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Museum mile


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Presentation on Museum Mile NY

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Museum mile

  1. 1. By: David P, Nico,Rubén
  2. 2. VOCABULARY Weapons: armas Avenue: avenida Foundated: fundadado Foundation: fundación
  3. 3. MUSEUM MILE Museum mile is the name for a section of the fifth Avenue in Manhattan (New York). There are 9 museums in this section of the fifth Avenue but we are only going to talk about three of them.
  4. 4. METRPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART It was open in 1872. In total it has more than 2 million paintings, sculptures, Egyptian art, Islamic art, weapons… The director of the museum is Thomas P. Campbell
  5. 5. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM It´s one of the first museums created by the foundation Solomon R. Guggenheim. It´s the most famous museum of this foundation. It was founded in 1937. The architect was Frank Loyd Wright. John Chamberlain´s exhibition Solomon Guggenheim had an important collection of modern art and he decided to make a museum.
  6. 6. MUSEUM OF MODERN ART It was open on 7th September 1929 It is one of the best modern art museums. The director is Glenn D. Lowry There are paintings of P. Picasso, Mark Chagall, Andy Warhol… Diego Rivera´s exhibition