IDM Pipeline July 2013


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Interactive Digital Media projects looking for partner / co-founder in Singapore.

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IDM Pipeline July 2013

  1. 1. Interactive Digital Media Pipeline iJam matching program
  2. 2. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service X-Rift – the best AR app on Google Play Augmented Reality  X-Rift is an augmented reality mobile game.It is a multiplayeronlineshooter in augmented reality for any mobile device with camera.  Team has developed their own Augmented Reality engine with GPS support and image processing. It could be used for other types of AR apps in the future: AR-browser, AR- advertising engine and new mobile games.  Global augmented reality marketin mobile CEO- Entrepreneur with 9 years experience  Lead Game-Designer has a 5 years experience in game designing  Has attracted the best Russian sci-fi writer for back story  More than 2000 fans waiting for release Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market 20162011 $5,6B $0,2B PROTOTYPE SEED
  3. 3. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service Prixel – print your favourite painting in 3D 3D Printing  PRIXEL provides solutions for 3D printing of works of art such as paintings  PRIXEL allows translate 3D models of works of art into layer models to print them on existing printing machines.  Customers can buy works of art and high end copies of works of art online for only $200 (copies can not distinguished from originals).  The global amount of the premium segment of the art printing is $ 3.5 billion.  After five years the technology has the ability to win only 3% of this market and achieve the annual turnover of more than $ 30 million.  Has potential to disrupt market by offering top- class paintings to middle class  CEO has 6 years experience in printing technologies & organization of printing production  CTO has 7 years experience in programming, 3D graphics & modeling  Has developed prototype system for printing machine and software for 3D scanners PROTOTYPE SEED Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market
  4. 4. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service MARK-I – next generation RPS Robotics  Autonomous remote presence service robotic complexwith manipulator  Core tech is remote presence system with eye tracking  Can be integrated on virtual reality headset such as cinemizer OLED Virtual Reality video glasses etc.  The team has substantial experience in computer vision, robots and digital signals processing.  CEO – author of concept. Has a 5 years experience of electronic, mobile robot, robot navigation development.  Prototype of robot and glasses developed Product/prototype Market Details of product Company/Team Product/Prototype  The total robots market in 2012 was 631K units  Expected market volume of autonomous service robots in 2014 is estimated at 2.1 million robots  35 million sets of educational robotic kits annually PROTOTYPE SEED
  5. 5. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service Genotek – clone of for developing markets Biotech  Genotek provides various options for DNA diagnostics - from a comprehensive analysis of the genome to specialized tests for predisposition  Unique algorithm to translate genetic medical info report that anyone can understand  SaaS service  In 2010 global genetic testing sector was worth around US$ 1.5 Billion  The market is likely to reach around US$ 11.5 Billion by 2015  Team from Moscow State University – bio faculty and math faculty. Winners of international contents in several disciplines  Leading researcher & developer has a 5-years background in the field of molecular biology  200+ pilot clients in Russia  Team is looking for bizdev in South East Asia Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team PROTOTYPE SEED Market
  6. 6. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service OOHmap – SaaS to manage outdoors ads and analytics Advertising  OOHmapis intelligent search engine and buying system for Out-of-home (OOH) advertising based on strong search algorithms and unique statistics  Proprietary analytics engine  The global outdoor advertising market is $ 34 billion in 2012. TOP three markets are USA, Japan and China.  Founder is expert with 6 year experience in the advertising business  Programmers with extensive experience in web- development and implementation of complex mathematic algorithms  Looking for bizdev with strong connections in advertising industry Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market PROTOTYPE SEED
  7. 7. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service Smart Mio – wearable device instead of gym  Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS) and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) which is fully controlled from the smart phone. Miniature size and easy setup/removal  Can be used individually for advanced muscle toning (i.e. body fitness) and pain relief  Can be used remotely/online for out-of-the- hospital physiotherapy and rehabilitation under the full control of the specialist  Our estimations that currently a worldwide demand for for miostimulators is nearing 250,000  5-10% can be used for clinical physiotherapy purposes  The rest - for individual fitness and pain relief purposes – instead of going to gym  CTO has more than 30 years of electrical engineering experience of medical devices and holds PhD in Biophysics, CEO has 12 years of software development experience and is the finalist of Google Android Developer Challenge  Prototype developed, can be demonstrated in Singapore PASSED CHECK SEEDPROTOTYPE Follow-up: whitepaper Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market Wearable Technology
  8. 8. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service DroneX – solves key problem of UAV industry Robotics  Navigation technology enabling precise autonomous landing of commercial drones - the key barrier that makes drones operation costly  Key application is low-altitude aerial filming and 3D photography to generate geo-spatial multimedia information that can be used to promote real estate objects or as additional “birds-eye view” layer on Google Earth.  CEO has over 20 completed projects in robotics, telemetry, real-time systems.  The team has graduated from leading Russian university in optics and has done a lot of commercial hardware projects together  Patent pending technology  Concept and math model CONCEPT SEED Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market  Global UAV Market
  9. 9. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service Toytemic – interactive battlefield Robotics  Toytemic is a technological platform for wireless networks of heterogeneous self- propelled nodes for toy robotic and service robotic applications.  It supports coordinated maneuvers of self- propelled devices and other team action games on the field.  Global Toys & Games Sales in 2011 is $150 billion.  Exploding growth in robotic kits from 2007 is 541,000 pieces ($27,5 million) to 35,8 million pieces ($1,69 billion) in 2014  A few distributors showed interest in the product  Full manufacturing plan developed  CEO – Producer in digital edutainment, video games, interactive toys and gadgets.  CFO – Ph.D. in Physics & Mathematics, business driver with 20-years working experience in software designing  CTO – Engineer, director of projects in microelectronics and radio engineering PROTOTYPE SEED Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market
  10. 10. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service Mobile Doctor – traditional chinese medicine in your pocket Telemedicine  “Home Doctor in mobile phone” - Non-invasive TermopunctureDiagnostic and Treatment Systems  Used for diagnostic of variety of physiological systems and internal organs - In sports, psychotherapy, beauty and Anti-Ageing treatments  Devices do not demand special knowledge  Patented.  Founder and CEO has 30+ years experience of medical practice, assistant professor of functional diagnostics department, surgeon.  Leading engineer has 20+ years experience in production equipment for the automated control of parameters of electronic components Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Advantages PROTOTYPE SEED Electro- acupuncture Laser acupuncture Med Byte Principle Resistance of skin Laser bean Infra-red Used for Removepain in muscles and spine - Facial Skin Care - Tissue sells stimulation -Used for diagnostic and treatment -Unique methodology -Precise analysis
  11. 11. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service OESK – can enable short range UWB networks Telecommunication  OESK technology is destined to increase efficiency of wireless communications system  The tech is based on a new mathematic method and vectors of sub-band matrix. Patented.  The tech has narrow-band signal, uses frequency resource efficiently, its data rates is enhanced and the interference insusceptibility is high.  Lead engineer – Ph.D. of Informative and Telecommunication Systems and Technologies  Developed the prototypes of radio stations that 60% more efficient on radio transmission  Technology can be used for ultra wide-band short range applications (ie streaming of mobile app on TV) PROTOTYPE SEED Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market  802.11ac TV connections (mln)
  12. 12. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service EmoTracker – next cool wearable device for mobile apps Wearable Technology  Happy hours is a device which determines the physical state of human by galvanic skin reaction  Can be used to define the best mental state to learn - when you have highest capability to accept new information  Other applications: sleep monitoring, mood detection  Bluetooth interface to connect with mobile app  CEO – author of algorithm, mathematician, and hardware developer.  Core developer has developed Soviet lie- detector.  Pilot products are developed and tested.  Patents are filled. PROTOTYPE PATENTED Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market
  13. 13. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service i-Giving – corporate platform to engage fans via giving Social Networks  iGivingcombines CSR and Marketing to empower Corporate Facebook Fans decide how corporate should donate money  iGivingoffers tools for corporates to empower their Facebook fans to increase FB Edge Ranking  iGiving is the only corporate socially driven campaigns platform Details of product/service SEEDTEAMPASSED CHECK Market Follow-up: skype with CEO  Entrepreneur with an experience in building e- commerce portals and scalable Web 2.0 applications. Australian citizen who takes an active role in supporting non-profit organizations  Development team experienced in Facebook and real-time application  Prototype developed Product/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Advantages Features iGiving Stuzo Global Giving Facebook interaction Facebook white- label application Does campaigns Powers websites only Edge ranking Increase Edge ranking over long term Do not use altruistic motivation - Corporate + charity interaction Corporate crowd- giving N/A Only Charity Gamification High Middle Low Economic value tapping Can be used No No
  14. 14. Company/Team AdvantagesMarket Details of product/service  M2ERP is a "Smart Sensor” platform to connect various wireless, which can be used to increase operational efficiency of business  M2ERP provides cloudstorage and PaaS to build business processes on top of structured smart sensors data and integrate with ERP  M2ERP develops unique router that can integrate sensors of different standards  World Smart Sensors market is forecast to reach US$6.0 billion by the year 2015.  Asia-Pacific is forecast to emerge into the fastest growing regional market trailing a projected CAGR of 5.5%.  CEO has 10+ years experience on Business Development  Team has done many smart sensors projects in Russia for oil and gas companies  A few sensors and prototype of cloud service developed Details of product/serviceProduct/Prototype Details of product Company/Team Market Smart Sensors PROTOTYPE SEED M2ERP – making sense of smart sensors
  15. 15. Russian Ventures ToCommercialization thank you Дзякую谢谢Баркалmerci dankeспасибоდიდიgracias მადლობა dakujemどうもありがとう  If you are based in Singapore  If you are entrepreneur or corporate executive on the verge of trying your hand at a startup  If you are looking for good cause and solid technology to build a great company SEND US EMAIL AT INFO@RUVENTO.COM