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Everything You Should Know About Posting on Facebook


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Powertips, tricks and basics of an posting strategy on Facebook. We train how to use social media in your e-marketing.

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Everything You Should Know About Posting on Facebook

  1. 1. Everything you should know about POSTING on Facebook
  2. 2. CONTENTS  Content How and what you should post?  Posting time When is the best time to post?  Post scheduling What you should know about post scheduling?
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  4. 4. Post content
  5. 5.  Think what you can post about  Inform about your new offer or product  Share important news for your industry  Share information about the area you live in  Post a thoughtful statement  Post a motivational quote  Listen to topics your fans comment on  Share what you find interesting your audience  What you should post?
  6. 6. Prepare content for the next few days  Schedule your post  Plan what and what you want to post Post engaging content  Make a contest  Ask questions about your product or offerExperiment with different kinds of content  Make sure that you won’t be oversaturating your audience with content How you should post?
  7. 7. Posting time
  8. 8. When is the best hour to post? Post when your audience is on Facebook Don’t limit your posting to working hours only Know your audience:  What time they are most likely to see your post?  What time they respond the most to your post?  What post are the most engaging?  Is your audience responding to more frequent posting, or to less? To learn more read our analysis - click here
  9. 9. Which days are the best to post? Post at least once a day (weekends included!) Observe and decide:  On which weekdays you get youthe most engagement?  Do you get any feedback during wekeends?  When do you get the most interest in your offer - at the begining or at the end of the week?  Do you obseve the most intense interaction with users on a specific day? Catch your fans  Try to write on a day when they are interested in your type of content and are most able to actually receive your message. MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN
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  11. 11. Post scheduling
  12. 12. Post scheduling General tips:  Post regularly - posting irregularly decrease your Edge Rank (read more here)  Schedule posts on weekly basis. It is nor too long nor too short period.  Schedule near recurring trends. Christmas is always on December 25th, so you can prepare posts in advance and stop worrying.  Schedule your posts for weekends and other days when you know you won’t have time to go to Facebook.  Besides scheduled content you can still publish in real-time.
  13. 13. How to schedule?  Beside ‘Publish’ button you have an icon which expands into a rollup menu.  Here you can schedule your tweet (day and hour), save it as a draft or change a publish date of previously published content.  You can schedule post from 10 minutes up to 6 months in the future.
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