Facebook Marketing 05-06-13


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Facebook Marketing 05-06-13

  1. 1. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesFacebook Marketing For MusiciansMichael NewmanMichael Newman Consulting
  2. 2. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesBrief background…• Worked in musical instrumentindustry in marketing for 18 years• Provides marketing strategies andweb development for all types ofbusinesses• Specializes in Facebook marketingwww.michaelnewmanconsulting.com
  3. 3. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesWhat we will cover…• Facebook examples inside and outside the MusicIndustry any musician can use• The strategies behind the examples• Tools and third party services you can use• Ways to encourage fans to share and downloadyour music
  4. 4. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesDefine Your Goals• You need a plan to define where you want to gowith Facebook marketing such as…– Grow your Facebook fanbase– Integrate your music into Facebook– Get your music heard and sell downloads– Integrate your music channels/website with Facebook
  5. 5. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesFacebook Strategies and Concepts
  6. 6. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesThe Viral Edgerank Effect•The friends of fans phenomenon
  7. 7. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesHow Engagement Marketing Works on Facebook• When fans interact with your page, Facebookserves up this page for their friends (Edgerank)• Friend recommendations are powerful• Some of these friends of fans will explore yourpage, click the Like button and hopefully exploreyour music and content
  8. 8. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesQuality Content is the Key to Viral FacebookMarketing• The average person has 130 Facebook fans• An average page with 1,000 fans with perfectEdgerank score has the potential to reach 130,000people (fans x friends of fans = reach)
  9. 9. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesContent can be anything interesting to music loversbut keep in mind…• Images are the #1 driver of viral interaction• Images are easy for people to interact with – forvideos, people have to commit time to watch them• Tie some of your content back to your goalsmentioned earlier (downloads, Likes, etc.)
  10. 10. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesGet your fan base interactingfor the increased Edgerankscore• Post content that getsmusicians commenting,Liking and sharing
  11. 11. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Use great images with yourcopy• Speak like a musician tomusicians – don’t be toocorporate or vague• But don’t be vulgar or toocontroversial either
  12. 12. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Always, always, always bethinking about content• Image of studio music logfrom a TV show score thatTommy Tedesco played on
  13. 13. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• What can you takepictures of and put onyour Facebook page?• Your CD, recording setup,cool old guitar amp…• Look around!
  14. 14. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Be ready to grabcontent where everand whenever you can• Ed Cherney andQuincy Jones shared aFacebook moment
  15. 15. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Get serious aboutphotography at your gigs (forFacebook/Twitter posts)• You don’t have to hire anexpensive photographer butat least enlist a friend whoknows photography!
  16. 16. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesFacebook Posting Techniques and Strategies
  17. 17. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Most people post this way• Image choices are limited towhat is on the page• Some pages may not haveimages• Image is only a smallthumbnailPosting using just the link image is boring
  18. 18. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Include a link and upload an image• People see your content on theirnewsfeed not on your page• Creates better engagement andbranding possibilities• Engagement = increased reach• Allows you to choose the bestimage for the post• Format for single or double wide
  19. 19. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesFusion Gig Bags sweeps winnerannouncement• When you don’t have a picture,get creative• Image increases engagementfrom fans• Keep art supplies handy
  20. 20. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• This post was created inminutes and uploaded via phone• Creates a more personal andintimate message (like ahandmade birthday card)• Fill in the blank message getshuge engagement
  21. 21. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Put your engagementmessage in your images• Fans see your content in theirnewsfeed, not on your page somake images count• Make engagement easy• This post: 218 comments and199 Likes
  22. 22. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Mix quirky and fun with yourbusiness messages (Chocolatefor Breakfast)• This post received almost 200Likes and almost 100 shares• Take a risk – trying to cater toeveryone all the time is boring• Fans will share fun stuff• Page has over 18,000 Likes
  23. 23. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Pool service supply company postsimages of striking pools and asks forengagement (Pool Supply World)• “Click Like if you want to livehere.”• Their Facebook reach is very highdue to striking pool images• Almost 77,000 fans• This post: 621 Likes and 84 shares
  24. 24. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Peter Vassill’s TheDefinitive RecordingGuide: For Drummers byDrummers• Over 57,000 Likes• Posts great images dailythat get a lot of interaction• Speaks like a drummer
  25. 25. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Continue to drive peopleto engaging posts using thepermalink even when thepost “falls off” the pageUsing the post’s permalink
  26. 26. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Permalinkprovides PageLike and PostLike, Commentand Share• Copy the URLfrom the browser
  27. 27. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Schedule your posts forbest visibility times• Use Edgerank Checker todetermine best post times• Click on the clock in thebottom left hand corner toscheduleSchedule your posts
  28. 28. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Allows your fans and friends of fans to see the event• Fans can follow the conversation about the event• Provides a dedicated page and link you can message• Tab is created when you create your first event so fanscan review all your events in one placeUse the Event option in posts for gigs and shows
  29. 29. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Event: Music fundraiser• Fans engage with the eventand friends see this• Easy place to post eventswithout website coding• Events show up in searchengine results
  30. 30. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• No video to show?• Use Soundcloud to embedsongs into fans newsfeeds• Your fans can hear yoursong directly in theirnewsfeed• Include site link todownloads/website
  31. 31. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Typically a small percentageof your fans see your posts• Use the promoted postoption to reach more fans andfriends of fans• Helps get your content“above the noise” in thecrowded newsfeed spacePromote Your Post
  32. 32. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Shows up in fans’ newsfeed– differentiated from ads• You get extended stats• Set quantity, time period,terms and even bar code• Set time for post• Requires Promoted PostoptionCreate an offer: great way to get your music out there
  33. 33. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesPost to manufacturers’ pages•Show their product images:“Taylor has my back.”•Not as spammy as “check out mymusic”•Use the reach of the brand•Get approval first
  34. 34. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesSend posts to Twitter•Log in to both Twitter andFacebook, then go to this URL•http://www.facebook.com/twitter/•Decide what you want postedautomatically to Twitter•I turn off status updates as they arenot usually relevant on Twitter
  35. 35. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesShortstack, TabJuice, Pagemodo, Socialbakers, Involver, FanmachineUsing Facebook Apps
  36. 36. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Keep people on your page!• Highlight songs, free downloads, iTunes store,Reverbnation page, gig dates, newsletter signup, etc.Use apps to create lots of content on your page
  37. 37. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Custom apps for mobile• Press Kits• Digital distribution to iTunes, Spotify and 40+ others• FanReach email templates• Unlimited song uploads (capacity limit on free accounts)• Custom tabs in FacebookReverbnation Band Promotion Tools
  38. 38. Best Facebook Marketing Examples•Reverbnation pageexample.•Songs may auto playwhen the page is opened.
  39. 39. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplessmartTab provides an iTunes store page
  40. 40. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesSlipknots’ smartTab iTunes Store on Facebook
  41. 41. Best Facebook Marketing Examples•Bandsintown providesdates and ticket sales.•Fans can RSVP, commentand share with theirfriends.•Create special offers.
  42. 42. Best Facebook Marketing Examples•Bandpage providescustom Facebook pages•You can create offersfor fans•Listen to music•Upload images
  43. 43. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Format documents to 810 pixelswide and use the I-frame app• A standard Wordpress blog will“squeeze” to proper dimensions• Create links under the images toyour music or download page
  44. 44. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Include a newslettersign up tab• Use quality images toencourage newslettersignups
  45. 45. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Use Sponsored Storiesto reach friends of fans• Use Promoted Posts toreach more of your fanbase• Use traditionalFacebook ads to targetyour campaignFor Promotions…
  46. 46. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesOther Facebook Marketing Strategies
  47. 47. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesIntegrate Facebook into your WebsiteWordpress Social Graph Facebook plugin used here for comments
  48. 48. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Looks cleaner thanstandard URL• It says “I get digitalmarketing”• Use it on offlinemarketing materialssuch as flyers, SundayprogramsGrab the vanity URL…
  49. 49. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesSteps for Creating your business page vanity URL…• Click edit page at the top of your business page• Select “Update Info”
  50. 50. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Enter a new user name and click “check availability”• Go slow as you cannot change it later!Steps for Creating your business page vanity URL…
  51. 51. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Drives more traffic toyour website or otherdigital channels• Include http:// or it won’tbe activePut a hyperlink in thevisible about us section
  52. 52. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Fill out yourMilestone history thatshows on the right sideof the page• This is an optionwhen you post under“Offer, Event +”Milestone History
  53. 53. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Check ins displayfor friends of fans sotheir friends willcheck out yourshow and FacebookpageUse Facebook Check Ins at your gigs, shows
  54. 54. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesCreate a call to action for your check ins
  55. 55. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Use a QR code to make it easierfor people to check in• You can track click throughs• You can do redirects with paidservices• Put check ins on all appropriatehard copy materialsQR Codes for Check Ins
  56. 56. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesMake your cover images count
  57. 57. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesLike quality pages with your personal account
  58. 58. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesUse web search to find quality Facebook pages
  59. 59. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesYour fans are your best sales force. Motivate them.•Heil Soundfan post•Average FBusers has130 friends
  60. 60. Best Facebook Marketing ExamplesRemember, this is social marketing! Do it right!
  61. 61. Best Facebook Marketing Examples• Send Us an Email• Go to our website• Sign up for our newsletter• Like us on Facebook• Follow us on Twitter