  Time Limitation.  The research work has been conducted mainly in urban & sub-urban areas of Kolkata.
  3. 3.  The research work has been done in lieu of determining market potential of HCL CDC. In order to achieve the main objective formal marketing research has been conducted.  Before carrying out the research work a lot of emphasis was given to Identify the target market segment which consisted of both under graduate & post graduate students, Officials of different colleges, the students of HCL CDC.  Research Procedure - (I)The research work consisted both primary as well as secondary research. - Primary Research: Telephonic & One On One Interview. - Secondary Research: Company sources, Internet (II)Three questionnaires were prepared in order to collect the data. One questionnaire was prepared for the potential customers of HCL CDC which included both under graduate as well as post graduate students. While the other two were prepared for the officials of different colleges & existing customers of HCL CDC.
  4. 4.  Type Of Sampling Method Used- Since more than one segment have been targeted, segmented or stratified sampling method has been used.  Sample Size:  The sample size for the potential customers of HCL CDC is 200  sample size for existing customers of HCL CDC is 120.  sample size for officials of different colleges is 120.  Identifying Different Tools/Concepts to be used during the Analysis: (I)Marketing Concepts: SWOT Analysis, Product Life Cycle (PLC) (II)Mathematical/ Statistical Tools: Pie Chart, Bar Graph. Mathematical Curve Fitting Method
  5. 5. After collection of the data both primary as well as secondary data it was time for the analysis to achieve the desired objective.  Before the analysis one must mention that the primary data collected was mostly qualitative in nature where as the secondary data collected was mostly quantitative in nature.  In order to maintain clarity & make the analysis more in-depth the analysis have been segregated into four parts- - Qualitative Analysis - Quantitative Analysis - SWOT Analysis
  6. 6. Q. Are You Aware Of HCL CDC? 88% 12% Not Aware Aware Source : Primary Source
  7. 7. Aware Not Aware 16 84 Source : Primary Source Q. Are You Aware Of HCL CDC?
  8. 8. Satisfied Requires Modification Can't Say 55 30 15 Source : Primary Source Q. Do You Feel That The Service Provided By HCL CDC Needs Any Kind Of Up gradation
  9. 9. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Source : Primary Source Q. Please Recommend Us A Few Ways To Improve The Services Offered By HCL CDC.
  10. 10. Hardware 35% Software 20% Networking 25% Database 14% Others 6% Source : Primary Source Q. What Is Your Area Of Interest As Far As HCL CDC’S Courses Are Concerned
  11. 11. NIIT 45% CMC 15% BRAINWARE 20% JETKING 3% HCL CDC 8% APTECH 6% OTHERS 3% Source :( Secondary Source
  12. 12.  HCL CDC provides IT training & development to individuals which include not only students but also professionals.  Although these kinds of training are already provided by other organizations such as NIIT still the products (services) provided by HCL CDC can be treated as new product . It is because they fit in to the category which says- ‘If an existing product is launched by a new company it can be treated as a new product’.  Hence just like any new product the products offered by HCL CDC belongs to the Introduction Stage. HCL CDC Products
  13. 13. Graphical Representation Of HCL-CDC’S Revenue (Actual) 45 81 122 153 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
  14. 14. [From the above graph it can be seen that is forecasted that the revenue of HCL CDC for the fiscal year 2010-11 is going to be RS. 192 Crores.] 45 81 122 153 192 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 Source:
  15. 15. STRENGTHS Big brand name of HCL. It is a professional- Educational institute. Students are trained in a very practical way by experienced faculties who also happen to be seasoned professionals. Consistent growth in revenue Good job prospect. WEAKNESSES Extremely low brand awareness in spite of being under the big banner of HCL. Infrastructure may be not up-to the mark in some regions.
  16. 16. OPPORTUNITIES The recent IT boom. Increase in demand for skilled it workers. Non-tech students can be targeted just like the tech students. Providing incentives, discounts etc. to attract new students. Smart channel design. THREATS Existing market leader along with other big-players. New IT giants such as IBM, TCS, entering the market.
  17. 17. • Effective use of Promotional Mix to increase its lowered brand awareness. • Use of over the line as well as below the line medium • Using Sales Promotion for quick increase in Sales. • Cashing In the Big Brand Name of HCL. • Effective positioning of the offerings. • Smart Channel Design. • Introducing the concept of sales territories to make the whole operation more structured. • Improving the infrastructure to improve the degree of customer satisfaction which would most definitely help in retaining the existing customers as well as getting new ones as well. ( Viral Marketing Concept) • The company may consider giving away some scholarships or monetary incentives to some of the meritorious students to build up a distinct image in the mind’s consumers
  18. 18.  Based on the previous discussions it can be said that HCL CDC is at its nascent stage of development. However it has entered a very potent IT training & development market which provides quite a few opportunities of growth.  In spite of the opportunities it is imperative from the company’s point of view that they make the best use of opportunities available. It is also important that that the company must make the fullest possible use of its strengths to gain competitive edge.  However, it must be also be said that the company must concentrate on eliminating the weaknesses, such as low brand awareness which probably is the biggest barrier in HCL CDC’s success. The company shall also keep in mind that due to the potent IT training & development market many IT giants such as IBM, Accenture are looking to enter the market.
  19. 19. • Based on the above discussions it can be said that if HCL CDC has a very bright future in the ever growing & potent market of IT training & development. • As a matter of fact they have already taken major initiatives by tying up a deal with Webel to provide hardware & networking training to the youth of India. • In the end it can only be concluded that in spite of being the new kid on the block HCL CDC has great potential of growth. • However their way to the top will not a be an easy one, but still is believed that they will reach their goal of IT empowerment because they believe that- ‘ ONLY A LEADER CAN TRANSFORM YOU INTO A LEADER’