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Replacing the Batter in Your LightCap 300

  1. You will need a #10 torx driver to remove the screws from the cap.
  2. Remove the large O-ring that seals the cap to the bottle.
  3. Remove the swivel retainer ring from the cap.
  4. Remove the two (2) torx screws from the top of the cap.
  5. Turn the cap over and slowly pry the inner cap from the polycarbonate outer cap using a butter knife or similar blunt blade
  6. Remove the inner cap.
  7. Note the three black O-rings and be careful not to lose them! The smaller ones may still be in the outer cap when you remove the inner cap. Remove them and put them aside. [Note: if you lose a small O-ring or if they are broken, you can simply use a small dab of silicone caulking on the screw post when you reassemble the cap.]
  8. Remove the two screws that attach the LED reflector to the cap.
  9. Remove the reflector from the circuit board.
  10. Carefully fold the circuit board back to reveal the battery.
  11. Remove the battery, being careful not to break any of the wire connections.
  12. If the battery simply falls out, the metal terminals on either end of the battery compartment may need to be bent slightly so that they make a good connection with the new battery. Use a knife, small screwdriver or needle-nose pliers to bend the terminals in.
  13. Insert the new rechargeable AA battery, again being careful not to disturb the wires. [Be sure the + and – ends are in the correct position]
  14. Replace the circuit board (don’t pinch the wires!) and the reflector, lining up the screw holes.
  15. Replace the two screws through the reflector and circuit board, into the cap.
  16. Note that there is only one correct way to replace the inner cap to the outer one: there is a small stud on the inner cap that inserts into a hole in the outer cap.
  17. Replace the inner cap, being sure that all three O- rings (one large and two small) remain in place.
  18. Push the inner cap into the outer cap so that the small O-rings remain in place and the screw holes line up.
  19. Replace the outer cap screws.
  20. Replace the bottle seal O-ring.
  21. Replace the swivel retainer.