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Glogster ppt 3


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Published in: Education
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Glogster ppt 3

  1. 1. Teaching with “ glogster”By: Soumia Bouddage
  2. 2. Glogster is a Web 2.0 tool that allows users to create virtual postersthe posters incorporate , video, images, texts, links and music
  3. 3. Glogster• Glogster was founded by Roman Samola and his friends (2007)• Initially it used for social network: creation and sharing of Glogs• Only in 2009, glogster launched Glogster EDU …a secure learning platform for teachers andstudents
  4. 4. Transformation from…An ordinary boring text a vivid attracting glogster
  5. 5. Glogster can be used in educational settings as an alternative to traditional teachingmethod.
  6. 6. Why glogster?• Glogs stimulate creative self-expression• They provide a rich multi-sensory outlet for expression• Glogster is great to use with EFL students who have problems with writing• It engages students with different learnig styles : • Visual learners • Auditory learners • Group work
  7. 7. GLOGSTER FEATURES Adding background
  8. 8. Adding titles and texts
  9. 9. Adding images
  10. 10. Adding Video
  11. 11. Adding audio
  12. 12. Publiching your glog
  13. 13. • Glogster EDU allows teachers to create a virtual classroom
  14. 14. The virtual classroomGlogster EDU allows teachersto create a virtual classroomMonitorCheck progressionChatPost comments
  15. 15. Examples of glogsters created bystudents for various school subjects glogster allows you to use wordle
  16. 16. Glogster is a very easy tool, which allowstudents to express and demonstrate theirlearning abilities in a creative, fun way