Hadits tarbawi pendidikan masyarakat (English)


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Hadits tarbawi pendidikan masyarakat (English)

  1. 1. Public EducatiaonArranged to Fulfil Reguirement Subject to “Hadith Tarbawi” Lecturer: Wahidin, S. Pd. I, M. Pd By: Aulia Ulfa Dewi 11110167 Rohman Hakim 11110177 Muhammad Solehan 11111167 Etik Handayani 11111162 ISLAMIC EDUCATION DEPERTMENT STATE INSTITUTE OF ISLAMIC STUDIES SALATIGA 2013
  2. 2. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...Assalamualaikum WarahmatullahiWabarakatuh....
  3. 3. PROLOGUE Humans as social beings who can not live alone in this world, they arerequired to adapt to the existing environment. There are basic things thatcan not be left to socialize with people in the community, namely morality.Those people have to know and be able to understand the attitude of thosepeople. Good morals (mahmudah) and bad morals (madzmumah) must bedistinguished because, not all of people are different in judging good andbad morals. It is maybe good for him but not good for us. The differents are based on the mind set of the people. That’s all thatmake staughter, divisions, even to the war. So, this is an importance ofexamining the Qur’an and Hadith as aligning behavior. Family is the first education that is know. In interaction there arevarious things to consider someone in their socienty. In Islam taught education in the community. In these pape we willdescribe some examples of hadith relating to education in the community.
  4. 4. Some Examples Hadith About Public Education Get rid of anything that interferes in the way Helping othersPublic education Avoid the “ghibah” and “buhtan” Avoid the prejudice
  5. 5. Hadith of Abu Hurayrah About Throwing Spikes on the Road“from abu hurairoh r.a. He said: the prophet muhammad s.a.w. Said:any body joints of the human body into her alms on everyday the sunrises, you do justice to a dispute between the schools is a giving, youhelp people than lift up the vehicle or her belongings into vehicles is agiving, a kind word is giving, every step you walk to perform prayers is agiving and you throw that hurt matters on the road is a giving.” (Muslim)
  6. 6. You get rid of the disorder is also a giving The purpose of the disorder is anything that could disturb or hurt people walking either in the form of water, stone, glass, thorns, and others. Either something disturbing them in the soil or on the surfece of the ground as there are branches that hit the user of the steet. So, get rid of the disorder the is part of giving. The hadith above shows that in islam, how small good deeds will be rewarded and have a position asone of the supporters of the perfection of one’s faith
  7. 7. Hadit about helping others – –“Asbath bin ubaid bin muhammad al-quraishi told us, al-a’masy told us, he said, i was given the story of abi salih from abu hurairah r.a. Of the messenger of the world’s troubles, god enlarge the troubles on the day of resurrection. Those who make it easy for the troubles in this world, allah will easier in this world and hereafther. Those who cover the (evil) in the muslim world, then god will close (evil) in his world and hereafter. God will help his servants as his servant helping others (his brother).”(H.R Turmidhi)
  8. 8. • Excess help release tribulation believers, as there are in the limbs although their property, are among the reasons for the survivors than ther burden in hereafter.• Anybody who ease the burden of others, even more people are in distress, allah will give him two childrens namely convenience and ease in the world hereafther. This is the proise of allah and the prophet muhammad s.a.w• Allah will help those who help onw another in goodnes and piety case, not a case which led to sin and enmity• In e relation to our other brothers we need always close disgrace. Certainly in return allah will cover her shame in the hereafter• In context we as a worker for an organization, we need to always helping the other workers especially they who under a cloud and keep their.• Cooperation between each other is very important for the progress the institution.• Don’t we have had selfish person attitute and don’t care to the others condition.• Every a goodness that we dont certainiy allah will be retaliate• The reality of life society today, most of them would prefer to drop the others and selfish then together to help to achive the glory.
  9. 9. Hadith about prejudice ( )“ from the hurairah that the prophet muhammad SAW said: watch ful of suspicion, because suspicion is the most lie on discussion. Don’t correct (dishonor others), don’t stalk (blamed everyone else), don’t be spiteful to each other, do not hate each other, don’t back on the back, and be servants of Allah to each other.” (H.R Bukhari)
  10. 10. References in this hadith there are six forms of prohibition, as well as brotherhood instruction• Watchful of suspicion, the suspicion here is the prejudice or assumption, such as allage people doing with a bad deed indecency suspect, without any signs or traces of the crime.• Don’t researching and stalking (fault the other person), in the holy qur’an has prohibited tajassus, are coating the people (something that no one accord when it heard or known) to others, correcting the others with any way.• Don’t be spite of each other, the disire the loss of enjoymen that is property or nonmateriak, either with or without an attempt to eliminate lost.• Don’t hate each other, it is meaned that not to do something which causes animosity because animosity does not exist without a cause.• Don’t back an back, are away from each other, against each other or it’s mean turn.
  11. 11. Hadeeth of Abu hurairah about Avoid the “ghibah” and “buhtan” ( From Abu Hurairah RA, that Prophet asked” do you know what is “ghibah”?.Friends say Allah and His messenger are more aware” that He said” if you tell a state that is not his favorite brother.” There is a friend asked “ what do you think if what you say is true?” he replied” if you tell me exactly what your friend means you have gossip And if you tell me what actually happened to your friend means you actually rejected him (defammation )( HR. Muslim )
  12. 12. Explanation.• Ghibah that includes a great sin, Alqurthubi said” ghibah including a great sin, because it contains serious threats, especially when ghibah against theologians. Similarly, listening and silence ghibah when he is able to prohibit and stop. The person who does ghibah must immediately repent regret actions and seek forgiveness for those who read , if the person was died and unidentify existence. If ready are people should apologize to him.• Al-Hasan said: ghibah is actually more harmful to the faith of a believer than the dangers of cancer of the body. Because when judgementday later, someone whom gossiping others the charity will be lost.• Prophet Muhammad has given the definition buhtan ( slander ), you ask something is not right about your brother. The word slander in Arabic means namimah are spreading bad news or stories that are not true about one thing or another, either secretly or openly. Slander is actually enforced the three cases are lies, malice, and hypocrisy. Defamation common people’s lives. Slander not only spread bad news, but also to pit and distort the facts. So Allah SWT describes, that”slander more cruel than murder”.
  13. 13. Conclusion• In everyday life islam has commanded us to always do good and prevent always prohibition or commonly called the injunction doing good and avoiding unjust.Dimension morality Mahmudah (laudable) is divided into two parts<the first is the vertical dimension (related to God or Habblumminallah), relating to ritual worship directed to God,such as prayer,fasting, and others. Second, the horizontal dimension (related to human relations or habblumminannas),relating to morality against fellow human beings,one of then against the society.• As examples of ideal morality commanded by Allah and the Prophet Muhammad,such as charity by removing a thorn from tthe road or get rid of the thing that bothers the street,helping others who are experiencing distress ,not prejudice,”ghibah” and “buhtan”.• The examples above are just a small part of the character-morality should be done in public life.
  14. 14. Let us change our behaviours in society...?Cultivate the virtues of our life in every breath...?Ustadz Aa ‘Gym ever speak...Changes that have 3M formula;Start of things MOST SMALL,starting YOURSELF,And start NOW.If no NOW,When again??????
  15. 15. Similarly, little material that we wish toconvey, may be useful for all of us...anyyerrors are coming from our ignorance andtruth belongs only to God.....