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Business case CompTIA by DragonsMove


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Business case CompTIA by DragonsMove

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  2. 2. Before getting to know CompTIA, Dragons Move managed for customers with its own experience but might lack of principle and good practices in international level. Till getting to know CompTIA Project + then sending staff for training and apply for project management. It made the staff more efficient according to international standard and reduced the risk that happened from time to time during running the projects. Other reason why Dragons Move realizes the importance of developing personnels by taking CompTIA course is to prepare for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2015. It is good opportunity for the company to extend their businesses to ASEAN members with International standard of CompTIA. CompTIA certificate helps create new businesses The company sending personnels for training and got more than 30 certificates from CompTIA (There are many courses in CompTIA). The company still has the idea to share knowledges in order to promote and publicize the knowledges internationally to educational and industrial sectors. The company set up the goal primarily that we will deliver training to their places for the sake of comfort. The strength of the company is direct experiences in computer network and information system and supplement with CompTIA course will enhance the knowledge for the trainees.