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Salazar Research Latest Gadgets

  1. 1. LATEST COMPUTER GADGETS Asus announces new Designo MS series of binary inspired displays Asus claims that its new line of ultraslim monitors, called the Designo MS Series (doubtlessly dubbed after the evil, irradiated supervillain who designed them) was inspired by the binary state. Why? Well, the monitors are slim, so they look like a 1 from the side. And they stand upright with the help of an [...] Wirelessly tether your gadgets with nio Bluetooth security tags When it comes to keeping your mobile gadgets safe a number of different solutions are offered for finding lost or stolen devices, or at the very least wiping them and rendering them useless. When it comes to actually not losing them in the first place the emphasis is on the individual to store them.
  2. 2. Fleshlight Motion offers an interactive, not-so-romantic experience for less For years, the most prolific and serious of female self-pleasurers have had the Sybian. It’s an expensive investment, but offers women something between a saddle, a piston and a gynecological device, for the price of a few thousand dollars. Yes, a pleasant product to think about. OLED production to increase eight-fold by 2013 OLED displays can’t make the leap into widescale consumer electronics ubiquity soon enough. The colors are more vibrant than LED or LCD displays; the whites whiter; the blacks blacker. More importantly, the power savings are significant, and with battery technology stalling even as devices require more and more juice. Mousepads get more useful with Scratch-n-Scroll The mousepad is slowly being rendered less and less useful as mouse technology moves forward allowing them to work on pretty much any surface. Logitech’s latest Darkfield technology, for example, even works on glass. t Apple’s fattest iPod gains weight - again
  3. 3. Don’t believe the hype, Apple’s hard drive-based iPod classic is alive and it’s not going away for the time being. On the contrary - Apple has bumped up the iPod classic to 160GB, squeezing an additional 40GB of storage into the same bulky enclosure - and without raising its price, too. Don’t expect Apple to kill Ditch your Flip, video recording is a-go-go on the new iPod nano Yesterday, Apple refreshed its best-selling iPod nano media player (over 100 million sold so far). The new iPod nano lineup, available in nine colors, boasts FM radio, mic, speaker, pedometer, and a 640×480 camera that captures video, turning the popular media player into a solid Flip alternative. Design-wise, the new iPod nano is slightly sleeker. i Microsoft releases super-thin Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 & Number Pad Microsoft believes it has spotted a gap in the market for laptop and netbook users who want a bigger keyboard than their device offers, but that is still portable and yet stylish. Its solution is the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 and the complimentary Bluetooth Mobile Number Pad. Both peripherals are very thin with Microsoft. The Asus Eee Reader is more netbook than e-book reader Asus recently unveiled Eee Reader sounds, on the surface, pretty snazzy: a dual screen e- book reader aiming for the Kindle and Sony Reader market, but for less than 100 British Pounds (or about $163). There’s no reason to disbelieve that Asus will be incapable of delivering such a device.