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SoLoMo Thursday - Creativity On A Digital Shoestring Part 1


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Published in: Technology, Business
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SoLoMo Thursday - Creativity On A Digital Shoestring Part 1

  1. 1. 25 July 2013 SoLoMo Thursday Hafiz Saleh Social Media Analyst Techsailor Group
  2. 2. Biz Card @ Fishbowl @SoLoMoThursday Housepour Spirits, Housewin es & Asahi @ $8++ 20% off ala carte items Opening Note
  3. 3. DONATIONS are welcomed. Help keep going. DONATIONS are welcomed to help for: Logistics Food & Drinks Publicity and many more… 26 Sept 2013
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Objectives 26 Sept 2013
  5. 5. PAGE 5 Speaker: KIM LEE 26 Sept 2013
  6. 6. Kim Lee Executive Creative & Digital Director, Renaissant Managing Creative Director, Kimwillrule
  7. 7. Vast differences between clients/brands in Europe and Singapore
  8. 8. Singapore: “Show me the money” Europe: “Show me the big idea”
  9. 9. Singapore: Returns on cent Europe: Returns on investment
  10. 10. • Budgets are shrinking. • Make dollar really stretch • Harder to justify returns on investment, especially in the social media realm.
  11. 11. If big brands are watching marketing spend with hawkeye, what about smaller ones?
  12. 12. ENTER
  13. 13. M.A.D. School is constantly constrained by a marketing budget so small, we shrink David to pea-size when pitted against the Goliaths of other design, advertising and communication schools well-oiled by government and private funding. Reality Check
  14. 14. Mentality Really small budgets can spawn really big ideas. HOW? #1 Get really creative. #2 Throw in copious amounts of reality checks. #3 Get fiercely digital. Undefeated and ambitious, they dream big and embark on a digital- centric approach that is budget- lean.
  15. 15. Earned, paid and owned media
  17. 17. The insight
  18. 18. • M.A.D. SCHOOL is a small private school. • The education scene in Singapore is very competitive, dominated by government-funded schools and rich private schools with high marketing spend. • M.A.D. stands as David against Goliaths. • January is the Open House period when schools pump up the money to create excessive collaterals and events. • MAD is handicapped by a-near 0 budget, lack of resources and marketing plan.
  19. 19. That is however over-shadowed by our bravado.
  20. 20. The idea
  21. 21. Raid the Open Houses of the other well-financed design and advertising schools and steal their target audience (because they are ours too, saving us precious time and money). By gatecrashing the schools in a brow- raising vintage Volkswagen van with our mob squad and giving free ice- cream in return for Facebook ‘Likes’ on our FB page (so they revisit our page). Raid the Open Houses of the other well-financed design and advertising schools and steal their target audience (because they are ours too, saving us precious time and money). 3 days, 6 schools.
  22. 22. The Strategy
  23. 23. • Using mob squad to give out free ice-cream in return for Facebook „Likes‟ on our FB page (for repeat visits and reflected on newsfeed). • Chance to win movie tickets by posing with a special frame and getting friends to like shots (another reason to visit our FB page). Brand Awareness, Brand Recall, Repeat Engagement
  24. 24. Multi-screen & location-based mobile marketing • Prospective students like our page via on tablets or mobile phones. • Stopped target audience in tracks and directed their interest to school‟s curriculum. • Direct engagement with target audience
  25. 25. Mobile video content creation & virability • Anticipation of close shave with security • Filmed confrontation scenes and took off fast whenever we were shoo- ed away. • We braved on so we could create real footages that could potentially go viral.
  26. 26. ‘Glocal’ seeding on 50+ global social media and sharing sites/blogs/forums such as:
  27. 27. Social Media Campaign Word of Mouth Owned media space Create compelling content
  28. 28. Featured on
  29. 29. Total budget = $2000+ Mob squad = 10 people Creative / production = 5 people 1500+ Facebook Likes
  30. 30. ` Another Dimension: The Smallest Open House in the World
  31. 31. The insight After raiding the other schools‟ Open Houses, we launched our inaugural Open House—„Another Dimension: The World’s Smallest Open House’ because our campus is tiny.
  32. 32. The idea