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Lca empowerment course webinar


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Lca empowerment course webinar

  1. 1. LCA Empowerment Course Webinar Soledad Contreras June 01st, 2015
  2. 2. My own story Cooperation Support Engagement Relevance Understanding Poll: What issues YOU face?
  3. 3. Poll results What would you like to improve? Alternatives given Percentage of Reponses Sustainability is understood by the business 67% Be more influential in decisions taken 50% Communication with other departments 50% Cooperation from/with other departments 50% Management support for sustainability 33%
  4. 4. We are not the only one … More influence as LCA expert Data collection optimization More sector process data Department specific communication Data management tools Roundtables with over 50 corporate LCA experts Research among 274 respondents in 28 countries
  5. 5. The development of internal know- how A long-term environmental commitment Intrapreneur who pushes LCA activities Committed Top Management Other technical departments are involved The establishment of internal communication channels Frankl and Rubik, 1999 and Frankl, 2000 Success Factors (… or challenges) … No time to complain… … but to get connected to the business, to listen and act… … time to get Empowered!
  6. 6. Impact Feel Purposeful Context Feel Connected So, what empowerment is for us? Feel Empowered Person
  7. 7. The LCA Empowerment Course
  8. 8. • Keys for Intrapreneurship • Personal Attitude • SWOT Personal • Seize opportunities • Environment • Goals • Internal Clients Needs Language • Sustainability Pressures • Company Strategy • Sustainability Goals • Decision Making Process P C I How? • Concepts • Real cases discussion • Role Plays • Games • Results of Roundtables • Personas and its needs • Top down – bottom up approach • Real cases discussion • Role plays • Games • Int. & ext. Pressures • Strategy • Goals and KPI’s • Stakeholders • Decision Making Process • Role Plays • Games • Putting all together P C I
  9. 9. Take-Home Messages We all want to have an impact We have challenges to address The course: Perspective, learning from peers, tools Feel empowered, feel connected, feel purposeful Increase your motivation, effectiveness and better contribute to your company goals
  10. 10. Join us! 2 days LCA Empowerment Course Amersfoort, The Netherlands Next date: 24-25 June, 2015 More information here Short course LCM2015 Bordeaux, France 30 August, 2015 (morning) More information here State of the art of LCA in business PRé Website More information here
  11. 11. Thanks for your attention! Soledad Contreras