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  1. 1. Breaking News / Infotech Software firm grooms RP as cloud computing hub By Anna Valmero First Posted 21:21:00 10/22/2009 Filed Under: Technology (general), Software, Internet MANILA, Philippines - A US-based software firm specializing in “cloud computing” intends to double its local operations by adding 300 new seats to its Manila office over the next two years, an official said. The expansion is part of Netsuite’s strategy to groom the Philippines as its “largest hub” for cloud computing services worldwide. The country will have almost 50 percent of the company's total workforce when it adds 300 new staff to its current total of 907, according to Netsuite chief executive Zach Nelson. Cloud computing refers to using software applications accessible over the Internet (or cloud). Search firm Google has evolved into a cloud computing firm since its services like email and document processing can also be purchased and installed as packaged products. Nelson said the Philippines tops all of NetSuite's other global sites in terms of driving growth for the 11-year-old company although it has only started operations in the country in 2007 with less than 50 employees. He added doing business in the country is beneficial for the company because of the country's reliable telecommunication infrastructure and supply of skilled workers, particularly certified public accountants.
  2. 2. “Since we started in 2007, growth has been phenomenal, even beyond our expectations. This expansion proves how the Philippines play a vital role for our global strategy,” he said. To date, NetSuite's operations outside its North American headquarters account for 81 percent of the company's revenue for the first half of this year. The company earned $152.5 million in revenues, with 40 percent year- on-year growth last year, while gaining 1.3 million unique logins last quarter for its product website. Nelson said the Manila office will include product development and quality assurance capabilities in addition to technical support and back office services. NetSuite developed cloud computing software specifically for the Philippines that offers a platform for companies to process their financial reports and taxes with the Department of Finance and Bureau of Internal Revenue, said Nelson. Nelson said expansion locally is being done in anticipation of the further growth of cloud computing. “Cloud computing is the disruptive technology for any business operating in this century. If you don't incorporate the Internet to harness the cloud for your business, you don't have much of a business. All kinds and sizes of business will need to harness the power of the cloud to manage operations and interact with customers in real-time,” he said.
  3. 3. Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Direct TV Discounts Direct TV is an example of a satellite-broadcasting provider. The satellite dishes that come with their service are the receivers that transmit for service to the satellites Direct TV has in orbit over the earth. Although it was initially hard to get started, Dish Network has grown to include customers all over the United States. Although there was a time when cable TV providers had more to offer, Direct TV has grown to include features and options that are now competing or outdoing cable TV features and services. Direct TV grew from a little known company with one dish to offer several dishes and over two hundred channels. They have developed several programming packages that can meet any monthly budget, many times, at cheaper rates than cable TV providers can offer them. The clear image and sound quality of their service has managed to impress almost everyone. They now boast of a customer base of up to 50 million consumers. Their programming content has grown to include children’s shows, music and sports channels, channels that offer 24/7 movies, and drama and lifetime shows. Direct TV does not just offer programming packages. They offer programming packages that include ethnic, music and sports channels that cable TV providers do not offer. For the services and products that cable TV does have, Direct TV has developed their own. They have several dishes and products that can be upgraded, with offers of free equipment or free installation on certain deals or packages. They automatically include Parental Controls to protect the young minds in the house from adult content and they offer a great movie selection along with local and cable channels. There is always something on to watch for everyone, no matter the time day or night, or the age. Currently, they also offer goods and services like HDTV, the higher-resolution formatting that delivers the picture and sound with better quality and clarity. To
  4. 4. take digital clarity to a new level, they also offer HDTV 1080p formatting, a resolution that was designed to mimic theater imaging and sound quality. Critics have stated the HDTV 1080p formatting as being comparable to Blue Ray. Direct TV also offers Pay Per View channels with the DVR, or the Digital Video Recorder that allows the viewer to watch live Pay Per View events like fights and music concerts with the ability to fast forward, rewind or pause them for convenience. The DVR is also useful as storage, to record shows on one channel while watching shows on another channel. The customer has the luxury of watching their shows on their time, without having to make time or change the schedule to do it. They do not have to miss what they want to watch while someone else takes a turn, the recorded shows are always there when they are ready to see them. Direct TV has as much to offer as any cable TV package on the market today, without the additional cost that seems to come with the expensive cable TV providers. Often times, people prefer Direct TV to cable TV because of the competitive services and products and the more than competitive pricing.
  5. 5. Monday, October 19, 2009 Time Warner Cable Packages Time Warner Cable is a proven provider for exceptional products and services for digital cable, high-speed online services and digital phone. They have been in business for nearly fifty years, with proven customer service and professional installers to meet the needs of their customers. To better serve the needs of their customers, or individuals that just want more information, Time Warner Cable has built a web page that provides valuable, timesaving links to helpful information, relevant to customers or interested surfers. Time Warner Cable did this to give people an additional resource for information on products, services and other useful links, such as their bill payment link and link to find Payment Locations. This is helpful for the busy family with hectic schedules, especially if a family subscribes to one of Time Warner Cable’s bundles. Instead of having to pay three monthly providers, the bundles allow three monthly services to be paid for at once, in one bill. When done online, at the Time Warner Cable MyServices, this only saves more valuable time that can be better spent somewhere else. Or, if new to the area, customers have the ability to find Payment Centers, to pay in person, if they prefer. For the customers on a non-traditional work schedule, that find it hard to get to a phone or a webpage during regular Monday through Friday, eight to five hours, this website is the perfect resource, due to its availability and in-depth information found there. This page has the Time Warner Cable products and services featured, with links to information on their site. You can click on the Learn link to get a better understanding of the features and options they have for you, or you can go to the Shop link to order the services you have reached a decision about. This web page has the ability for live chat, 24/7, for those that need online support in finding the correct information or placing an order. Or, an interested individual can opt to call or email them. FAQs concerning frequently asked questions for the services they provide are also listed. The answers to these questions and other information pertaining to customer service are provided on this page. The customer
  6. 6. support service is detailed and thorough, with in individual sections for Account and Billing, Digital Cable, High-Speed Online services and Digital Phone. There are even sections for Time Warner Cable Policies and information on Cable Theft. The Time Warner Cable website has much to offer the individual looking for service or the family that already has service through Time Warner Cable. With the valuable resources Time Warner Cable has prepared online, any questions or concerns can be answered, and upgrades to service, or address changes can be made. All of this is possible to gain access to from the comfort of an individual’s home. So, whether a person currently has service through Time Warner Cable, or a person is just looking into subscribing to cable or other services through them, their home page is a valuable tool that should not be overlooked.
  7. 7. Saturday, October 17, 2009 Charter Cable Bundle Deals Charter Cable offers more than just cable TV services. They also offer high-speed internet and digital phones services that cover the most basic needs of the average family. In addition, Charter Cable also offers other family-friendly services that are not mentioned much. They offer their homepage for free use to Charter Cable subscribers. This home page can be personalized and used to find links to interesting news articles and videos on a variety of topics. These topics include News, Sports, Movies, and Games, among other services. For quick links, they include Web searches, Yellowbook and ebay. These links are designed to give busy families all the information they need on various subjects of interest on one webpage. This page can save time normally reserved for surfing, and allows family members that share computers the time needed to have an individual turn. Especially designed to help families with growing children, Charter carries a Learning Pack that includes contributions from Nick Jr, AWARD Funways, Clever Island, DK Learning, HOOPAH, Encyclopedia Britannica and Boston Test Prep, which helps teens prepare for the SATs. This is a one-stop link for children in the home that need help with homework, or the teens that need help preparing for tests. This is a service that is specialized to help the education of the youth in the home. They also have a Variety Pack, which does include educational games and the Encyclopedia Britannica, but that goes beyond education with Shockwave Unlimited, which gives access to over 500 games and puzzles for family entertainment. It also includes a link to American, where the family can choose a pre-made card or create one. The package also has links to the Weather Channel, the NHL and the These packages add convenience to the daily lives and sometimes-hectic schedules of busy families. They are intended
  8. 8. to be a central source for necessary links that provide timesaving information to help the family grow. The page itself is formatted to be user-friendly, with easy to find links. It has an online easy to read TV Guide. It also has a three-day forecast that can be set by zip code to get the local weather. There is a link to listen to Charter Radio while surfing and a Market Watch section that allows the user access to information on the stock market. With all of these extra features, Charter Cable has proven itself as more than just a cable TV provider. Charter Cable is the one-stop source to meet the demands of a family’s budget for cable TV, internet and phone services, while adding options to help meet the individual educational and entertainment needs of the whole family. This page is an important resource for the family, adding value to any internet service or bundled monthly package. It is a help to any family on a budget, with a busy schedule. Charter Cable has built a page for the family that utilizes the internet for surfing, or for homework assignments on current affairs and other school related projects. Charter Cable built this page to give back to its customers.
  9. 9. Thursday, October 15, 2009 Direct TV Promotional Offers Direct TV offers quality products and services that enhance any home entertainment package. However, they went the extra step and offered a web page as a source of benefits for the Direct TV subscriber. The Direct TV website offers the current deals and promotions being run, previews and sneak peeks to coming shows or movies. It also offers new information on Direct TV news, so the subscriber can get the latest news and updates. They have links that include an online TV Guide, under their What’s on TV link, along with other links to Packages, Premiums, HD, Sports, International programming, and Equipment. These links are complete with information on that particular subject and can answer many questions. They can also serve to help sign up for service, upgrade on existing service or to look for product and service promotions. For the customers that are interested in looking a little deeper, Direct TV also offers excellent customer service options that can be utilized online, instead of waiting to contact someone during business hours. Direct TV has posted their The DIRECTV Customer Promise, for anyone to read it. There are links to Direct TV FAQs, with their Answer Center, or a customer can take advantage of the direct links to customer service emails, for English or Spanish speaking customers. Customers can also visit the DIRECTV Community, a forum, to talk with other Direct TV customers in the case of any technical questions. Moreover, if that is still not enough, Direct TV also has a toll-free number to get in touch with them. There is also a customer service number for the hearing impaired. For other topics concerning customer service, there is additional information. Direct TV made it easy to find and easy to read. There is an online tutorial that gives information n all the services that are available through their web site. Or, the customer is free to peruse links on their own. This site has information on promotions that are only available to Direct TV customers, rebate redemption, and
  10. 10. a place to enter a change of address, if moving. If the customer is environmentally conscious, Direct TV obliges with a place to sign up for paperless billing. Direct TV offers many options for entertainment in the home and they created a place to go to for help to utilize those options. They wanted their customers to get the best use out of their services for the best experience possible. Old and new customers, alike, have a place to go to for convenient bill pay options and other customer service needs, or just to find out what is on their favorite channel. They can find programming options for upgrades or find out what the newest movie release is. Interested surfers that are looking for other home entertainment options have the chance to see the latest promotions and newest features, in advance, to make informed decisions on what would be the best provider for their family and budget. This web site is a useful tool and resource to all that want to take advantage of it.
  11. 11. Instant Expert: Robots Today, over one million household robots, and a further 1.1 million industrial robots, are operating worldwide. Find out what they're doing in our beginner's guide to robotics
  12. 12. Six ways to build robots that do humans no harm Can we teach robots right from wrong? In this special feature, two experts give New Scientist their tips on how to make smart technologies safe New data technology trade rules needed: Microsoft Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:47pm EDT By Doug Palmer WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Countries need to forge new trade rules governing the movement of electronic data across borders as the world becomes increasingly connected, a Microsoft official said on Wednesday. As more and more software services are provided over the Internet, "people will be calling on computers located around the world," said Brad Smith, senior vice president and general counsel for the U.S. software giant. "We have a patchwork of laws around the world that is increasingly creating a very confusing almost quagmire for information providers," Smith said at the Global Services Summit -- a meeting that brought together banking, telecommunications, shipping and other service industry professionals. One country may insist that e-mails be kept for a year for security purposes while another requires they be erased after six months to protect privacy, he said.
  13. 13. "If that's the case, it's very difficult to locate a data center in one country and provide that service to consumers in another country," Smith said. Technology will continue to change and "the trade rules will need to change in order for these benefits to continue to flow around the planet," Smith said. Former U.S. Trade Representative Charlene Barshefsky, in a speech to the same group on Tuesday, suggested the creation of a new Internet trade agreement to foster the delivery of software services across borders. Smith did not endorse that approach, saying a variety of mechanisms mechanisms may be appropriate. Peter Cowhey, a senior counsel in the U.S. Trade Representative's office, told the service group the Obama administration was taking a comprehensive at trade rules governing information communication technology. There are a number of "barriers at the border" that potentially could be addressed through the World Trade Organization or bilateral forums, Cowhey said. Those include a conflict between globally coordinated standards for information communication technology and national standards some countries have pursued, he said. It also is important that legitimate efforts to boost cybersecurity are done in a way that maximizes global efficiency and commerce, Cowhey said. Consumer choice and data privacy issues, as well as the procedures that governments follow when they restrict access to global information services are other areas that might be ripe for international rule making, he said.
  14. 14. Put your software to the test Is your Microsoft software genuine? Software piracy has become quite prevalent in recent years, leading countless users to become its unwitting victims. Common sources of counterfeit products include unscrupulous resellers, and auction buys—all of which take advantage of Microsoft customers. To address this problem, Microsoft created the Windows Genuine Advantage program in July 2005, enabling users to know whether their copy of Microsoft is truly genuine or not. Find out now. You can verify if your copy of Windows is genuine through the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications service. The WGA Notifications service alerts users who use a non-genuine software copy. This can be installed through Automatic Updates.
  15. 15. Users can also validate their copy of Windows by downloading from the Microsoft Download Center. Every download request will prompt the users to validate their copy of Windows. Here's an easy guide to the validation process: • Users are required to validate Windows when they visit the Microsoft Download Center, Windows Update, or Microsoft Update sites. • An ActiveX control must be downloaded to check if the Windows software is authentic. If the user is successful in validating Windows, a special license file will be stored in the PC for future verification. • Common counterfeiting methods are then checked electronically in the system. Users are required to manually enter information in most cases. • Users can resume their download after successful validation. The Windows Genuine Advantage validation process is quick and simple. Validation is confidential and will not extract personal information from the user's system. Learn if you have a genuine copy of Windows here: The Basics of Microsoft Product Activation Microsoft Product Activation is a software-based process
  16. 16. that activates legitimate licenses for Microsoft software. This is a process implemented by Microsoft to prevent a type of piracy called "casual copying" or "softlifting." This kind of piracy is done by people who share Microsoft software to others and installs the software in more than one computer. This violates Microsoft software license terms, which only entitles one computer to be installed with the software. How it works You may also activate the product by calling a representative from the regional Microsoft Product Activation Center. The only thing you need to activate a product is an Installation ID, which is created by the software itself. Activating a product over the Internet only takes less than a minute since the product will do the work itself. You may also activate the product through the telephone, which lets you speak with a representative from the regional Microsoft Product Activation Center. Microsoft products do not immediately require activation, so you could enjoy using the software after installation and activate it later. Some important reminders Always buy from a reputable seller Don't just buy anywhere; buy from a reputable seller. This
  17. 17. reduces the risk of obtaining a counterfeit copy. You can locate a reputable seller by consulting consumer publications such as technology or computer magazines. You can also obtain Microsoft software by digital download purchase, which is discussed in detail in the Value of Genuine page. Check Certification of Authenticity A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a label on the Microsoft product that helps you identify genuine software. Always check for the label to avoid being a victim of counterfeiting. If there's no COA label on the packaging, it means that the product is not properly licensed. Confirm if EULA is included EULA or End-User License Agreement is a term of agreement that permits you to use the software and grants you additional rights. It also details the restrictions on the use of the software and the limited warranty provided. This should be in the Microsoft product you bought. Accept only high quality packaging and documentation A good indication of genuine Microsoft software is its high quality packaging and documentation. Also note that Microsoft does not print the product key on the software packaging. If you receive a product with the product key printed outside, it is not genuine.
  18. 18. 100 years of Big Content fearing technology— in its own words For the last hundred years, rightsholders have fretted about everything from the player piano to the VCR to digital TV to Napster. Here are those objections, in Big Content's own words. By Nate Anderson | Last updated October 11, 2009 10:00 PM CT It's almost a truism in the tech world that copyright owners reflexively oppose new inventions that do (or might) disrupt existing business models. But how many techies actually know what rightsholders have said and written for the last hundred years on the subject? The anxious rhetoric around new technology is really quite shocking in its vehemence, from claims that the player piano will destroy musical taste and the "national throat" to concerns that the VCR is like the "Boston strangler" to claims that only Hollywood's premier content could
  19. 19. make the DTV transition a success. Most of it turned out to be absurd hyperbole, but it's interesting to see just how consistent the words and the fears remain across more than a century of innovation and a host of very different devices. So here they are, in their own words—the copyright holders who demanded restrictions on player pianos, photocopiers, VCRs, home taping, DAT, MP3 players, Napster, the DVR, digital radio, and digital TV.