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The New LightCap300™ is a solar Powered Lantern, BPA free water bottle and a Waterproof Container... All under one lid!

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Lc300v4 Slideshare

  1. 1. LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern, BPA free Water Bottle and a Waterproof Container All under one lid.....
  2. 2. LightCap 300 Brighter, Lighter Stronger and More Efficient Than the Original LightCap
  3. 4. LightCap 300 Features FastSolar™ Super high efficient solar technology. Long lasting light output and fast charging circuit. Wide mouth BPA free bottle for easy drinking, mixing and cleaning. Two Light Functions: 4 super-bright white LEDs and one “nightlight” red LED. Barely more weight then a water bottle, just 9.7 oz.
  4. 5. The LightCap300 offers an ideal eco-friendly lighting solution for camping, mountaineering, whitewater rafting, boating and RVing... Take care of the outdoors you love to play in.....
  5. 6. Keep your valuables dry and secure while enduring the elements of the Outdoors.....
  6. 7. The LightCap 300 has people talking "We're presently at Camp 2 on Everest waiting for our weather window to go for the summit.  I'm sitting in my tent reading by the amazingly bright light from the LightCap300.  This is a great product that I recommend to all our clients.  While I can't keep water in it at this altitude (it's -10F at night!), I can still use the cap as a solar flashlight and it charges great while hanging from my pack during the day.  Cool product!" Scott Wollums Owner, Adventures International
  7. 8. We've used them as our only lanterns on multi-day trips down the Escalante, Delores and Colorado Rivers for the past two years.  They charge plenty each day for an evening of light.  I keep my reading glasses, cell phone, iPod and GPS in one, using it as a waterproof container while it was charging during the day.  I could easily clip it to the raft so I wouldn't lose it, and if it ever fell in the water, it floats.  Our clients love your product and many have returned for subsequent trips with their own." Cully Erdman Owner, Slickrock Expeditions Solar Lantern at Night, Waterproof Container during the Day. A perfect Combination!
  8. 9. Available at many fine outdoor retailers or online at LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern & Water Bottle
  9. 10. The leader in eco-friendly solar-power lighting solutions. Buy SolLight and keep your playground clean, green and free of toxins. LightCap 300 Lightcap 200 RailLight lightship