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smart system for Queue

Published in: Technology
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Short profile-qsmart-qiwii

  1. 1. a product of
  2. 2. 1 Minutes Video
  3. 3. Pain point
  4. 4. Queue @ civil services office
  5. 5. Queue @ social security office
  6. 6. No matter how the condition is
  7. 7. Unhealthy waiting room Not productive Emotionally draining Highly negative effects, both Inefficiency in waiting room space Opportunity lost Unhappy customer for customers… for business…
  8. 8. Solution
  9. 9. Virtual queue system
  10. 10. Served in time Come just in time and get served Wait anywhere Do anything you like while waiting Notified Get notified when your turn is coming up Join remotely Join a line remotely via SMS/mobile app 4 simple steps to skip queue
  11. 11. Core Features
  12. 12. Join a line DAF PBE Anda berhasil mendaftar pada layanan Poliklinik Bedah. No. antrian Anda PBE-004 -RSUD Bandung- SMS Mobile App Touchscreen Kiosk
  13. 13. Notification Mobile App No. antrian Anda PBE-004. Tersisa 2 antrian menuju giliran Anda. Mohon bersiap. -RSUD Bandung- SMS
  14. 14. Check queue progress Mobile AppSMS STATUS Antrian no. PBE- 004, 3 nomor lagi menuju antrian anda. -RSUD Bandung-
  15. 15. Waiting Room Display Displays the number of queues that are served in the form of grid per service Displays highlight the queue number that is being called Queue number is also called using voice
  16. 16. Cancel queue via SMS Mengirimkan SMS dengan format “CANCEL <service code>” Got a reply SMS confirming that the queue has been canceled BATAL PAN Antrian anda sudah dibatalkan, Terima kasih telah menggunakan layanan kami. -RSUD Bandung-
  17. 17. Send Satisfaction Feedback via SMS Mengirimkan SMS permintaan feedback kepuasan pasien Replying SMS with satisfaction ratings 5 Seberapa puas Anda terhadap pelayanan kami? Balas nilai 1 – 5 (1= sangat tdk puas; 5=sangat puas) -RSUD Bandung-
  18. 18. CSO Panel (managing queue) Info details of the queue that is being called / serviced. Accompanied timer to measure the length of time the service Full list of waiting patients, did not come, and has served Mobile friendly
  19. 19. Analytics The length of queue per patient, per service; The duration of care per patient, per type of service; The duration of pauses between the patient. And the average number of patients per service, per day, per month Mobile friendly
  20. 20. Operator Touchscreen kiosk Old-fashioned phone (SMS) Smartphone (mobile app) Technology for everyone Multi channel, multi platform Unified into one single virtual line
  21. 21. Easy scaling Small business to large corporate
  22. 22. Custom Fields Full Customization Services Room / Clinic / Counters Area SMS Messages Display Style
  23. 23. Maximize occupancy with time-slot selection
  24. 24. Thank you ☺