co-production @Justice_Vic - online collaboration and citizen engagement


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My talk at the 3rd annual Frocomm Gov 2.0 conference in Sydney on 15 June 2011

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co-production @Justice_Vic - online collaboration and citizen engagement

  1. 1. co-production @Justice_Vic online collaboration and citizen engagementPatrick McCormick @solutistActing General ManagerOnline Collaboration and Citizen EngagementDepartment of Justice Victoria Unless indicated otherwise, content in this presentation is licensed:15 June 20113rd Annual Gov 2.0 Conference Sydney
  2. 2. co-production@Justice_Viconline collaboration and citizen engagement 1 we are here now 2 changing the rules 3 listening to the crowd 4 public purpose at Justice
  3. 3. 1. we are here now
  4. 4. Australians prefer the web(AGIMO: Australia in the Digital Economy, 2009)
  5. 5. and are spending more time onlineaccording to comScore’s State of the Internet 2010• 18.8 hours per month online on average• 36.3% used Apple iTunes• 42.6% used online banking services• 81.6% used social networks
  6. 6. mind the analog divide
  7. 7. Justice portfolio employs over 21,000 staff – police and prosecution – courts, prisons and corrections services – tribunals and agencies protecting citizen rights – emergency services – racing and gaming policy – legal advice to governmentand includes about 90,000 volunteers across – Country Fire Authority – Lifesaving Victoria – Victoria State Emergency Services – Office of the Public Advocate
  8. 8. Department of Justice social media policy
  9. 9. citizen expectations are changing3 types of expectations - Charlie Leadbeater• I need – essential services government must provide• I want – discretionary services responding to demand• I can – option to self select, participate, co-producewhy now?• Internet 1.0 – low or no cost production and distribution• netizens 1.0 – surplus computing and doing capacity• web 2.0 - new tools, behaviours, expectations
  10. 10. the Internet has something to do with itcompact yet immense, a ‘small world’• 10x growth adds ‘one hop’• growth is organic and ad hoc power law distribution mostly below and above mean In Search of Jefferson’s Moose - David G. Post • few with many links • many with few links power law distribution mostly below and above the mean •few with many links •many with few links
  11. 11. the public sector is evolving1. 20th century administrative bureaucracy read-only rigid, prescriptive, hierarchical2. new public management - performance3. triple bottom line - shareholders and stakeholders4. co-productive, shared enterprise, Gov 2.0 read-write agile, principled, collaborative
  12. 12. what is this thing, Gov 2.0? Gov2.0 government web 2.0 the new economy begins with technology and ends with trust- Alan Webber 1993
  13. 13. what is the purpose of the public sector? public public sector policy public public services goods
  14. 14. we need to go back to first principlespublic purpose public public sector policy public public services goods
  15. 15. Gov 2.0is not abouttechnology public trustpurpose
  16. 16. but Gov 2.0is powered bytechnology citizens technology internet PSI government
  17. 17. Gov 2.0 begins withpublic purpose and ends with trust technology citizens public internet trustpurpose PSI government
  18. 18. the public sector needs to changea new approach• share (not cede) power, when and where appropriate• maintain authority in old and new models• government as a platform, providing a citizen ‘API’key challenges• culture of experimentation and collaboration• open access to public sector data and information• voice of authenticity, uncertainty and contestability
  19. 19. emerging policy platformVictoria• parliamentary inquiry into PSI• VPS innovation action plan• Government response on PSI• government 2.0 action planCommonwealth• Gov 2.0 Taskforce report• APSC online engagement guidelines• declaration of open government
  20. 20. 2. changing the rules
  21. 21. the tragedy of the commons• the situation in which multiple individuals, acting independently, and solely and rationally consulting their own self-interest, will ultimately deplete a shared limited resource even when it is clear that it is not in anyones long-term interest for this to happen Wikipedia
  22. 22. the bounty of the peer to peer digital commons • close to zero marginal cost of production • close to zero marginal cost of distribution • scale not scarcity
  23. 23. the value of self-selection and meritocracy
  24. 24. focusing on outcomes over processes ‘the cathedral and the bazaar’ – Eric Raymond• new tools demand less structured approach• business cases need iterative, adaptive methodologies to respond to unexpected challenges, benefits
  25. 25. follow rules of disruptive innovation• think big• start small• fail fast
  26. 26. avoid inflexibility of massive projects• think big• start small• fail fast • think small • start big • fail slowlyValberg Lárusson, Flickr
  27. 27. demonstrate fast wins with rapid prototyping • time and budget constraints • eliminate technical and bureaucratic barriers • select team with diverse expertise, experience
  28. 28. agile approach rewards innovation• co-located ‘skunk works’• all ideas valid, fast decisions• draw upon external expertise
  29. 29. evidence based policies and targeted servicespeople are talking in new ways, in new places Alcohol & Street Violence Social Media Analysis 26%Month on Month Trend40003000 April 20102000 Results Change1000 0 1081 71% January February March April
  30. 30. what are costs and gaps of traditional methods Violent CBD brawl Street violence talk spawned by Williams’ death
  31. 31. modern and capable - a culture ofcollaboration
  32. 32. conversations, questions, problem solving
  33. 33. seeking and rating ideasopenly
  34. 34. workingtogether across boundaries
  35. 35. video socialisesimportantinformation
  36. 36. inviting content creativity
  37. 37. walking the talk by using social media
  38. 38. 3. listening to the crowd
  39. 39. co-production with or without us• “information wants to be free” - Stewart Brand at first Hackers Conference 1984
  40. 40. governments find new authentic voices
  41. 41. making government transparent and accountable
  42. 42. the wisdom of 100 million phone calls
  43. 43. establishing trustedpresence on new platforms
  44. 44. using social media to get the job done
  45. 45. listening for citizen pain points (cc @justice_vic) Working with Children check was 90% done (almost 11 weeks), lodged an Employ instead, and it will restart and take another 12 weeks. What a stupid system…@deonwentworth Deon - thx for yourfeedback. Dont know right now whathappened or why its like that - but will havesomeone look into ^D
  46. 46. exceeding expectations by following up @deonwentworth Have chased up and have an answer for you. Pls dm your email addy or contact # as response wont fit in 140 spaces. Thanks ^J@justice_vic No need, got the checkyesterday, start 2morrow. Thx a lot 4following this up, thought Youd forgotten. Ifyou still need to, you can email me at…
  47. 47. building trust through open an exchange @deonwentworth Simple answer: starts over when changing categ. - makes extra sure no charges after applying. Annoying yes, but we err on side of extra protection for kids. ^D @justice_vic thanks. Got my card earlier in the week. #goodjob @justice_vic for not giving up on customer enquiries and following through right to the end
  48. 48. CFA, Black Saturday, Flickr 4. public purpose at Justice
  49. 49. sharing emergency information in timely, convenient way
  50. 50. going where people are to build trust andimprove access to information9,300 fans x average of 150 friends =1,209,000 people
  51. 51. citizen engagement takes many forms
  52. 52. FireReadymobile apps extend front line response
  53. 53. enabling citizens to help themselves andtheir neighbors
  54. 54. seeking citizen input, educating interactively
  55. 55. fostering sharedresponsibility throughcitizen engagement andcontent creation
  56. 56. greater transparency can reduce costs
  57. 57. and confirm public safety objectives
  58. 58. crowd-sourced global crisis response volunteers
  59. 59. community driven crisis response in Victoria
  60. 60. RHoK#3: thinking globally, collaborating locally
  61. 61. Configuring online team to realise business objectives Online collaboration & citizen engagement Online communication • Supporting programs and delivering key information through online channels Gov 2.0 • Providing advice and guidance on legislation & public policy emerging policy and legislative issues Social media • Optimising internal and external use of new tools to deliver on DOJ objectives Online monitoring • Analysing, reporting on effectiveness of online channels against objectives
  62. 62. Justice Online Services Strategy (yrs 3-4)1. Establishing New platform Online services are stable, reliable, interoperable2. Delivering Better information Information is accessible, accurate, searchable, re-usable3. Enabling Self service Providing citizen centric services and co-production4. Supporting Mobile web Enabling device agnostic services anywhere, anytime
  63. 63. co-production @Justice_Viconline collaboration and citizen engagement 1 we are here now 2 changing the rules 3 listening to the crowd 4 public purpose at Justice
  64. 64. Thanks! Questions?Patrick McCormick follow Justice on @ justice_vic@ solutist
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