Columbus Coworking 2009


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A review of coworking activities in 2008 in Columbus, and a look forward to big plans for 2009.

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  • Columbus Coworking 2009

    1. 1. Coworking in Columbus Info-session January 13, 2009
    2. 2. Agenda If you’re new to it… what is coworking? What happened in 2008? What’s coming in 2009? Jelly Columbus Sandbox Corkboard Tip Top, anyone?
    3. 3. What is Coworking? Video removed for size considerations: view it at: independent-workers-unite/
    4. 4. Last year we… Met publicly to gauge interest … November of 2007 at Crimson Cup February 2008 at Junctionview Studios …which led to a series of weekly ‘casual coworking’ sessions
    5. 5. Ambitions See Columbus coworking grow in 2009 Be good citizens of the coworking community, locally & nationally Foster as many outlets for coworking as there is demand for it
    6. 6. Jelly Columbus Casual Coworking Jody Dzuranin (@jodyNcolumbus) First Jelly: Thursday, Jan 15; 9am-5pm CML 3rd Floor Board Room
    7. 7. About Jelly Columbus Formed at Co/elaborate08 on December 18 at the Columbus Metropolitan Library Group member Issac Kelly told us about Bryce's Corkboard Coworking group. Bryce's site mentioned Jelly Groups and it was a perfect fit Jody posted the information to the Jelly Wiki (jellycbus) Sandy Blanquera set up the event on Tech Life Meetups and we have 21 participants so far.
    8. 8. About, Cont. First event has both unstructured work time and 2 presentations (iphone apps with Brian Lockrey & starting a tech company with Ben Blanquera) We hope to add additional Jelly opportunities at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center and other locations. The group is free to participate, just pay to park & BYOBev and snacks
    9. 9. More on Jelly Columbus twitter tag: #jellycbus
    10. 10. David Hunegnaw Tina Goodman
    11. 11. cork ( ) board LLC
    12. 12. Why are we doing this? To scratch our own itch and get out of our homes Provide a gathering place for user groups, workshops and events Start hosting new events (barcamps, etc.) Build a diverse, sustainable culture of coworking in Columbus
    13. 13. Specifics 116 E. Long Street Opening Spring of 2009 Dedicated desk / $250 mo. 2-3 days a week / $150 mo. Daily/walk-in rates will be available
    14. 14. Meet the Board Bryce Andy Issac Tyler Corkboard @soldierant @andrewkhunn @issackelly @kremdela @corkboard We’re looking for a few good men and women.
    15. 15. cork ( ) board LLC 116 E. Long Street (map) Columbus, Oh 43215
    16. 16. Questions? (That can’t be asked over cocktails?)