iJam Matching Pipeline November 2013


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iJam matching program for Singapore-based entrepreneurs who are interested to join and take a lead in core-tech startups. If you are not based in Singapore and have experience in specifi

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  • Can be incubated by RUVENTO
  • iJam Matching Pipeline November 2013

    1. 1. Interactive Digital Media Pipeline iJam matching program – Nov ‘13
    2. 2. SEED 3D Display– sci-fi holography conferencing Details of product/service Product/Prototype Company/Team Details of product  3D Display is designed to showcase the dynamic full-color volume of real and virtual objects of a wide range of observers  3D Display projected in the open air  Uses an intuitive control system (gestures)  Holography video conferencing is the first market case Company/Team Market  Founded is a Ph.D. in Physics  Team participated in international competitions ABU ROBOCON 2013 and won 2nd place in the Russian Federation  Basic prototype developed Market Advantages
    3. 3. Drones Copter Express –express delivery service Details of product/service Product/Prototype PROTOTYPE SEED Company/Team Details of product  Copter Express provides the most reliable, the fastest and most innovative delivery.  Copter capable of delivering the goods to 5 kg at a speed of 40 km / h. The flight is at a safe height of 200 meters,you can track delivery in real time via the built-in copter GPS, as well as watch videos from a camera mounted on board the aircraft. Company/Team Market  Evangelist at Copter Express is a founder of Neonavigation, Indoor Labs, WDMS. Several wins in entrepreneurial challenges Market Advantages  The commercial UAV market size in the U.S. in 2020 will be more than $ 3 billion a year  The use of smaller unmanned aircraft, those that weigh less than 55 pounds and fly below 400  Developed prototypes of copters and navigation feet, will be allowed in the USA starting in August system 2014  Initial sales in Russia
    4. 4. PROTOTYPE 3D Printing 3D Magic Pen – multicolour portable 3D printer Details of product/service Product/Prototype SEED Company/Team Details of product  3D «Magic Pen» is portable 3D printer for artworks. Photopolymer solidifies instantly into a strong stable structure of any shape with different color just with a flick of your hand  The similar project raised in kickstartermore than $2 mln, though it was only mono colour version and the competitive device uses melted plastic which burns fingers Company/Team Market  Team consists from 2 advanced chemical engineers, programmer and electronic engineer.  Strong technical team has designed and built three models of 3 d printers, showing wealth of experience in the field of prototyping.  Has previously built 3D printer  Prototypes Market Advantages
    5. 5. PASSED CHECK Device Power Stick – digital future of table games Details of product/service Product/Prototype TEAM SEED Company/Team Details of product  Power Stick is a toy device that alllows you to play with opponent without the need to be online all the time (play in turns games)  Low cost toy with cool design that doesn’t require a console or a tablet  Create new classes of digital games  Ideal for table and party games Company/Team Market  CEO’s has background of over 18 years in the gaming industry. Past successfully COS and other grant of few millions. CTO has 12 years of CG experience plus years of game design.  Developed functional prototype  Prepared for kickstarter launch Follow-up: skype with CEO Market Advantages
    6. 6. 3D Printing Prixel – copy your favourite painting in 3D Details of product/service Product/Prototype PROTOTYPE SEED Company/Team Details of product  PRIXEL provides solutions for 3D copying of paintings with 3D texture  PRIXEL allows to translate high-resolution photos of paintings into layered 2D models to print them on existing printing machines  Customers can buy close-to-original copies of paintings for only $200, artists can digitalize and monetize their assets on Prixel store Company/Team Market Market Advantages  The premium segment of the art printing is  CEO has 6 years experience in printing worth $ 3.5 billion. technologies & organization of printing business  Has developed prototype system  In five years the company targets to reach only 3% of this market, which translates in annual turnover of more than $ 30 million.  Pilot project with Hermitage – the largest museum in Russia  Has potential to disrupt market by offering topclass paintingsformiddle class online  CTO has 7 years experience in programming, 3D graphics & modeling
    7. 7. PROTOTYPE Robotics Mantikora– a personal robotics shop assistant Details of product/service Product/prototype Product/Prototype SEED Company/Team Details of product  Manitkora can help customers shop and delivery goods back home  Mantikora has been designed with the aim of making shopping an easier and more entertaining experience for shoppers  Can be used in other applications such as shopping mall navigation Company/Team Market  The team has substantial experience in computer vision, robots and digital signals processing, technical vision.  CEO – author of concept. Has a 5 years experience of electronics, mobile robots, robot navigation systems  Several prototypes have developed and tested Market Advantages  The total robots market in 2012 was 631K units  Shop assistance is one of real-life use cases  Special focus on elderly people  Expected market volume of autonomous service robots in 2014 is estimated at 2.1 million robots
    8. 8. PROTOTYPE Logistic BlackBeeTrack – intelligent label for logistics Details of product/service Product/Prototype Reusable tag Software Reader SEED Company/Team Details of product  BlackBeeTrack is designed for external monitoring of environment conditions during the delivery of goods (temperatures, moisture, pressure etc) as well as GPS coordinates  Can be customized as LEGO  A label can be attached on the packaging of product. It is impossible to remove the tag without damaging the integrity of the packaging Company/Team Market Market Advantages  MEPHI (Russian MIT) incubator Summary of Cargo Ton-Miles  Developed prototype  WORLD 2009 - 54,781.177Ton-Miles (in millions)  First contracts with logistics companies in Russia  Pilot projects in Russia  Preparing for kickstarter  WORLD 2010 - 65,031.692Ton-Miles (in millions)  WORLD 2011 - 64,659.361Ton-Miles (in millions)  WORLD 2012 - 62,388.415Ton-Miles (in millions)  WORLD 2013(January-May) - 24,744.090Ton-Miles (in millions)
    9. 9. SEED PROTOTYPE Telecommunication Crypto Headset – hardware encrypted mobile communications Details of product/service Product/Prototype Company/Team Details of product  Headset provides hardware encryption to makesecurecallsfromboth smartphonesandtablets, therebypreservingtheconfidentialityoftransmitte d information  The headsetisconnectedto amobilephoneor tablet via Bluetooth Low Energy Company/Team Market  Closed network of up to 500 headsets plsu backend VoIP server developed Advantages  MEPHI (Russian MIT) incubator alumni  100% guarantee against wiretapping  Developed functional prototype  Build close corporate networks of up to 1000 people  Authorized Apple accessory manufacturer “Made for iPhone”  Preparing for kickstarter  Apple PKI certificated  Use encryption algorithm that do not require special licenses in most of countries
    10. 10. Cloud service eZWay – knows everything about your car Details of product/service Product/Prototype PROTOTYPE SEED Company/Team Details of product  Real-time analytics of car’s condition, safety driving and ecology polluting  Analytical prediction for breakdowns and issues  Service reminders, weekly email reports of all events passed and money spent  Easy communication platform for users  Works with almost any modern cars’ computers, plug and play solution Company/Team Market Advantages Market  Launched product, sales in Russia Automat ic LINK Dash LINK eZWay Torque LINK Carvo yant LINK Knowledg e Good Good Excellent Good Bad Social Bad Good Excellent Bad No Problem solutions Bad Bad Excellent Bad Good Price Good Good Excellent Excellent Bad  CEO has 5years experience in computer science  CTO has 6 years experience in mobile applications developing  Preparing for kickstarter
    11. 11. PROTOTYPE Wireless Technology SkyWave – your personal internet and sensor network Details of product/service Product/Prototype SEED Company/Team Details of product  New principle of data transmission via radio channel used to build personal radio networks  Turn your smartphone into multichannel radio walkie-talkie with best voice qualityin 10km range and all-in conference call option (like skype)  Build your own sensor network with radius of 10km and control it with smartphone  Use it when speed of 3G is not good enough Company/Team Market  Lead engineer – Ph.D. of Informative and Telecommunication Systems and Technologies  Author of 30+ publications in leading scientific magazines  Technology can be also used for ultra wide-band short range applications  Prototype developed Market Advantages
    12. 12. PROTOTYPE Internet Device Octodon – anewway of high speed typingon mobile for Handhelds Details of product/service Product/Prototype PATENTED Company/Team Details of product  Octodon layout was designed to provide the highest input speed with the maximum comfort on mobile  Optimized for the ten-finger input  Achievable speed is above 200 char./min., which is comparable with QWERTY keyboard  Ergonomic and compact – fits your smartphone with it is still pocket-size! Company/Team Market  CEO – author of algorithm, mathematician, and hardware developer.  Pilot products are developed and tested.  Preparing for kickstarterlaunch  World patent pending  Several patents pending in USA Smartphones Growth Advantages
    13. 13. PROTOTYPE Wearable Device OKO – eye tracking devices with analytics support Details of product/service Product/Prototype SEED Company/Team Details of product  OKO – a tool for monitoring mental and physical state of a person based on the analysis of eyes’ activity  Can be used as lie detector during interview  Can be used as interface controller  The patented solution Company/Team Market Advantages  Phystech (Russian MIT) incubator graduates  Does not require special sensors, simple cameras  Developed prototype  Low-cost solution  Pilot projects with HR companies in Russia  Faster and more accurate positioning algorithms  Teamhas over 5 years of development in complex hardware projects  Proven analytics algorithms
    14. 14. Robotics Toytemic – interactive battlefield Details of product/service Product/Prototype PROTOTYPE SEED Company/Team Details of product  Toytemic is a technological platform for wireless networks of heterogeneous selfpropelled nodes for toy robotic and service robotic applications.  It supports coordinated maneuvers of selfpropelled devices and other team action games on the field. Company/Team Market  CEO – Producer in digital edutainment, video games, interactive toys and gadgets  CFO – Ph.D. in Physics & Mathematics, business driver with 20-years working experience in software designing  CTO – Engineer, director of projects in microelectronics and radio engineering Market Advantages  Global Toys & Games Sales in 2011 is $150 billion.  Exploding growth in robotic kits from 2007 is 541,000 pieces ($27,5 million) to 35,8 million pieces ($1,69 billion) in 2014  A few distributors showed interest in the product  Full manufacturing plan developed
    15. 15. thank you Дзякую谢谢Баркал merci danke спасибоდიდიgracias მადლობა dakujem どうもありがとう  If you are based in Singapore  If you are entrepreneur or corporate executive on the verge of trying your hand at a startup  If you are looking for good cause and solid technology to build a great company SEND US EMAIL AT INFO@RUVENTO.COM Russian Ventures To Commercialization