Solusi Scanner Barcode untuk Rumah Sakit & Apotik /Farmasi


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Solusi Pendataan Obat/Apotik/Farmasi dan proses management Data Pasien ( wrist band) yang membantu memudahkan administrasi stok data. Informasi lebih lanjut hubungi kami di 087886036702

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Solusi Scanner Barcode untuk Rumah Sakit & Apotik /Farmasi

  1. 1. people medicine supply SolutionsProvide efficient administration for healthcare for error-free care of patients and medical supplies
  2. 2. Healthcare Barcodes have proven Healthcare organisations are constantly striving to provide quality patient care against athemselves within the healthcare background of shortages in workforce and limited sector as a key part of the total budgets and an environment that is restricted by tight federal regulations and the constant threat information system, identifying of litigation. Opticon provides simple solutions patients, medicines and that help to automate administrative tasks where data entry is required. This enables employees to materials to reduce errors and maximise productivity and maintain a high qualityimprove accuracy and efficiency. of patient care. Developments Telecommunication and IT are rapidly converging in the healthcare sector. Time registration, digital photos and the Electronic Health Record are all areas of development. Opticon products are commonly utilised within the healthcare environment and provide the means to create optimised solutions for hospitals, blood banks, pharmacies, care homes and home-care organisations.
  3. 3. HealthcareHOSPITALHospitals and other long term care facilities 1. Patient registrationneed fully integrated systems to provide the Scanning barcodes on wristbands is apatients with all the care and service they convenient way of identifying patientsneed. In the process from patient registration accurately. These wristbands contain allthrough to the provision of the right information needed for the medical staff.treatment, any mistakes or inaccuracies can Apart from the large amount of data thathave significant consequences for patient and can be stored in a barcode (especially 2Dcarer alike. barcodes), the printed wristbands are always readable. T I ME SPEN D I N GA large amount of the healthcare budget is spent 2. Registration recordson labour cost. This is necessary to provide the Medical records contain a barcode to makecare that patients need. As employees have sure the medical record belongs to the rightadministrative tasks that are frequently very time- patient. Scanning the barcode functions as aconsuming, there is only limited time available check to be sure people with similar namesfor the patient. By maximising the efficiency of will not be mixed-up. Apart from that, thethe administrative tasks, more time can be spent medical records show which patients haveproviding quality patient care. Opticon offers a range checked in and checked out.of products that help healthcare professionals withgathering, managing and securing data. By using 3. Medicationbarcodes, the amount of errors can be reduced. Orders for patients are entered into theOpticon has introduced barcode scanners, especially computer system. All medical staff cansuitable for use within a hospital, that improve immediately see the medical informationefficiency when it comes to: and prepare unit-dose prescriptions. These prescriptions are packaged and supplied to the nursing floor with a barcode. The nurse scans both the medication and the patient’s wristband, so that the medical record is updated immediately. SUPPLY SCANNING FAST AND ACCURATE
  4. 4. HealthcareHome-based careThe most important activity of a pharmacy Check, check, checkis the delivery of the right medication, which The medication is checked three times in themakes medication administration a crucial pharmacy before it is given to the client. When thetask. Pharmacies have to work accurately and medicine is taken from stock, a label with barcodecheck activities during the whole process. is placed on both the recipe and the package ofTo make sure the right patient receives the the medicine, to ensure the right dose is in theright medication, pharmacies can make use of package. The second check occurs to ensure thatbarcodes. the right medication is issued for the right client, again by using barcodes. Both the recipe and the drug are scanned again to make sure the right client physically receives the right medication. A cc u r at e a n d s e c u r e Treatment innovations including cocktails of drugs and custom mixing have become part of the job in pharmacies and with ever changing medications, the registration of this process has become vital. There is no room for errors – it is all about OPN 2001: Works FAst AND FREE oF ERRORS delivering the right drug to the right person, at the right time. Opticon products offer accurate and secure data gathering so you know where you stand at any time of the process. Track your prescriptions, your work-in-process and delivery with Opticon products. “At home, at the office or in the car, equipment used by home healthcare professionals goes anywhere and sees it all.”
  5. 5. HealthcarePHARMACYHome-based care companies face extremely Solutionscomplex situations when it comes to the Opticon offers a full line of portable dataworkforce. The mobile employees are constantly collectors. These innovative products range fromoutside the office. Providing them with the a single key batch data collector all the waynecessary information, equipment and medicines up to a full numeric keypad data collector. Theis a challenge for the organisation. devices are small and lightweight, designed to put them in your pocket or bag easily and take Process it anywhere. The scanner reads and saves theBarcode scanning has proven to be a perfect tool information. Together with the present electronicfor time, location and activity registration. It is health system, we offer complete batch dataa crucial part of the automation process when collection solutions and if necessary wirelessproviding care in the community. With easy-to- wide area networks.use and reliable scanners it is possible to createa complete report of the care for a certain client. The portable data collectors from Opticon areThis report can be sent and uploaded to the ergonomic, functional and easily used in anyhost system. It saves time for both the mobile setting. This improves efficiency and enablesemployees and the administrative employees at employees to maintain a high quality of care.the office, whilst providing an “audit trail” forhome-based care.
  6. 6. HealthcareRelated Products H 16 H 19The H 16 supports your care system with a highly The H 19 brings information and access toportable mobile computer including a slide- healthcare professionals. Besides the 1D or 2Dout keyboard and a 1D or 2D barcode reader. barcode reader, this mobile computer supportsThis device accurately collects and stores data. Windows Mobile 6, GSM, EDGE, GPRS, W-LAN,Communication occurs via GSM/GPRS, W-LAN Bluetooth and GPS (for satellite navigation or Bluetooth. The H 16 can help you providing tracking). In combination with any Healthcarepatients the proper medication and treatments, as Information System, this ruggedised device willwell as, collecting and recording vital information provide real time access to patient information,about those patients. drug information and treatment orders. “Improve patient safety and reduce operating costs ”
  7. 7. Healthcare OPR 2 0 0 1 OP I 4 0 0 2 OPL 9 7 2 7The OPL 6845 and OPR 2001 are The 2D models of Opticon are The OPL 9700-series hassmall and lightweight 1D barcode easy-to-use handheld scanners. proven itself in the home-basedscanners. They have a sleek They are able to read Data care. The series exists of 9design and are equipped with an Matrix barcodes on patient small pocket scanners withauto-scan function, providing the wristbands, patient records and a wide range of possibilities.user with a choice of either hand pharmaceuticals. The OPI 4002 The scanner is available withheld or hands free operation. is even equipped with wireless different kinds of keypads.Weighing only respectively 90 connectivity. A display and Bluetooth areand 60 grams, these scanners optional.are perfect for intensive readingapplications.
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