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Selsia CV Vehicle and Accident Repairs


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Selsia CV Vehicle and Accident Repairs

  1. 1. CVA national network of repairers you can deal with directly Vehicle care across the UK
  2. 2. CVRepair methods and case studies
  3. 3. CV Repair methods and case studiesThis presentation details actual repairs which have been carriedout by Selsia CV Accident Repair Centres following typical CVroad traffic accidents.It shows how significant cost savings and vehicle off road timescan be achieved by using commercial vehicle repairers who haveinvested heavily in the latest equipment, repair methods andrepair technology.All Selsia Vehicle Accident Repair Centres are trained andequipped to be able to deliver the quality, cycle times and costsavings our Selsia fleet customers expect and require.
  4. 4. CVCommon front end motorway/A road damage.
  5. 5. CVWhat would be the true cost to repair this tractor unit, parts and labour? £7,500? £22,300? £17,300? £10,750? £14,250? £5,300?
  6. 6. CVAnswer £17,300Parts £14,700 and Labour £2,600 approx 85% cost is parts.Accurate parts estimating by repairers, including part numbers, gives areliable and accurate cost of repair.
  7. 7. CVThis repair does not look major, but the cab must be removed to produce acorrect estimate for repair. Damage to the chassis rails was also found. Thecab will require placing on the cab jig.
  8. 8. Cab Repair Methods (4 Options) CV FULLY TRIMMED SHELL JIG PANEL RECYCLED 2% 30% 50% 18%% of cab repairs that can be carried out at a Selsia repairer due to high equipment levels 80% 20% 0% 0% % of cab repairs that can be carried out by other repairers with nil to low equipment 30 k 22 k 16 k 14 k Average repair costs for each repair method. 14 weeks * 10 weeks * 6 weeks 6 weeks Average delivery & repair times. * may be longer depending on delivery. 18 k 12 k 7.5 k 7.5 k Min costs & loss of revenue from vehicle off road. Key to Key times.
  9. 9. CV Case study Major cab damageQuality Repair Solution through a Selsia repairer, or total loss?What would be the best result for the insured (customer) and the insurance co?Vehicle information - value : £25,000.00Vehicle still has 2 years finance to pay : £10,000.00Replacement time for new vehicle - 3 to 6 monthsCost of new vehicle approx : £60,000.00
  10. 10. CVCost implications if vehicle is total loss. Insured is paid £25,000 less excess / less finance = £14,000 + No vehicle. Insurance costs £24,000 less salvage £5000 = £19,000 LOSS.Cost and time implication if new shell New cab shell £12,000 and other parts £4000 & labour £4000 = £20,000. Also 4 to 6 weeks supply time for cab giving 10 weeks cycle timeCost and time benefit if cab is jigged Jig and panel cab shell £4000 plus other parts £5000 and labour £5000 = £14,000. Repair time 4 to 6 weeks.Cost and time benefit if recycled parts are utilised Recycled cab part trim £8000 plus other parts £2000 and labour £4000 = £14,000. Repair time 4 to 6 weeks. The concluding result for both insured and insurance would be :-
  11. 11. CVThe ResultTotal loss For the insured only £14,000 & no vehicle. [not a happy customer] For the insurance a cost £19,000. [negative cost to insurance/ increased renewal] Total loss decision would be due to length of repair time & final cost implications.Repair Methods – Jig and recycled parts For the insured only excess to pay & 6 weeks repair. [ happy customer] For the insurance a repair of £13,000. [saving £6,000 from total loss]Large savings can be achieved by using professional commercial accident repaircentres who use both the right equipment and repair methods. Also remember a happy customer will always return & most important -: A higher % will stay loyal and renew their insurance policy
  12. 12. CV Repairing the cab on the jig was elected by both partiesThe end result – a professional, high quality, guaranteed repair
  13. 13. CV Case studyCab frame damageCommon jack knife RTA which some repairers and engineers would recommend toreplace cab shell or at worst total loss the vehicle.
  14. 14. CV Two estimates were generated on this vehicle. Main Scania dealer estimated to replace cab with down time approx 10 weeks [6 week cab supply delay]. Cost £23,000.Selsia repairers estimate recommended to panel the cab shell using correct repairmethods. Cost ?
  15. 15. CVCab frame jigged. Damaged panels removed.Manufactures new panels used to replacedamaged panels.Company livery re instated See the finished repair.
  16. 16. CV Finished Repair cost = £15,876. Plus job completed in only 4 weeks!
  17. 17. CV Case studyNew cab or repair?
  18. 18. CV New or Repair?• New cab shell Cab shell – approx £12,000. Other parts required – approx £8,000. Total = £20,000.• Cab Repair Panels – approx £4,000. Other parts required – approx £8,000. Total = £12,000. As vehicle depreciates, the £8,000 is the difference between repair or total loss. – £12K repair = Vehicle still in use, keeping the customer happy, providing as much as £6K to maintenance network with servicing and mechanical repairs in years to come. – £20K repair = Written off, no further revenue. Cab repair obviously the best repair method for all concerned
  19. 19. CV Case studyWould you expect most repairers and engineers to write this vehicle off?
  20. 20. CVThe owner of this vehicle requested 2 estimates, one with new parts and onewith recycled partsNew parts ( part trimmed cab) and labour = £46,000Recycled cab plus most parts and labour = £20,000This type of repair can cut costs dramatically, and self insured large fleets are using thismethod more often to reduce their costs. It has also become a option for insurancecompanies who brand it as Green parts. Most cab parts come from newer vehicles thanthe damaged vehicle. If explained to the owner / operator correctly they soon realisethat this is the most economical way to keep their vehicle on the road.Selsia are advising the industry and fleet managers to look at this repair method moreclosely as it dramatically reduces costs and helps to reduce waste especially for thosefleet managers and manufactures who have to find solutions in line with their productstewardship and end of vehicle life policies.
  21. 21. CVEnd result – Vehicle is repaired to the same standard as it would be usingnew parts . Saving £26,000
  22. 22. CVCab jig & panelling of cab damage reduces cost & down time bysome 50% in most cases.
  23. 23. CVCab damage frontal & n/s floor. New cab wouldtake 6 weeks to deliver.The repair method undertaken was to jig &panel, which reduced turn round time by weeks.
  24. 24. CV Case studyV.O.R Costs the customer money.
  25. 25. CVExtensive rebuild but all panels can besupplied by the manufactures.This method of repair was undertakendue to eight weeks supply of new cab.This repair therefore was governed byvehicle off road time rather thanoverall costing.
  26. 26. CVReturned 5 weeks after repairs started.
  27. 27. CVCase study – chassis damage Chassis damage caused by central impact. Note both rails misaligned.
  28. 28. CVChassis misalignment, vehicle will require specialist chassis repair.
  29. 29. CVVehicle on Josam chassis bed. Chassis rails need realignment then fifth wheel will beremoved , longitude rails correctly aligned and cross members replaced.
  30. 30. CV Chassis realigned and paintedThis vehicle was nearly written off dueto the engineer not exploring all thealternative repair methods available.The equipment and expertise employedby Selsia Vehicle Accident Centres candeliver major cost savings to bothvehicle operators and insurers.
  31. 31. CV Case studyBespoke repairs are becoming more common
  32. 32. CVMajor panel damage to this vehicle. A bespoke Dutch extendedbody shell wheel chair bus. To replace this vehicle would cost £65,000 plus 6 months delivery
  33. 33. CVVehicle placed on Josam chassis bed. Framerealigned and damaged panels removed. Newpanels fitted bespoke interior replaced. [note all panels needed fabrication]
  34. 34. CVFinished ready for service.
  35. 35. CVCase study - Cab Frame Damage First estimate by main dealer was to replace cab shell. 2 negative points 8 weeks delivery time Cost of new cab & repair
  36. 36. CVTop roof panel realigned and panels replaced . Both n/s o/s quarter panels replaced
  37. 37. CVVehicle Complete
  38. 38. CV Case studyVehicle jack knifed causing slight cab frame damage which required cab Jig work.The main damage was to the chassis frame. This type of damage is becoming much morecommon due to sideways forces between fifth wheel and front chassis cross member
  39. 39. CVMajor chassis misalignment on both rails and cross members
  40. 40. CVMain chassis as a result of side sway impact
  41. 41. To find out more aboutCall us on: 0800 783 2529Email: Vehicle care across the UK