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Baseball Team Raises Batting Average 61 Points with Somax


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Baseball players 17 and older on the Warriors high school team worked out on 7 Somax Power Hip Trainers during the season, pumped up their batting average from .321 to .382, bumped up their swing speed as much as 15 mph, and won the state championship with a 35-3 record. Their prior year record was 25 - 6.

One of the players improved so much that he is now in line for a baseball scholarship--when before no school was interested in him.

Faster bat speed means you can wait longer and get a better eye on the pitch--which is why the team average jumped 61 points.

Watch the entire beginning workout with 2 minute drills as the players increase the strength and speed of their hips and improve the separation between their shoulders and hips.

The Somax Power Hip Trainer is the only baseball training aid that increases the strength and speed of hip rotation for batting. Every increase in hip speed is multiplied 18X at the bat because of the 18:1 ratio of the 54" distance of the sweet spot on the bat to the center of rotation and the 3" distance of the hip joints to the center of rotation.

More information on the Somax Power Hip Trainer can be found at

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