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CompTIA IT Skills Presentation

  1. 1. IT Skills – The Global Challenges and Opportunities Charles Singh Country Manager – Thailand CompTIA
  2. 2. 2 Agenda  Global IT Industry Trend  IT Skills-The Global Challenges and Opportunities  CompTIA Mission and Plan  CompTIA Certifications Roadmap  Success Case Studies  EIT and CompTIA Partnership
  3. 3. IT is Everywhere
  4. 4. Employees on the Go
  5. 5. IT is EverywhereIT is Everywhere –– Mobility and the CloudMobility and the Cloud 5 The cloud market will be US$150B by 2015 13.8M new jobs generated By Cloud Computing by 2015
  6. 6. Expectations for IT Spending in 2013 Base: 1,255 business and IT executives from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany,India, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Thailand and the UK
  7. 7. Businesses in Several Countries Project Strong Increases in IT Spending in 2013 Base: 1,255 business and IT executives from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany,India, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Thailand and the UK
  8. 8. 2013 Top Technology Priorities Degree to Which Businesses are “Where They Want to Be” in Using Technology 1. Security/Cybersecurity 1. Data storage/back-up 2. Network infrastructure 3. Web/Online presence, including e- commerce 4. Updating aging computers/software 1. Mobility-related initiatives 2. Automating business processes through technology 3. Data analytics/Big data/Business intelligence Top Technology Priorities Over Next 12 Months Base: 1,244 business and IT executives from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany,India, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Thailand and the UK
  9. 9. Top Rated IT Skills 16% of businesses report being exactly where they want to be with IT skills, while 40% report being very close. Consequently, nearly half of businesses (54%) seek significant improvement on the IT skills front. 1. Staff productivity 2. Customer service / customer engagement 3. Security / defending against malware, hacking, etc. 4. Innovation / new product development 5. Speed to market with new products or services Top Areas Affected by IT Skills Gaps 1. Teamwork 2. Customer service 3. Project management Top Rated “Soft” IT Skills 1. Networks / Infrastructure 2. Database / Information management 3. Server / data center management 4. Storage / data back-up 5. Help Desk / IT support 6. Data analytics / Business intelligence 7. Printers, copiers, multifunction devices 8. Security / Cybersecurity 9. Customer relationship management (CRM) 10. Web design / development Top Rated IT Skills in Terms of Importance to Businesses Base: 1,244 business and IT executives from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany,India, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Thailand and the UK
  10. 10. Many Businesses Expect to Increase IT Staff Headcount in 2013 Base: 1,244 business and IT executives from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany,India, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Thailand and the UK
  11. 11. Base: 1,252 business and IT executives from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany,India, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Thailand and the UK Concern Over Being Able to Hire IT Staff with the Desired Level of Skills and Experience Time period: over next 2 years
  12. 12. Skills Gaps are on the Rise • Majority of organizations want to improve use of technology and skills of IT staff. • Skills gaps in IT are on the rise: 4 in 10 organizations report an increase in IT skills gaps • Most organizations seek to improve both “hard” and “soft” IT skills gaps Source: CompTIA's IT Skills Gap Study Base: 500 U.S. IT and Business Executives
  13. 13. Certification Makes Training More Effective 84% of organizations agree that it’s best to test after training to confirm knowledge gains. Source: CompTIA's 2012 IT Security Study
  14. 14. 14 Opinions of hiring IT managers: high priority elements (US + UK + South Africa) Value of Factors Evaluating Candidates
  15. 15. Value of IT Certifications Top 5 Benefits of Cer fied IT Staff Source: CompTIA Employer Percep ons of IT Training and Cer fica on, Base 804 US IT hiring managers 1 2 3 4 5 Be er able to understand new or complex technologies More produc ve IT workforce More insigh ul problem solving Be er project management skills Be er communica on skills Other benefits include higher performance, be er ability to finish projects on me/within budget, and higher customer sa sfac on Benefits of Certification for Individuals 80% Getting a foot in the door for an interview 75% Promotion/career opportunities 69% Higher salary 68% Help in changing fields or industries
  16. 16. Trade association advancing the global IT industry for 30 years Who is CompTIA • Headquartered in the U.S. with offices in 11 countries • World’s largest provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications • 2,000 member companies & 3,000 partners worldwide
  17. 17. Certify the IT Workforce Address the Expanding Global IT Workforce Gap • Help employers make hiring decisions • Help professionals prove their skills and grow their careers • Help students to have international standard IT skills Bridge IT Careers from Beginner to Expert • Leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications • 1.5M+ people certified worldwide • 19 certifications with more in development
  18. 18. Worldwide Leading Provider of Vendor-Neutral IT Certifications
  19. 19. CompTIA Certification Stack 19 CompTIA Mastery Certification for advanced IT professionals CompTIA Professional Certification for IT professionals with some experience CompTIA Specialty Certification for business IT professionals in a niche or emerging market CompTIA Basic Certification for individuals entering jobs that involve computers * * Launching 2013
  20. 20. New Certifications in 2013 Secure Dev+ iOs version Android Version
  21. 21. Organizations Endorse, Mandate orOrganizations Endorse, Mandate or Embed CompTIA CredentialsEmbed CompTIA Credentials 21 Baltimore City Public Schools Government Organizations Corporate Organizations Academic Organizations
  22. 22. Collaboration with GovernmentsCollaboration with Governments • Ministry of Higher Education (Malaysia): Program Pentauliahan Professional – 3P by Prestariang with 100% funding on CompTIA certifications • CIZGI TAGEM (Turkey): Enabling talent development of career seekers on CompTIA certifications • IDA (Singapore): Industry certification under CITREP program • SIPA (Thailand): ICT in schools • OCR (UK and SA): Recognition of CompTIA Strata on OCR registration board • USA: DoD and DoL
  23. 23. Alliances with Enterprises 23
  24. 24. HP – Technical Consultant Hiring CompTIA A+ and Server+ Mandate Possession of professional certification mandatory: A+, Server+
  25. 25. McAfee – Technical Support Engineer Hiring CompTIA Security+ Mandate
  26. 26. 26 Top IT Certifications Impacting Hiring & Compensation Dice Learning determined the top 10 certifications that helped technology professionals command higher salaries at all experience levels (survey of 17,000 professionals). CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIASecurity+ in the top ten Certifications
  27. 27. U.S DoD MandatedU.S DoD Mandated CompTIA CertificationsCompTIA Certifications 27 Lack of DoD security standards - prompted the US Department of Defense to mandate CompTIA’s certifications to ensure government employees have foundation-level knowledge and skills to perform IT job roles. Three CompTIA certifications - fulfill DoD Directive 8570.1 requirements: •CompTIAA+ •CompTIA Network+ •CompTIA Security+ •CompTIA CASP DoD Directive 8570.1
  28. 28. Success with Fuji Xerox Tokyo With knowledge of the positive experience of Xerox US and CompTIA, Fuji Xerox customer service headquarters concluded that developing higher levels of skills is the faster way to bring more opportunities in this field. The company selected CompTIA certification programs as an effective index for it. Tomoyuki Fukushi, General Manager, Service Planning Department, Document Service & Support Headquarters. Fuji Xerox Tokyo adopted CompTIA for 1,000 Customer Engineers’ Skill Paths
  29. 29. Success with Ricoh Singapore “We needed a consistent and objective way to evaluate our competencies. The rigourous certification process of CDIA+ has provided us with that benchmark by requiring demonstrated competence in document management.” Bruce Murphy Strategic Marketing Manager Ricoh Singapore CompTIA CDIA+ is now a mandate for Ricoh in Asia Pacific.
  30. 30. Success with Lenovo  联想李祥林先生 ------------联想集团全球服务副总裁 “CompTIA A+ 认证是全球范围内公认的IT硬件维修技术能力认证标准,经联想集团技术部门评估后 证实,完全符合联想集团对产品售后服务工程师技术认证的要求。” “CompTIA 组织提供的A+系统认证所包括的专业知识与联想集团产品售后服务所必须的技术技能相 结合,令联想售后服务的技术能力达到世界一流标准。” 2006财年,有500名联想渠道服务工程师参加了了CompTIA A+认证考试; 2007财年,有1000名渠道工程师参加CompTIA A+认证考试; 2008财年,所有新入职工程师采用CompTIA A+认证作为技术衡量标准; 2009财年,将CompTIA Network+和Server+认证列入工程师要求序列。
  31. 31. Success with DellSuccess with Dell “For Dell, the most important thing is customer satisfaction. Technical skills are one tool that help solve the customer’s problem, but part of problem-solving is keeping the customer happy. The new A+ helps us achieve this. A. Proveniers Dell Dell has organised for 1,680 technicians to achieve CompTIA certification as part of their focus on customer excellence.
  32. 32. Success with ING - Cloud Certification • Improve organizational capabilities to be able to adopt cloud computing. Challenge • Create awareness around cloud computing and train 1,500 people to build the right competencies and skills. Solution • Workforce acquired the appropriate skills and competencies to support ING in attaining the benefits of cloud computing. Results “Establishment of internal cloud competencies is so critical to being able to successfully leverage cloud services; without these, and having the workforce understand them, we’ll never be able to exploit the marketplace in the right way. Rolling out a comprehensive cloud and virtualization training program, tailored to ING’s needs, is an integral part of our ambitious IT strategy.” Tony Kerrison CTO, ING
  33. 33. 33 Name: Lakhmi Chand Ahuja Current Employment: Best Buy, Canada Past: Engineer, working in a local IT firm in Gujarat, India Sun info systems smart training and the certification of CompTIA (A+) has given me a greater edge in my career. Owing to my international certification everyone in the world can recognize my skills. I personally feel COMPTIA A+ is one of the best certification in the world where your knowledge is tested. In fact I would rate this certification higher than many other vendor certifications as this certification tests candidate knowledge on all fields of Information technology and not on one particular domain. It is a gate pass for your first Job. I would like to thank CompTIA from the bottom of my heart for enhancing my life and blessing me with a better future. I know thanks is very small word for whatever COMPTIA did for me, i found myself end of words when it comes to express my gratitude for COMPTIA.
  34. 34. Learn CertifyWork Narrow the IT Skills Gap 35
  35. 35. Charles Singh Country Manager - Thailand CompTIA