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Startup Roulette participants on 3d March 2012


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Participants of virtual video networking session for startups, mentors, investors and business specialists (such as top MBA). Join at to meet them and many other online.

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Startup Roulette participants on 3d March 2012

  1. 1. Startups confirmed participation in the virtual networking session on 03/03/2012 Join as a mentor or investor to meet them and many others online at:
  2. 2. Next generation maps platform. We put a map of the whole World in full detail in a smartphone, and made it available offline, searchable and blazing fast.Problem: These days there are 11107 mobile phone operators in 193 countries, andeven so data coverage can be quite spotty in addition to expensive roaming.Solution: We make a detailed map of the world, based on the OpenStreetMap data,available anytime and anywhere. Even when there is no Internet connection.Team: We are the small team of engineersStatus: More than 100,000 downloadsLooking for: $ 1.5M investment and marketing director in SMM iOS& Android release Driving navigation Platform for 3rd party apps Offline search Partnership with devise manufactures
  3. 3. Making authors to feel safer by bringing copyright culture to Russia.Problem: Violation of copyright and intellectual property in RussiaSolution: Itismine creates files existence time evidence, the most common and reliableway to create authorship evidence. It is a unique for Russia as there is no other servicethat is entirely consistent with the law and herewith takes less than a minute to proceedand can be accessed everywhere where internet can be accessed. Oh, we also have anAPI, and integration in other services is already in process.Monetization: Monthly fees, that depends on such terms as size and quantity of filesLooking for: Partners/experienced mentors/investors/ business specialists Integration with blogs, news agencies, freelance markets etc. Aggregation of largest Russian user-shareable content services
  4. 4. A massively multiplayer online social wargameProblem: Millions of people want to show their talents of e.g. camera-men, directors,screenwriters and to share their works with theirs friends or juts like-mined people.The solution: CIVIA online – a massively multiplayer online social wargame, a virtual copyof the real world with politics, economics, wars and journalism. Residents of 170 countriesare at war with each other, proving the superiority of their nation.Team:Graphic designer (16 yrs experience), CTO and highly experienced developersMonetization: Sale of virtual currency. Expected ARPU is $0,4/Month, MAU - is twice lowerthan its main competitor Erepublik (from start). EBIT $ 2.8 M in 5 yrsAdvantages: A brand new leisure for thinking and adult players who have grown out of“cartoons” and fantasy games. It is much better designed and balanced gameplayandthoughtful approach to monetization than our competitors.Looking for: seed investment of $ 50 000 for 10% stake, and mentors’/investors’ feedback Launch the beta version of the CIVIA Reach an audience of 30K players
  5. 5. Game console for physical health and educationProblem: Immobility of children jeopardize their physical health and development.The solution: V&A Laboratory’s game console makes physical education and training ofchildren easy and playful. Parent are able to track progress of their children in the fast andreliable way and prevent any potential movement disorders and deficiencies. It is like Kinectbut for physical education. The unique difference is a function of the diagnostics in built inthe game content and opportunity to be supervised by a doctor via the Internet.Team:MD, professor (56 inventions under his belt), Doctor in medicine (12 yrs ofexperience, 11 patents), Programmer (2 IT startups under his belt). CEO is experiencedIsraeli entrepreneurLooking for: seed investment of $ 300 000 for 20% stake, and mentors’ and marketingofficer Launching the first product for schools and arranging the pilot projects Sales and new markets development
  6. 6. Automatically adjusting tinting glass and you control the dimmingProblem: tired of having your furniture, paintings, wall paper, etc damaged by sunlight?The solution: electrochromic glass (EG) or “Smart Glass” allows you to regulate theamount of sunlight and glare entering a room without having to adjust blinds or shades. Itlowers heating and cooling costs, and protecting you and your valuable furnishings from thesun’s damaging rays and allows you to arrange some privacy whenever your like it.Financial snapshot:2013 year: Revenue (expected) $ 1,7m, EBITDA – $ 0,8 m (46%)Team: Project manager, two Doctoral degree specialists, team of engineersAdvantages: the niche on the market is not fulfilled yet, strong team, high R&D barriers,and unique proven productLooking for: investment of 1,7m for 18%,mentors’ &business specialist analytical support 88 % market share with EG in energy-efficient construction niche Pushing SG brand forward into mass market
  7. 7. Academic social networking solutionProblem: The academic work environment is changing rapidly. Due to shrinking statebudgets and austerity programs, resources for academics are most likely to decrease. As aconsequence, the existing resources require a more efficient use to assure theachievement of agreed targets.The solution: cloud solution which integrates all aspects of academic work requirementswhich is inclusive solution consists out of social networking, time management, informationmanagement, and visualization of network activities will become the standard tool foracademics all over the world and has huge potential for the generation of lock-in effects.Team: Dr. and professor from HSE, project managerLooking for: investment 500.000 USD for 50%, IT and finance business specialist andmentors support Programming of the source code First sales agreed
  8. 8. The site aggregator for stores "within reach" for creating and selling your own online store, based on WaLDi.Problem:The need for frequent purchases of consumer goods from your local storesThe solution: Provides an opportunity for store near you to automate the sales processand initiate sales and free delivery of goods to nearby homes.Monetization: Sale of additional services for stores and shoppers at the site WaLDiTeam: Web developer, a certified specialist in SEO and Advertising Adwords, web designer,and web developer(php, javascript, VB, Visual Basic).Looking for: seed investment, and mentors’ & business specialist support The development, testing Start-up, testing and optimization (the initial profit) Further development and new services implementation
  9. 9. SaaS b2b-system for electronic document interchange (edi) among transport companies and their customersProblem: Inefficient communication among transportation companies and their customers.The solution: the system enables transportation companies and their customers to shareand exchange cargo contracts, accounting documents, control service performanceTeam: Project manager and software developerLooking for: seed investment, and mentors’ & business specialist support largest cities of Russia and CIS cities of Russia and CIS largest
  10. 10. ECOTECO –promotes and makes environmentally harmless technologies available for effective economy development.Problem: Despite several environmental protection programs the ecological situation inRussia still remains serious. Furthermore, any environmentally friendly technology orinnovation will fail to reach the market without information support and promotion.The solution: ECOTECO.RU is an informative portal/online store focusing onenvironmentally harmless and power saving technologies.Team:The project manager and the programmerLooking for: Investments of 100.000$, partners/experienced mentors/investors/businessspecialistsActive thematic Internet a platform with no less than 100.000 persons a day Enter TOP 10 best suppliers
  11. 11. Stream Social NetworkProblem: Millions of people want to show their talents of e.g. camera-men, directors,screenwriters and to share their works with theirs friends or just like-mined people.The solution: teeXtee is ready to meet above mentioned needs and offer a social networkwith lots and lots of sources to spend your by-time in a wild way! teeXtee is virtual randommeetings that helps you open your mind in the rich world of jazzy and vivid users. Inaddition, teeXtee application allows you to turn your page into an educational portal.Team:The project manager and the programmerLooking for: mentors’ /investors’ feedback