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Bca spring driveassignments


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Bca spring driveassignments

  1. 1. FOR SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at BCA ASSIGNMEMNTS SESSION- SPRING 2014 BCA – Sem 1 BCA1010/IMC1010 - FUNDAMENTALS OF IT AND PROGRAMMING 1 Define Computer. Briefly explain organization of the Computer. 2 How are computers classified? Briefly explain the classifications of Computer. 3 What is Computer Software? How it is useful in running Hardware? BCA1020- PROGRAMMING IN C 1 Define operators. Briefly explain about any four Operators in C. 2 Differentiate between formal parameters and actual parameters with example 3 Describe about static and external variables. 4 Distinguish between pass by value and pass by reference with the help of an example. 5 Define macro. How can we declare a macro statement? Explain with an example. 6 What is the use of fopen () and fclose () function? List and explain different modes for opening a file. BCA 1030- BASIC MATHEMATICS 1 (i) Let A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6} and B = {2, 4, 6, 8}. Find A – B and B – A. (ii) In a group of 50 people, 35 speak Hindi, 25 speak both English and Hindi and all the people speak at least one of the two languages. How many people speak only English and not Hindi ? How many people speak English? 2 (i) Express 792 in radians and (7/12)c in degrees (ii) Prove thattan0+sec0-1 =cos0 = 1+sin0 Tan0- sec0+1 1- sin0 cos0 3 (i) Define continuity of a point (ii) Test the continuity of the function f where f is defined by 4 Solvedy/dx = y+x-2/y-x-4 5 A bag contains two red balls, three blue balls and five green balls. Three balls are drawn at random. Find the probability that a) the three balls are of different colours b) two balls are of the same colour c) all the three are of the same colour. 6. Solve: 2x + 3y + 4z = 20, x + y + 2z = 9, 3x + 2y + z = 10 BCA1040/IMC1040- DIGITAL LOGIC 1 Convert each of the following hexadecimal numbers to binary, octal, and decimal formats. i) (4FB2)16
  2. 2. ii) (DC4)16 2 Construct the following gates using NAND gates. a)AND b) NOR c) XOR d)XNOR 4x2 ½ 10 3 Expand the following Boolean functions into their canonical form: i. f(X,Y,Z)=XY+YZ+ X Z+ X Y ii. f(X,Y,Z)=XY+ X Y + X YZ 4 Simplify the following Boolean function: F = A’C + A’B + AB’C + BC, using K-map? 5 What are sequential circuits? Explain differences between sequential circuits and combinational circuits. 6 What are shift registers? Explain serial in serial out shift register. FOR SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at BCA – Sem 2 BCA2010 – OPERATING SYSTEM 1 Define operating system. Explain any four major functions of operating system 2 What is hardware virtual machine? Discuss the three ways through which the software virtualization can be done 3 Explain the following scheduling algorithm [10 Marks]. a) First come First served b) Shortest Job First 4 Define deadlock. Discuss any four condition that leads to deadlock 5 Explain LRU page replacement algorithm with an example 6 What is computer virus? List the types of virus and its various infection methods. BCA2020/IMC2020-DATA STRUCTURE AND ALGORITHM 1 What do you mean by data structure operation? Briefly explain some of the operations used frequently. 2 Briefly explain Insertion Algorithms. 3 What is queue? Briefly explain array implementation of queue. 4 Write a short note on: NP-Completeness and Optimization versus decision problems. 5 Write the Algorithm to find the maximum and minimum items in a set of ‘n’ element. 6 Briefly explain Greedy Method Strategy. BCA2030- OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING – C++ 1 Write short notes on: a) Inheritance b) Polymorphism 2 Differentiate between Classes and Objects. Write an example program to represent a class and its object. 3 Describe operator overloading. Which are the operators that cannot be overloaded? 4 What are the advantages of Polymorphism? How it can be implemented? 5 Differentiate between Containers and Iterators 6 Describe the two basic exception handling models
  3. 3. BCA2040- COMMUNICATION SKILL 1 What is nonverbal communication? Give five examples for non-verbal communication 2 What are the prosodic features of speech? 3 Define hearing and Listening. How is ‘hearing’ different from ‘listening’ BCA2050/IMC2050 COMPUTER ORGANISATION 1 What is difference engine? Briefly explain the structure of Babbage’s Difference Engine. 2 What is the difference between fixed and floating point numbers? 3 Briefly explain the instruction characteristics. 4 Briefly explain the read and write cycle of an 8086 processor. 5 Briefly explain Interrupt Driven I/O. 6 Describe Multiprocessing. Briefly explain its system. FOR SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at BCA Sem 3 BCA3020/IMC3020- Database Management System 1 What is Database? Explain its properties. 2 Write a note on: MySQL Architecture Primary Subsystems 3 What are the attributes used in the E-R model? Explain with the example of Student database. 4 What is Relational Database Management System? Explain three aspects of RDBMS. 5 What do you mean by Embedded SQL? How do you declare variables and exceptions? 6 Briefly explain the reasons behind Object-relational impedance mismatch. BCA3030/IMC3030-UNDERSTANDING PC & TROUBLE SHOOTING 1 What are processor modes? Explain the three types of processor modes 2 List the different PCI signals along with their functions 3 Define the following a. Front Sided Bus b. Dual Independent Bus 4 What is POST? What are the various steps performed by the POST to check for resource availability 5 Discuss any five guidelines that we need to follow while troubleshooting the hardware problem 6 List the steps involved in installation of software in modem. BCA 3040/IMC3040 – DATA COMMUNICATION 1 Draw the block diagram of communication system and briefly explain the each block. 2 Briefly explain the communication channel with an example. 3 What is modulation? Explain why modulation is required? 4 What is Coaxial cable? Briefly explain the structure of Coaxial cable with a supported diagram. 5 Briefly explain Nyquist theorem with mathematical representation.
  4. 4. 6 What are the advantages of packet switching over circuit switching? BCA 3050/IMC3050 – Soft Skill - Personality Development 1(a) Explain any two personality characteristics in an organization (b) Explain the POSEC method of time management 2 Why are goals important? Why should they be SMART? 3 (a) How does Jung explain the traits of personality? (b) What is self-image? How is it created? FOR SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at - BCA – Sem 4 BCA 4010/IMC4010 COMPUTER NETWORKING 1 What is OSI model? Explain all its layers with diagram. 2 Write a short note on ALOHA protocols. 3 What is the function of data link layer? Explain the services of the data link layer. 4 Explain Shortest Path routing Algorithm. 5 Discuss any two design issues of Session Layer. 6 Explain Recursive queries and Iterative queries that a DNS resolver (either a DNS client or another DNS server) can make to a DNS server. BCA 4020 - PROGRAMMING IN JAVA 1 Describe about Multi-threading. What is the significance of Java Bytecode? 2 Differentiate Break and Continue statements in Java with example program. 3 Differentiate between packages and Interfaces. 4 What are Applets? What are the restrictions of Applets? Describe about applet class. 5 Compare JDBC and ODBC 6 Describe about Java Beans and BeanBox. BCA 4030/IMC4030 -System Software 1 Define Language Processor and explain its activities in detail 2 Describe the different types of Assemblers. 3 Define a linker? Elaborate the various steps involved in the execution of a program with the help of a diagram 4 Explain the various phases of compiler with the help of a block diagram 5 List and explain the various issues which must be considered to make your drivers portable across CPU architectures 6 What do you mean by a USB end point? Explain the types of an end point BCA 4040 PRINCIPLES OF FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND MANAGEMENT 1 Define Accounting. Briefly explain the ‘Entity Concept’ and ‘Money Measurement Concept’ of accounting. 2 What is rectification of errors? List and explain the stages where the errors are deducted for rectification. 3 Explain the various steps in financial planning 4 What is inventory management and explain the following a. Economic Order Quantity
  5. 5. b. Reorder Point 5 Explain the different steps involved in preparation of Fund Flow Statements. 6 What is cost? Discuss the factors involved in estimating the cost. FOR SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at BCA - Sem 5 BCA5010- WEB DESIGN 1 Briefly explain the various classes of networks 2 Explain the process steps of developing web site. 3 List out the advantages of DHTML 4 Explain browser object model using suitable diagram 5 What are the loop types are available in PHP? Explain each with the syntax 6 List out Conditional and looping constructs available in JavaScript. Explain with syntax BCA5020- VISUAL PROGRAMMING 1 What is event driven programming? List and explain the advantages of event driven programming 2 What is IDE? List and explain its components. Discuss the environment with windows IDE environment. 3 Explain the comparison and logical operators available in VB .NET. 4 Discuss the concept of constructor and destructor with appropriate example. 5 What is attributes? Explain its properties. Discuss the targets of attributes. 6 Explain the components of tarsus platform. Explain three types of application operations. BCA5030 - Software Engineering 1 Explain different kinds of software applications. 2 What are the Limitations of waterfall model? Explain 3 Describe the operation of Data flow model with the help of a block diagram 4 Explain the various activities involved in Software Reengineering process model 5 Explain Black-Box Testing in detail 6 With the help of bock diagram explain how global problem solving can apply a software- driven approach to enhance the efficiency of problem solving. BCA5042– Graphics and Multimedia Systems 1 Briefly explain RGB color model. 2 Write a note on: Direct view storage tubes and Raster Scan Display. 3 Write a note on: (i) Control points (ii) Knot Vector 4 Explain different types of coherence. 5 What is multimedia? Explain briefly the uses of multimedia. 6 Explain the following (a) Full animation
  6. 6. (b) Limited animation (c) Rotoscoping BCA – Sem 6 BC0057 – OBJECT ORIENTED ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 1 Why is object oriented system important? State 2 orthogonal views of the software. 2 Explain about Encapsulation & information hiding and Class hierarchy 3 Describe Rumbaugh et al.’s Object Modeling Technique 4 Write short notes on : (i) Sequence Diagram (ii) Collaboration Diagram 5 Explain the 3 steps in extracting Entity Classes with a flowchart. 6 What are the reasons that the operations not added during the analysis workflow, but rather during the design workflow? Explain. BC0058 – DATA WAREHOUSING 1 Differentiate between OLTP and Data Warehouse. 2 What are the key issues in Planning a Data Warehouse 3 Explain Source Data Component and Data Staging Components of Data Warehouse Architecture. 4 Discuss the Extraction Methods in Data Warehouses. 5 Write short notes on : (i) RAID 0 (ii) RAID 1 6 What is Metadata Management? Explain Integrated Metadata Management with a block diagram. BC5901 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 1 Write the importance of Artificial Intelligence. 2 For what type of problems Simulated Annealing technique is best suitable? 3 Explain 3 kinds of knowledge and properties for knowledge representation systems. 4 Write the advantages and disadvantages of Conceptual Dependency (CD). 5 Determine the guidelines for a problem to suit expert system solution. 6 Write short notes on (i) Sensors (ii) Effectors of robot hardware FOR SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at