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Doujinshi Presentation


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Published in: Education
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Doujinshi Presentation

  1. 1. 同人誌DŌJINSHI
  2. 2. WHAT IS DŌJINSHI? Japanese term for self-published works • Art collections • Anime/manga • Hentai • Games (dōjinsoft) Published by “Circles”
  3. 3. DŌJINSHI HISTORY Dōjinshi magazine started in Meiji period 1980s started a shift into parodies • Coincides with founding of Comiket 20 acres worth is sold at Comiket each year 2007, 277.8 billion yen spent on Dōjinshi Now moving into digital media and print-on-demand services
  4. 4. LEGALITY  Derivative works produced in small amounts  Often over-looked in Japan  Produced by amateurs for one-day events and not sold on the commercial market  Would hurt the market more than benefit  Two notable legal cases: • 1999 erotic Pokemon doujin • 2006 "Final Chapter" of Doraemon
  5. 5. MANGA ARTISTS WHO STARTED OUT IN DŌJINSHI Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina, Negima)  07th Expansion (Higurashi/Umineko no naku koro Kiyohiko Azuma (Azumanga ni)Daioh, Yostuba&)  Monkey Punch (Lupin III) Kouta Hirano (Hellsing)  Rikdo Koshi (Excel Saga) Maki Murakami (Gravitation)  CLAMP (Card Captor Rumiko Takahashi Sakura, Chobits)(Inuyasha, Ranma ½)
  6. 6. DŌJINSHI IMPROV One person starts out with a basic setting and characters. For thisgame’s purpose, they must be pre-existing characters. Everyone adds a few sentences to the story as we go in order totell the plot of the doujin. People can leave off mid-sentence or even mid-word beforepassing it on to someone else.