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Sm115 nanocoat presentation_new

  1. 1. Medilite Germicidal Medical Lamp• Tested & researched by: Institute For Medical Research Ministry of Health.• Online at : – www.medilite(s).asia –
  2. 2. What is TiO2 Photocatalyst• Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an anti-microbial metal created by a process whichcrystallizes titanic iron ore into a nano liquid form. When exposed to UV light inthe sub 400 range, TiO2 becomes a photo catalyst oxidizer (PCO) as well thuscreating hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions which are two times strongerdisinfectants than chlorine and 1.5 times stronger a disinfectant than ozone.• Photocatalyst is a reaction that uses light to activate a substance whichmodifies the rate of a chemical reaction without being involved itself. And thephotocatalyst is the substance which can modify the rate of chemical reactionusing light irradiation. Chlorophyll of plants is a typical natural photocatalyst.The difference between chlorophyll photocatalyst to man-made nanophotocatalyst is, usually chlorophyll captures sunlight to turn water and carbondioxide into oxygen and glucose, but on the contrary photocatalyst createsstrong oxidation agent and electronic holes to breakdown the organic matter tocarbon dioxide and water in the presence of photocatalyst, light and water.
  3. 3. TiO2 Catalytic Properties
  4. 4. Basic Functions of Photocatalyst• Sterilizing Effect• Deodorizing Effect• Air Purifying Effect• Anti fogging, Self-Cleaning• Water Purification
  5. 5. TiO2 Nano Coat Photocatalyst• Air Purification• Water Purification• Anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal• Anti-mold• Gas decomposition• Decomposition of organic compound• Deodorizing
  6. 6. SpecificationsProduct Series Nano TiO2 Sol Coating AgentMain Compositions Nano Titanium DioxideCrystallite Structure AnataseAverage Primary Particle Size <8nmCoagulation Index 2-4Executing CriterionQ /TDIT-01-2004GB/T 19591-2004GB/T 19619-2004Appearance Bluish white / yellowish transparent liquidSmell OdorlessSkin Touch HarmlessDispersant Water-basedOrigin MalaysiaStorage Condition Sealed/Avoid light/Room temperaturePackagingPlastic / Metal Barrel10L, 25L, 30L, 200L
  7. 7. Material Safety Data SheetRegistration CAS No. EINECSTSCA (USA)AICS (AUS)CEPA (CAN)MITI(JAP)ECL (KOR)Content(PPM)TitaniumDioxide13463-67-7 236-375-5 Registered 1-558 Registered 23000-25000Hazardous or Poisonous natureClassification: Non HazardousHazardousness: NonePoisonous contents: NoneEnvironmental effect: NoneHazardous informationCombustibility: IncombustibleFlammability: NoneExplosive: NoneStability: StableSkin corrosiveness: NoneIrritability: NoneAcute toxicity: NoneCancer causing: Non carcinogenicEnvironmental influenceDegradability: NoneAccumulative: NoneFish-toxicity: NoneTransport HandlingLeakage of liquid from container may happen.If leakage happens please refer to ‘In case ofleaking’.First-aid MeasureContact with eyes: Rinse with plenty of waterContact with skin: Rinse affected area with waterInhaling: Clean nose with water and gargleIngestion: Gargle with water and drink a lot ofwaterIn case of fireFire extinguisher procedureNone (Non-flammable)Fire extinguisher materialNone neededIn case of leakingWipe and wash affected area with waterChemical disposalDrain into sewage disposal treatment tank or use regularwater sewage systemStorageThe product should be stored in a cool and dark place.The product can not be refrigerated
  8. 8. Physicochemical DataProperties Unit Typical valueAppearance - Yellowish transparent liquidOdor - NoneTrue specific gravity - 1023-1025Boiling point oC 100Volatility - NoneSolubility - Dissolve in water, miscible in oilAverage primary particle sizeAcc: To GB/T 19591-2004Nm < 8Specific surface areaAcc: To ISO 9277:1995m2/g 160 ±30pH - 6.5-8.5Pb-content mg/L < 0.1As-content mg/L < 0.5Hg-content mg/L < 0.005
  9. 9. Frequently asked questions1. Is TiO2 coating harmless to humans?  Is it harmless to pets?Nano TiO2 liquid is completely harmless to human bodies and is actually used widely as a food additive. 2. After application, does it produce any odor? No, it does not have any odor.3. Does this Nano TiO2 liquid have a shelf life? There is no shelf life.   This solution should be stored in a dark, cool environment.4. How is this Nano TiO2 liquid applied?It can be brushed or sprayed onto surfaces. When applied to fabrics via spray, a brush should be used to work the solution into thefabric.  5. After it is applied, how long does it last?TiO2 PCO Solution has a service life of 5-10 years or even longer on some surfaces that do not have a lot of contact. 6.  Does Nano TiO2 liquid remove odors from the air? How about from fabrics?When exposed to light, Nano TiO2 liquid will create -OH (hydroxyl radical) and O- (super oxide ions) which will decompose thesubstances that creates the odor.  7. How does Nano TiO2 liquid prevent and remove contamination from surfaces?  They become oxidized by the photo-catalytic oxidation and float away as harmless substances.  8.  Why does Nano TiO2 liquid have a sterilizing and anti-microbial effect? Most microbes die quickly when any part of them comes in contact with a coated surface.  In addition, Nano TiO2 liquid decomposestoxins that are discharged when microbes die (Verotoxins, Enterotoxins), rendering them into harmless vapors.
  10. 10. FAQ - cont’d9.  Exactly what type of odors will Nano TiO2 liquid eliminate? It will remove virtually all and any type of odor from surfaces as treated surfaces become resistant to microorganisms, mold,bacteria, viruses, smoke, odors, etc. 10. Does it work in cold environments such as freezers? Yes. Microbes that come in contact with a treated surface will cease to exist. 11. Does Nano TiO2 liquid get rid of cigarette odors from tar and nicotine that have penetrated surfaces?  Yes. If a second hand smoke contaminated surface (second hand smoke is known to have over 400 known cancer causingchemicals) is treated with TiO2 solution, the odor will soon disappear.12. How does the intensity of light affect the ability of this Nano TiO2 liquid to create friendly oxidizers which purify the air?  As a characteristic of titanium dioxide, it starts to produce friendly oxidizer en mass when exposed to ultraviolet rays of 400nmrange or lower.  It is more affected by the intensity of the ultraviolet rays rather than the intensity of light itself per se. However,any air pollution, VOC, or odor that comes in contact with a surface treated with Nano TiO2 liquid will become oxidized.13.  What are some of the more popular applications for Nano TiO2 liquid?Bathrooms, floor tiles, sinks, showers, car interiors, to remove and prevent tobacco odors, kitchen counters, furniture andcarpets (especially if you have pets), curtains, mini-blinds, windows exposed to light, ceiling fans, car rims,  white outdoorfurniture,  house gutters (keep them mold free),  concrete or brick  that  you want to keep mold free,  the list goes on and on.14. Can Nano TiO2 be applied to carpets?Yes, and with great results! Carpets treated with Nano TiO2 will resist not only odors and grime but also pests such as fleas.Carpets will last much longer as well.
  11. 11. Test Reports(IMR & ALS Technichem)
  12. 12. Sterilization Protocol1. Medical Germicidal UVC Sterilization lights installed.2. Please ensure the lights are turned off when entering this operatingtheater.3. UVMax SM14 Medical Germicidal UVC sterilization lights are to beswitched on for a minimum of 4 hours daily when operating theater isNOT in use.4. Cleanature SM988B is to be switched on under Anion and UVC modesduring the use of the operating theater.5. Cleanature SM988B Ozone mode is to be switched on for duration of 6hours a day when operating theater is NOT in use.6. SM 212 & HEPA Filtration installed in the split system air conditioning willactivate automatically during use.
  13. 13. Installation of UVC SM 212 for Split Air Cond systemand ceiling mounting UVC SM 14
  14. 14. Operation Theatre – Complete Installation ofSM 14 UVC Germicidal lamps
  15. 15. Protocol before Spraying SM 1152 Nano TiO2Coating Solution [Part 1]
  16. 16. Protocol before Spraying SM 1152 Nano TiO2Coating Solution [Part 2]
  17. 17. Spraying SM1152 Nano TiO2 coating ontoCeramic tiles, Roof and Glass
  18. 18. Spraying SM1152 Nano TiO2 coating onto O.T.Fixtures and O.T. Table
  19. 19. Independent Test Report By ALSTechnichem on completion of project