Startup Roulette<br />Next-gen professional speed-dating video conference<br />Project pipeline<br />Pipeline (participate...
FOOD & BEVERAGES<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Milk biorizator – fresh milk at the stores<br />Trials<br />Highly expe...
Build distribution channel</li></ul>Enjoy <br />fresh milk<br />mln tons<br />715<br />Stable CAGR ~2%<br />years<br />90%...
ELECTRONICS<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />StopSleep – eliminates the major reason of car accidents<br />Problem: 1/3 o...
Mass production on OEM model</li></ul>For your <br />safety<br />~1 bln drivers<br />~7% have ability to buy this device f...
Electronics<br />ELECTRONICS<br />Prototype<br />Image content based searching system – next big thing in search engines<b...
 images under different angles searchable
 format support small deformations
 fragmentary search
 maximum relevance of results for wide classes of images
 high-speed algorithm, on-line search</li></ul>$,bln<br />Worldwide growing CAGR >11%<br />18.3<br />[1] BCC Research – Co...
Parametric analysis of frequency – <br />new word in NMR spectroscopy<br />Electronics<br />ELECTRONICS<br />Math model<br...
Development of the microchip, which will be the core of the NMR analyzer</li></ul>Breakthrough<br />method<br /><ul><li>Us...
High speed signal processing
High resolution in weak magnetic fields enables creation of portable NMR analizers for drug,explosives etc </li></ul>$,bln...
Electronics<br />ELECTRONICS<br />Prototype<br />Smart Glass - mass market electric glass tinting<br />Patented<br />Sales...
further R&D for architectural glass</li></ul>Controlling <br />light<br />Several different markets are ready for the fina...
Automotive industry (unique player)
Market for optical devices
Aviation, shipbuilding, railway and defense industry</li></ul>10-20% lower costs, the bent smart glasses!<br />
ELECTRONICS<br />Prototype<br />Autonomousmicro aircraft – universal tool for area monitoring <br />Well-equipped engineer...
product promotion
 starting sales</li></ul>[2]<br />Ministry of defense US spends Unmanned Aircrafts<br /><ul><li>«helicopter» mode
 better aerodynamics
 highly maneuvering
 limited space application
 auto-pilot mode
 small size</li></ul>$mln.<br />Combat<br />UA<br />MALE <br />class UA<br />Tactic<br />UA<br />HALE <br />class UA<br />...
ENERGY<br />Prototype<br />Low-cost mobile hydrogen production <br />Trials<br />Problem: <br />1.The price ofhydrogenprod...
The  annual increase inprices for competitors of hydrogen (hydrocarbons)</li></ul>is 5-10% [2]<br /><ul><li>Hydrogen is ge...
By 2030, the number of cars using hydrogen </li></ul>will double to 800 mln[3]<br /><ul><li>Dimensions of PCR does not exc...
MATERIALS<br />Prototype<br />Cellulose from ephemeral plants – <br />eliminating deforestation for cellulose industry<br ...
full-scale production of equipment</li></ul>Save<br />environment<br /><ul><li>6 times less water recycling and effluent r...
No high temperature, non-polluting catalysts containing sulfur
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Startup Roulette Phase 1 participants


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The participants of the first of its kind Startup Roulette - professional speed-dating video-conference. MBAs meet startups to help them grow faster and go global.

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Startup Roulette Phase 1 participants

  1. 1. Startup Roulette<br />Next-gen professional speed-dating video conference<br />Project pipeline<br />Pipeline (participated in Startup Roulette on 13th May PST time) <br />
  2. 2. FOOD & BEVERAGES<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Milk biorizator – fresh milk at the stores<br />Trials<br />Highly experienced developers, scientists.<br />Team leader has 20 years of experience in hydrodynamics and full-scale production. Pilot sales negotiated in Russia. <br />Problem: low grade raw milk at farms.<br />Solution: increase milk grade at dairy farms and allows you to deliver raw high quality organic milk to the shelves.<br />Know-how: intensive mechanic and hydrodynamic effects and mixing.<br />10 times less expensive than analogs.<br />$3.000.000 for up to 40% to:<br /><ul><li>develop production facility
  3. 3. Build distribution channel</li></ul>Enjoy <br />fresh milk<br />mln tons<br />715<br />Stable CAGR ~2%<br />years<br />90% bacteria & somatic cells destructionwithout temperature treatment.<br />$80 bln milk North America market [2].<br />$5 bln dairy farm equipment market [3].<br />[1] Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO<br />[2]<br />[3] Research.Techart<br />
  4. 4. ELECTRONICS<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />StopSleep – eliminates the major reason of car accidents<br />Problem: 1/3 of those who died in car accidents - victims of a driver falling asleep<br />Solution: compact device, which keeps a driver fromfalling asleep, warns about the dangerous condition in advance.<br />Know-how:determines the physical state of humanby galvanic skin reaction<br />Core developer has been in the field of research since 1970s. Pilot products done.<br />$600.000 for up to 25% to<br /><ul><li>Wireless connection with onboard computer
  5. 5. Mass production on OEM model</li></ul>For your <br />safety<br />~1 bln drivers<br />~7% have ability to buy this device for $100 (quiz held)<br />Market capacity is <br />~$7 bln<br />Competitors are either unavailable to mass buyer or wake driver too late<br />
  6. 6. Electronics<br />ELECTRONICS<br />Prototype<br />Image content based searching system – next big thing in search engines<br />Team of experienced developers and scientists<br />Problem:billions of untagged, unindexed and as result unsearchable images in the web<br />Solution: highly-scalable relevant image-by-content search<br />3 mln.$ for up to 40%<br />>20 bln imagesin the web <br /><ul><li> close to people’s perception method
  7. 7. images under different angles searchable
  8. 8. format support small deformations
  9. 9. fragmentary search
  10. 10. maximum relevance of results for wide classes of images
  11. 11. high-speed algorithm, on-line search</li></ul>$,bln<br />Worldwide growing CAGR >11%<br />18.3<br />[1] BCC Research – Computer vision global market<br />
  12. 12. Parametric analysis of frequency – <br />new word in NMR spectroscopy<br />Electronics<br />ELECTRONICS<br />Math model<br />Distinguished scientists with 20 years of experience, PhD, from Volgograd, Russia. <br />Problem: NMR analyzers of chemical composition are too big because it uses powerful magnetic field<br />Solution: breakthrough algorithm to decode spectrum. NMR-analyzers may work without a strong external field. Radically reduces size and cost.<br />$500.000for up to 30% for<br /><ul><li>Test of the method to NMR analyzers
  13. 13. Development of the microchip, which will be the core of the NMR analyzer</li></ul>Breakthrough<br />method<br /><ul><li>Useful for upgrade old NMR analyzers
  14. 14. High speed signal processing
  15. 15. High resolution in weak magnetic fields enables creation of portable NMR analizers for drug,explosives etc </li></ul>$,bln<br />4,7<br />Growing CAGR ~5-6%<br />Stable CAGR ~5,5%<br />1,9<br />years<br />Growing US market share from 38% to 42% by 2016 [2]<br />[1]<br />[2]<br />
  16. 16. Electronics<br />ELECTRONICS<br />Prototype<br />Smart Glass - mass market electric glass tinting<br />Patented<br />Sales<br />Developers has already launched the pilot production facility.<br />Automatically adjusting tinting glass.<br />In the off state smart electrochromic glass is optically transparent. While turned on – it is colored in blue, green or gray.<br />Transparency is changing rapidly according to your needs.<br />$3.300.000 for up to10% to:<br /><ul><li>car window production
  17. 17. further R&D for architectural glass</li></ul>Controlling <br />light<br />Several different markets are ready for the final-product:<br /><ul><li>Architectural Glazing & Design
  18. 18. Automotive industry (unique player)
  19. 19. Market for optical devices
  20. 20. Aviation, shipbuilding, railway and defense industry</li></ul>10-20% lower costs, the bent smart glasses!<br />
  21. 21. ELECTRONICS<br />Prototype<br />Autonomousmicro aircraft – universal tool for area monitoring <br />Well-equipped engineers from aircraft sphere. <br />Problem: expensive and old-fashioned micro aircrafts for area monitoring<br />Solution:multi-purposesmicro autonomousaircraft with closed room movement ability<br />Looking investmentsfor:<br /><ul><li> developing prototypes
  22. 22. product promotion
  23. 23. starting sales</li></ul>[2]<br />Ministry of defense US spends Unmanned Aircrafts<br /><ul><li>«helicopter» mode
  24. 24. better aerodynamics
  25. 25. highly maneuvering
  26. 26. limited space application
  27. 27. auto-pilot mode
  28. 28. small size</li></ul>$mln.<br />Combat<br />UA<br />MALE <br />class UA<br />Tactic<br />UA<br />HALE <br />class UA<br />Helicopter mode<br />UA<br />Small<br />UA<br />[1]<br />US military UA – 62 $bln. and CAGR 10% in 2010-2015<br />[1] U.S. Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Market Forecast 2010-2015<br />[2]<br />
  29. 29. ENERGY<br />Prototype<br />Low-cost mobile hydrogen production <br />Trials<br />Problem: <br />1.The price ofhydrogenproduction ishigh<br />2. Hydrogenproduction iscomplex  process<br />3. Problemof storing hydrogenis hindrance <br />Solution: Portable Al+H20 Plasma-Chemical reactor (PCR) for low-costmobilehydrogenproduction<br />Know-how: New highly efficient chemical reaction:Al+H20 = Al2O3+H2 in plasma of discharge!<br />The team of professor and PhDs from profile R&D institution. Leaderhas 40 years of experience inplasma physics.<br />$ 300.000 (share discussed) for: developing industrial model (Lab proto is developed)<br />for power<br /><ul><li>Thegrowth ofdemand for hydrogen is 7% per year[1]
  30. 30. The  annual increase inprices for competitors of hydrogen (hydrocarbons)</li></ul>is 5-10% [2]<br /><ul><li>Hydrogen is generated on the constant mode! 
  31. 31. By 2030, the number of cars using hydrogen </li></ul>will double to 800 mln[3]<br /><ul><li>Dimensions of PCR does not exceed 8 m3!</li></ul>[1]<br />[2] Greenpeace International<br />[3] Federation internationale de l’automobile (Organization Mondiale) — FIA<br />
  32. 32. MATERIALS<br />Prototype<br />Cellulose from ephemeral plants – <br />eliminating deforestation for cellulose industry<br />Patented<br />Company from Kazan, Russia, spin-off of oil industry research institution<br />Obtaining cellulose from ephemeral (one year life) plants.<br />No wood used for cellulose production: you can cultivate plants each year and produce high quality paper, carton and other materials.<br />Totally environmentally friendly!<br />$6.000.000 (stock discussed) for<br /><ul><li>small-scale cellulose plants production
  33. 33. full-scale production of equipment</li></ul>Save<br />environment<br /><ul><li>6 times less water recycling and effluent reduction
  34. 34. No high temperature, non-polluting catalysts containing sulfur
  35. 35. Possible disposal of effluent
  36. 36. 1,5 times CAPEX reduction
  37. 37. Suitable for regions with raw wood and water deficit</li></ul>tons<br />326<br />Stable CAGR ~3,2%<br />years<br />[1] Global Industry Analysts, Inc,<br />
  38. 38. MATERIALS<br />Prototype<br />Amorphous metal fibers for concrete reinforcement<br />Patented<br />Project Leader –20 years in material science, high-tech, venture, TRIZ . R&D Leader – D.Sci., Prof. -in the field of amorphous alloys since 1980s. CFO –20 years infinancial analysis, budget, accounting.<br />Problem: Low tensile and bend strength of concrete.<br />Solution: Amorphous metal High-strength fibers add ~1% for concrete reinforcement. Concrete tensile and bend strength rise ~50-70%<br />$700.000 for up to 25% to:<br /><ul><li>develop an industrial plant
  39. 39. establish a retail production and sales</li></ul>Need “smart money” to access Western market<br />Market of steel fiber:<br /><ul><li>European – up to 250 000 ton/year (2 Bln Euro)
  40. 40. Russian – up to 25 000 ton/year
  41. 41. Russian market leader «Kurganscalmost» - average production 8 000 ton/year</li></ul>Price<br /><ul><li>From от 30 000 RUR (900 Euro) /ton(Russian steel wire fiber),
  42. 42. To400 000 RUR (9000 Euro) /ton(amorphous fiber “Fiberflex”, France).
  43. 43. Surface area 10 times higher as compared with conventional fiber, that provide much better adhesion with concrete matrix;
  44. 44. Tensile strength is 5 times higheras compared with crystalline materials (up to 2 GPa);
  45. 45. High corrosion resistance</li></ul><br />
  46. 46. MATERIALS<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Naturally colored cotton - ecologically harmless<br />Trials<br />Specialists of the field with experience of large manufacture launching.<br />Problem: application of synthetic preparation and poisonous dye during cotton bleaching <br />Solution: new generation of ecologically safe color cotton<br />Know-How:specially bio-technological process of selection and growth<br />1 mln. $ for up to49% for:<br /><ul><li>Equipment and materials
  47. 47. Production and launching</li></ul>Sales contracts <br />for 3 year<br />[1]<br />World cotton production (million tonnes)<br /><ul><li>40% cheaper than artificially painted cotton
  48. 48. Ecological harmless
  49. 49. Palette of colors
  50. 50. Meet highest quality standards
  51. 51. Bactericidal properties
  52. 52. Color stability</li></ul>[1]<br /><br />
  53. 53. MATERIALS<br />Patented<br />Flotation reagent «Unikol» – complex ore enrichment<br />Trials<br />Experienced engineering team.Has track-record of chemical plants launch<br />Problem: there is no flotation reagents, working with the fine ore from 10 to 50 microns<br />Solution: new method of coking coal<br />and ore concentration by flotation reagent “Unikol”<br />Know-how: unique chemical reagent<br />6 mln.$ (stock discussed) for:<br /><ul><li> factory building
  54. 54. equipment
  55. 55. starting sales in Russia and World-wide</li></ul>[1]<br /><ul><li>2-10% increased extraction of metal (e.g. gold) and coking coal
  56. 56. 100%+ IRR from integration reagent in the existing ore enrichment plants
  57. 57. 2x speeder flotation
  58. 58. Foamed and collective functions
  59. 59. Universal for many types of ore
  60. 60. Ecologically clean</li></ul>For example:<br />European steel industry only<br /><ul><li>Annual turnover - EUR 190 billion
  61. 61. 16.7% CAGR</li></ul>We can influence 1-2% of this.<br />[2]<br />[1]<br /><br /><br />[2]<br />
  62. 62. MATERIALS<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Nanocomposite tubes – cheaper, lighter and stronger<br />Trials<br />High skilled team with good balance of management and specialists with more than 30 years of experience in pipelines.<br />Problem: high cost of pipelines (production and maintenance) <br />Solution:composite pipeline = inner layer from polymer, outer layer in fiber glass.<br />Know-how: method of stitching the layers to each other<br />8,95 mln.$ for medium-size pipeline factory. Industrial samples are built and tested<br />[1]<br /><ul><li>Weight lower 30% (to polymer)
  63. 63. Price lower by 50% (to polymer)
  64. 64. Much cheaper than fiberglass pipes
  65. 65. Have really wide temperature resistance
  66. 66. Tested on 150 Mpa
  67. 67. Robust at installation
  68. 68. High dielectric characteristics
  69. 69. Certification and international patent</li></ul>Stable CAGR ~ 20%<br />2 bln. $ in 2008 in Russia<br />[1]<br /><br />
  70. 70. MATERIALS<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Peat enabled hydrophobic cement – next generation of cement<br />Team of professors and entrepreneurs that built peat business in Russia<br />Problem: 10% of cement is lost during transportation and storage because of wet<br />Solution: Peat enabled hydrophobic cement does not absorb any moisture when stored, not receptive to low temperature and is 5X less expensive than other hydrophobic cements.<br />>$10.000.000(share discussed)<br /><ul><li>For worldwide production and sales</li></ul>Natural & <br />efficient <br />mln tons<br />Stable CAGR ~4,7%<br />3000<br />years<br />$19 bln North America cement market[2]<br />[1] Philippe Lasserre- Globalisation Cement Industry-2007<br />[2]<br />Cement-Per-Ton-Average-Cement-Price<br />
  71. 71. CLEANTECH<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Membrane straight osmosis – next paradigm in water cleaning<br />Trials<br />Team leader has 40 years experience and a lot of publications in the field. Team started first stage of the project with ceramic membrane and raised seed investment.<br />Problem: impossibility of extraction unique and dispersed elements from water (uranus, mercury, rhenium, germanium, platinum, etc)<br />Solution:Membrane technology with unequivalent transfer<br />3,3 mln.$ needed for equipment and launching production on the factory<br />All industries<br />[1]<br /><ul><li>World novel technology
  72. 72. Unequivalent transfer coefficient
  73. 73. Absence of concentrationed polarization
  74. 74. Absence of brine after water softening
  75. 75. Water purification from oil </li></ul>up to 0,05mg/l<br /><ul><li>Laboratory proven technology
  76. 76. A variety of applications</li></ul>Stable CAGR ~ 13%<br />Global Membrane Market for Water and Wastewater Treatment<br />[1]<br />Aarkstore Enterprise Market Research Aggregation<br />
  77. 77. CLEANTECH<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Sewage sludge treatment – resolve the major eco problem<br />Trials<br />Team leader has more than 20 years of experience in hydrodynamics and full-scale production organization. <br />Sewage sludge treatment –one of the TOP5 main ecological problem.<br />Solution: compact aggregate (~100kg).Sewage sludge decomposing into decontaminated water and dry solids. <br />Know-how:based on hydrodynamic destruction technology.<br />$3.000.000 for up to 40% for<br /><ul><li>Manufacture facility
  78. 78. Build distribution channel</li></ul>Total <br />recycling<br /><ul><li>No direct competitors
  79. 79. Existing approaches – costs and not energy efficient
  80. 80. 3X sewage sludge disposal cut converts for average sewage facility in pure cash – up to 30% of all costs
  81. 81. 3X reduction of CAPEX for new facilities
  82. 82. Global market volume $70 bln
  83. 83. Sewer systems segment volume $60,2 bln</li></ul>[1] Sewage Treatment Facilities, IBISWorld Industry Reports<br />
  84. 84. CLEANTECH<br />Prototype<br />Combined processes of isomerization, hydroisomerization & distillation – new paradigm in oil refinery<br />Patented<br />Two young engineers.Both have PhD. They have experience in Oil & Gas industry. Lab proto build.<br />Problem: oil refining processes for EURO5 and MSAT2 gasoline are not energy efficient enough.<br />Solution: high energy efficiency is reached by exothermic and endothermic processes being combined in one column.<br />$1.000.000 for up to 40% to:<br /><ul><li>Develop industrial-scale technology
  85. 85. Realize first projects</li></ul>Clean fuel<br />for everyone<br /><ul><li>Small size – one column combines two processes of oil refinery
  86. 86. Energy efficient by 20-30%
  87. 87. Cost of petroleum is decreased by 15-20%
  88. 88. 5 times less costly than a whole complex of isomerization and hydroisomerization </li></ul>$,bln<br />Stable CAGR ~ 2,3%<br />3<br />years<br />[1] Markets and Markets, Feb2011<br />
  89. 89. CLEANTECH<br />Industrial<br />model<br />Patented<br />Photolytic ozonation – pure water to your home<br />Sales<br />Highly experienced developers, scientists. Team leaderhas 20 years of experience in water treatment. <br />Problem: lack of chlorine-free cheap methods of water purification<br />Solution: photolytic ozonation<br />Know-How:combined reagentless water treatment by combination of ozonation and ultraviolet<br />$1.500.000 for 49%<br /><ul><li>For worldwide production and sales</li></ul>[1]<br /><ul><li>60% of population don’t have access to drinking water
  90. 90. in developing countries nearly 95% of water is polluted
  91. 91. 2,8 bln. of people are scarce of water</li></ul>Compared with ozonation:<br /><ul><li>Efficiency of oxidation of organic molecules increases ~1000 time compared to separate use of light and ozone
  92. 92. Improved energy efficiency</li></ul>Synergy effect of UV and ozone treatment!<br />$319 bln. worldwide in 2010<br />[1]<br />The McIlvaine Company<br />
  93. 93. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES<br />Prototype<br />Fusion: ERP platform<br />Sales<br />High-skilled corporate software development team from Minsk, Belarus. Has sales in Russia and CIS.<br />Problem: hard implementation and high cost of ERP system. <br />Solution: LS Fusion the first platform for information systems building based on function-level programming. <br />Know-how: New way of implementation, support and customization. No programming needed to develop business solution.<br /><ul><li>Looking for investment to expand business globally.
  94. 94. Willing to push PoS strategy
  95. 95. No programming needed
  96. 96. Radical optimization of cost of ownership
  97. 97. Saving time for analysts – cost of new iteration is negligible
  98. 98. Intelligent caching
  99. 99. Integration is easy as RSS
  100. 100. Super thin client (Java needed)</li></ul>$,bln<br />34,5<br />Accelerated CAGR ~25-30%<br />Oracle (US) holds 26% of worldwide market<br />years<br />[1] Global Industry Analysts, Inc<br />
  101. 101. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Phonosemantic analysis – colorize phrases<br />Trials<br />8 years in IT industry, 8 years of phonosemantic research background. Rooted with Soviet research.Entrepreneurship experience.<br />Non-content analysis method of the emotional impact of text. The text is transformed intocolor, this helps to match phrases with colors.<br />The method is implemented in the SaaS app that creates a color "map" of the emotional perceptionof a written text.<br />$3.000.000 (share discussed) for<br /><ul><li>Develop English version
  102. 102. Promotion of the service</li></ul>Playing<br />emotions<br /><ul><li>Targets on impressions, not on formal portrait
  103. 103. Self-learning application
  104. 104. Suitable for real psychological advertizing
  105. 105. Opens new market for advertizing</li></ul>$,bln<br />US stable CAGR ~11%<br />Worldwide stable CAGR ~10%<br />8<br />3<br />years<br />[1] IDC’s 2008 study on Contextual advertising market<br />
  106. 106. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES<br />Prototype<br />CAE FIDESYS - Strength analysis at large deformations<br />25 graduates, PhD and masters students of Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. Team Leader is a Professor of Moscow State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Computational Mechanics. Author of more than 235 publications.<br />Problem: Every industrial product is needed to be analyzed on how it will perform in real world<br />Solution: You can do it either by creating a prototype or by making a computer simulation, which is cheaper<br />Know-how:FIDESYS is a next-gen computerized<br />solution which is more accurate, less hardware<br />demanding, more cost effective for user<br />First round investment has already been raised from<br />business angel. We expect to see a beta-version of <br />the product in June 2011 and complete the <br />development in May 2012. Currently the second <br />round is expected of $5 mln.<br /><ul><li>We use a technology that is more accurate and less hardware demanding
  107. 107. We have a bunch of unique simulation algorithms that can be patented</li></ul>[1]<br />[2]<br />[3]<br />
  108. 108. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES<br />Prototype<br />Patented<br />Sharing of car journeys(carpool) – less traffic in the cities<br />Team have partnership with international <br />Mobile solution<br />provider «PoWer Me Mobile»<br />Problem: big traffic problems in the cities and air-pollution<br />Solution:drivers and passengers offer and search for journeys through the special service<br />Looking for:<br /><ul><li>Cooperation with companies in the USA, Europe
  109. 109. Marketing and public relations
  110. 110. Investment for expansion
  111. 111. Voice interface
  112. 112. Works with all cell phone types
  113. 113. Easy-to-use
  114. 114. No need for a constant carpool partner
  115. 115. Search for a traveling companion takes 2 minutes
  116. 116. Increases safety
  117. 117. Eco-friendly</li></ul>Carpool is not developing because there is no convenient service for dynamic carpool search.<br />Volume of the market 1% of population 200 times/year<br /> EUR 70 mln/year <br />
  118. 118. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES<br />Prototype<br />Goya – Ultra Low-power Searching Microprocessor<br />Highly experienced developers, scientists.<br />Team leaders have more than 5 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. <br />Problem: powerconsumptionandsecurityindatacentersofthesearchengines<br />Solution: newchiparchitecture<br />Themainfeatures:<br /><ul><li>Verylow-powerconsumption (x10 better)
  119. 119. Protocolaccelerators
  120. 120. Supersecurity (Skypestyle) HW support</li></ul>Know-how: chiparchitecture, securityengine, newprotocolandaccelerators<br />$1.000.000 for up to X% to:<br /><ul><li>Develop an industrial chip model.
  121. 121. Develop the software stack
  122. 122. User's data are 100% protected at HW level. «Big Brother» physically cannot get an access to the user's data and behaviour in the global Web. User's data protection is a main priority.
  123. 123. Power consumption is X10 better than x86 chips.
  124. 124. Search engine algorithms performance is up to X10 faster than contemporary x86 chips.</li></ul>Market size projection for the chip<br />
  125. 125. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES<br />Prototype<br />Geometric – ruler for solid objects<br />Two experienced developers, and one lawyer.<br />Team leader has 5 years of experience in signal processing and developing of laser measurement systems. <br />Library of adaptive algorithms for improving the precision of the laser sensorswith innovative wavelet analysis methods for signal filtering and geometric elements recognition<br />$2.500.000 for up to 45% to:<br /><ul><li>develop an industrial model
  126. 126. establish a retail production
  127. 127. high precision of measurement systems with low price
  128. 128. adaptability, flexibility and</li></ul>scalability of the product<br /><ul><li> high productivity of the equipment with absence of manual measurements;
  129. 129. compatibility with others ways;
  130. 130. easy to use libraries of algorithms
  131. 131. emerging countries are pressing towards a transition to the next industrial level;
  132. 132. plants in developing countries wish to improve their measurement systems;
  133. 133. all developers want high productivity and small price;
  134. 134. thousands of laser measurement systems are developed or used around the world.</li></li></ul><li>INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES<br />Math model<br />Graph pattern recognition – automating stock analytics<br />Team leader Moscow State University, PhD, spec. math methods in chemistry – basis of pattern recognition technology<br />Now stock gamblers analyze graphs and predict their behavior manually.<br />Solution allows to recognize similar patterns among millions of graphs and find peers. <br />Can be used for technical analysis.<br />$300.000 (stock discussed) for<br /><ul><li>First release development
  135. 135. Patenting
  136. 136. No large databases needed, working with pictures, not text data
  137. 137. Works on GPU, much more faster than working with databases
  138. 138. Simple and compact descriptors used for fast recognition procedures</li></ul>$,bln<br />Worldwide growing CAGR >11%<br />18.3<br />years<br />
  139. 139. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES<br />Prototype<br />Enterprise social network – professional method for effective work <br />Professional management team with successfully launched and sold company. Experienced in ABBYY, RBC soft, ITONLINE group and others<br />Problem:effective tool foremployerswork and control<br />Solution: enterprize social network<br />Idea:contemporary online work under recruiting, effectiveness and maintenance of stuff-turnover<br />$200.000 (stock discussed) for:<br /><ul><li> developing v 2.0
  140. 140. marketing and sales</li></ul>Full complex <br />of work<br /><ul><li> available feedbacks
  141. 141. goal controlling
  142. 142. general performance overview
  143. 143. lower stuff-turnover
  144. 144. motivation and effectiveness increasing
  145. 145. faster and easier recruiting
  146. 146. $4.32 bln. – world human resources software market[1]
  147. 147. CAGR – 18,2 %[2]
  148. 148. 88% employers in russia work in companies >100 people [3]</li></ul>[1]<br />[2]<br />[3]<br />
  149. 149. MEDICINE<br />Math model<br />Whole body liquid diagnostics – <br />breakthrough in diagnosis of physical state of human<br />Scientific leader(PhD) – 20-year-experienced distinguished scientist.<br />Problem: long term prognosis applicable in cancer treatment, heart disease treatment, emergency aid, intensive therapy, fitness, wellness.<br />Solution:unique technology of diagnosis<br />Know-how: measuring the volume of liquids in cells and interstitium volume<br />$1.000.000 (stock discussing) for<br /><ul><li>technology development, improvement
  150. 150. clinical trials
  151. 151. patenting in US
  152. 152. New diagnosis paradigm(e.g. like body temperature)
  153. 153. Non-invasive
  154. 154. Easy to use
  155. 155. Real-time monitoring
  156. 156. Cheaper than analogues</li></ul>$,bln<br />Worldwide stable CAGR ~11%<br />8,1<br />years<br />
  157. 157. MEDICINE<br />Prevent<br />disease<br />Gadd45 Activator – Geroprotection Based on Enchanced Stress Resistance<br />2 PhDs, 3 MSc in biology & Scientific leader – Sc.D., has more than 150 scientific publications and many awards for young scientists<br />Problem: aging and age-related diseases<br />Solution: the drug that improves human stress resistance, protects against age-related diseases and prolongs life<br />Activating gadd45 genes and enhancing the ability of cells to repair DNA damage<br />$1.600.000(stock discussed) for:<br /><ul><li>R&D - $500,000
  158. 158. Pre-clinical trials - $1,000,000
  159. 159. Drug preproduction - $100,000</li></ul>The global market of geroprotectors was $100 billion in 2008and is estimated to be $175 billion in 2015[1]<br />Particular age-related diseases markets:<br /><ul><li>Diabetes ~$20bln drugmarket size [2]
  160. 160. Cancer ~$30bln[3]
  161. 161. The drug prevents aging
  162. 162. Prevents diseases: diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, etc.
  163. 163. Existing drugs treat the disease which has already arrived
  164. 164. Based on natural chemical compounds</li></ul>[1]<br />[2] U.S. Centers for Disease Control 2010<br />[3], Article | 19 February 2010<br />
  165. 165. Nanomaterial for medicaments immobilization <br />obtained from nano-cellulose <br />MEDICINE<br />Wide experience in nano-cellulose high-performance obtaining, immobilization of bio-active substances and medicaments<br />Medicaments used with textile jointly are not tend to stay in the material for a long time.Nano-cellulose is a material which immobilizes medicaments and makes them resistant to aggressive environment. Can be used for new form of drug substances (gel, powder), therapeutic masks and bandages, cosmetics. <br />Investments & stock discussed. Timeline: <br /><ul><li>development of industrial technology nano-cellulose carrier production
  166. 166. and medical nanomaterials obtaining</li></ul>$,bln<br />Worldwide growing CAGR >16%<br />3<br />?<br />?<br />years<br />[1] BBC Research Global Medical Markets for <br />Nanoscale Materials and Devices<br />
  167. 167. MEDICINE<br />Prototype<br />Novel X-ray detector for digital mammography<br />International russian-finnish highly experienced team of scientists and developers (Ioffe institute, VTT). Pilot devices done.<br />Problem: Detectors presently used in mammography still cannot yield high quality images at low exposure doses. <br />Solution: GaAs - an advanced semiconductor material superior to existing analogs in many parameters<br />Know-how:ultra-pure growth technology of detector structure<br />$10.000.000 for up to 50% to:<br /><ul><li>Finish researching
  168. 168. Make company
  169. 169. Establish the serial production</li></ul>Save women<br />from cancer<br />~1311 mammography units (USA, 2006)<br /><ul><li>The x-ray stopping power of GaAs is good
  170. 170. The processes technologies for GaAs are the most advanced after those for Si (GaAs wafers available, etc.)
  171. 171. Better position and energy resolution than with other materials (important for mammography!!!)
  172. 172. Many other avaliable applications (dental imaging, security, space)</li></ul>~ The number of newly installed units every month increased by 333%<br />Market capacity for digital mammography is ~ from $787m (2009) to $1.1 billion (2016)<br />
  173. 173. TECHNOLOGY<br />Patented<br />Plazmaizer – engine effectiveness rise<br />Problem: rising efficiency coefficient of explosion in engine and decreasing consumption of fuel and toxicity of exhaust<br />Solution:electronic device for controlling fuel-air mix in cylinders of engine.<br />Specialists and engineers with more than 20 years experience in the field.<br />Looking for:<br /><ul><li> investments for expansion
  174. 174. «smart money»</li></ul>[1]<br />Car sales<br />Stable CAGR ~ 5%<br /><ul><li>decreasing consumption of fuel up to 22%
  175. 175. increasing engine power up to 68%
  176. 176. decreasing sensitivity of engine to the quality of fuel
  177. 177. engine resources increasing</li></ul>[1]Automobile research center of Duisburg-Essen university<br />
  178. 178. Cleantech<br />Prototype<br />DBC - Dynamic Booster of a Compression increasing efficiency in any piston engines<br />Patented<br />Team of 4 engineers and 1 manager<br />Core developer has been in the field of research since 1970s. Pilot products done.<br />Problem:Piston engines at usage lose a compression that leads to the raised fuel and oil consumption<br />Solution:Mechanical valves built in piston stop a gas blow-by between a combustion chamber and a case.<br />Know-how: design & technology of valves<br />$300.000 for up to 50%<br /><ul><li> Qualified testing on heavy equipment
  179. 179. Establish sales and marketing channels
  180. 180. Production of equipment and materials</li></ul>For your <br />economy<br />>1 mln engines produced only in Russia<br />~1000 heavy engines (>1000 HP) repairs yearly<br /><ul><li>~5% manufactures ready to apply DBC during production for $100
  181. 181. ~10% ready to apply DBC during repair for $10,000 (fuel&oil economy in 6 month)
  182. 182. Market capacity is ~$6 mln yearly</li></ul>Competitors are either unavailable or offer confusing fuel dopes<br />
  183. 183. BIOTECHNOLOGIES<br />pilot-project<br />Biotechnology for agriculture – new generation of fertilizer <br />for plants<br />Sales<br />Highly-experienced team in the field. Own lab facility. Pilot projects realized.<br />Problem:imperfection of current technology<br />Solution: Microbiologicalstrains forfertilizing and plants protection<br />5 mln.$(stock discussed) for:<br /><ul><li>factory building
  184. 184. equipment
  185. 185. starting sales in Russia and World-wide
  186. 186. Ecologically clean
  187. 187. Better efficiency than mineral and chemical analogues
  188. 188. High cost effectiveness
  189. 189. Fertility increase
  190. 190. Higher eco standards of final products
  191. 191. High-profitable sector</li></ul>World<br /><ul><li>More than $70 bln.</li></ul>Russia<br /><ul><li>40000 tones
  192. 192. ~400 mln.$</li></ul>Stable CAGR 7-8% for last decade<br />
  193. 193. More startup will join for Startup Roulette Phase 2<br />MBAs are welcome:<br /><br />Project pipeline<br />