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  1. 1. (Proverbs) the universal truths are called proverbs. for example: "God help those who help them selves". "Union is strength". "pride hath a fall" "do not put off till tommorrow what you can do today" whats the purpose to learn this: thats the question which raised when we are discussing the topic,"
  2. 2. the reasone is whn we want to make some kind of advise to any one we use these proverbs to make our talk very effective. 1. "God help those who help themselves" meaning: it means that "we should do hard to seeking the help the help ofGod, if we donnot put any strruggle to achieve the target or for success than who God can
  3. 3. help us because we are not ready to do work, or to put struggle" so if someone wants Gods help in his target he sould do their best, if any kind of missing in his efforts than these missing are filled by God. because he do his best. on the other hand a man who leaves every thing on God, and don not do any thing by himself this is the cause ofhis failliar
  4. 4. because he himself do nothing and hopes that every thing can be done by itself automatically. brother you should work hard so that you can succeed or led a well contented life. becuse God helpthose who help themselves. a thirsty crow there was a crow, he was very thirsty, he flew here and there in search of water but he found no
  5. 5. water anywhere but he won't be disappointed he continue his struggle to find the water and reached in a garden, there he saw a pot of water but in the pot the water is very low. his beack could not reach it, he hit upon an idea he coillects some stone and put all of these in the pot the water rose up, he drank the water and flew away. moral lesson:
  6. 6. "as you sow so shall you reap" sow = seeding some plants reap = the result of your efforts. it means as you do you will face the result., if you do good to any one than the others persons are also good to you and if you do some bad with anyone than the s will try to do sam e things with
  7. 7. do good have good. tit for tat. tit = sow tat = reap "think before you speak" think we should think what we are going to do or to speak. before it means the action which we perform before the work speak. the talking to any one.
  8. 8. think before you speak. be polite to any one we shoul not be rude and always try to act kindness. always speak quite logically do try to speak in aq rude way. tyr to avoid from loose talking. illogically talk.
  9. 9. MEANING LESS TALK for example we can win some heart6 by our good behavior or by our good and some polite actions . and if we always in rude then a time come when our friends become unknown to us and we are unknown to anyone. a friend in need is a friend indeed. in this you will face two kind of people.
  10. 10. 1. who will help you through thik and thin. 2. the people try to sneeck away when you want their help. some thing is better than nothing. for we may have something shorter or uncomplete in present and we may have a complete or bigger in futer but at present there are not substances to have thyese than its better to accept the things which are in present
  11. 11. in future we will see whhat we have to do. face is the index of mind. face expresses that what are you thinking. a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes