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Spanish Cinema


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Spanish Cinema

  1. 1. Spanish cinema
  2. 2. Introduction to Spanish cinema Currently, the Spanish films do not have much success and it is American films that dominate, because most people like movies with special effects. But Spanish films are still popular among viewers, even in the USA!
  3. 3. Famous actors and actresses <ul><li>The best-known Spanish actor is: Antonio Banderas .And among the most popular actresses we must mention Penélope Cruz and Maribel Verdu. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Theme of the films <ul><li>As regards the topics, the most popular ones are love, bullfighting, emigration …etc. The most claimed recent movies are: “El Abuelo” which was nominated for an Oscar as best foreign film: “La niña de tus ojos” which became very world-famous, partly because it featured Penélope Cruz as a singer. Other films are: &quot;Airbag,&quot; “El día de la Bestia” or “Torrente”. </li></ul>
  5. 5. END Written by María Juan