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Solo Small Business Gateway


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Published in: Technology
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Solo Small Business Gateway

  1. 1. Unified Communications Making UC and Digital Convergence a True Business Realm with solo small business gateway
  2. 2. solo small business gateway Overview • Software, always bundled with hardware • Installed on any branded or ΟΕΜ server • Complete of ICT-infrastructure features • Some features require special h/w support – RAID 1 – Analog Telephony – Fax Server • Simple to install, configure and use
  3. 3. solo small business gateway unifies all communication networks with a single software solution computer voice network network
  4. 4. solo small business gateway … is a Hybrid Analog/VoIP PBX • VoIP/SIP Gateway • Analog Interfaces (RJ11) for Landlines/Phones • Any number of VoIP Phones (SIP) • Queues, Conferences, Recordings, Black- listing, DISA, IVR, DTMF, Operator Panel, etc • Features-equivalent of high-end PBXs
  5. 5. solo small business gateway … is a Fax Server • Fax-to-Email & Email-to-Fax Gateway • Print-to-Fax Gateway, from any application • Support for .PDF .XLS .DOC .HTML .TXT, etc, as attachments for sending • Support for multiple Virtual Fax Devices for concurrent operation • Fax routing, based on multiple criteria
  6. 6. solo small business gateway … is a CCTV/DVR • Provides video feed and storage • Supports networked IP cameras, IP video converters and limited USB cameras • Live view, web/mobile streaming • SMS/MMS notifications • Rules-based Archiving
  7. 7. solo small business gateway … is a File Server • Network Storage • Custom Permissions • Private Storage per user • Antivirus protection for all files
  8. 8. solo small business gateway … is a Web Server • Support for HTML & PHP • Website Builder tool • Drupal CMS • Homepage for each user
  9. 9. solo small business gateway … is an Email Server • IMAP/POP3 Mail Protocols • Webmail • Mailing Lists, Mail Aliases • Auto-responder, Forwarder, Filters • Antivirus and Antispam protection
  10. 10. solo small business gateway … is a Domain Controller • Primary Domain Controller (PDC) for Windows Domains • User Authentication • Roaming Profile (Desktop, My Documents, settings, etc) for each user
  11. 11. solo small business gateway … is a Collaboration Server • Shared Calendars • Shared Contacts • Tasks/Notes • Click-to-Call • Compatible with MS-Outlook • Fully Accessible from the Web & Mobile
  12. 12. solo small business gateway … and is Secure! • Firewall • VPN Server (site-to-site & roaming user) • Web Proxy with Antivirus & Filtering • Automated Update & Upgrade • Complete Automated & Scheduled Backup
  13. 13. solo small business gateway … in the Network
  14. 14. solo small business gateway Making Installation and Configuration Easy • Web Interface • User-Friendly • Complete • All Modules Integrated
  15. 15. solo SB gateway at a glance: Web/Mail/DNS Server VoIP & POTS Hybrid PBX User Management VoIP Gateway Website Builder Fax Server WebMail CCTV/DVR File Server Back-Up VPN Server Wi-Fi Printer Server Firewall Domain Controller Anti-spam Network Management File & Email Anti-virus Shared Calendar/Contacts On-line Global Updating Needs will change. solo SB gateway will follow.
  16. 16. solo gateway • is internationalized easily • is standards-compliant • has global online support • solo gateway was presented at CeBIT Hannover 2008 with huge success! • Currently, in contact with over 20 partners for distribution and certification programs
  17. 17. solo gateway solo small business gateway together with preconfigured hardware can be the single, complete, turn-key solution for all IT and Communication needs of Small and Medium Enterprises
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