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Solartech solar water pumping system in agriculture irrigation


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Solartech solar water pumping system sold all over the world for desert control and farmland irrigation and others areas.

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Solartech solar water pumping system in agriculture irrigation

  1. 1. Projects recommendation: desert control & pumping trickle irrigation system for highway1. SituationIntroduction: China economy is in rapid development at the same time also facesenormous environmental challenges. The northern desert is one of many issues. Mostnorthern areas of China are in desertification, serious desertification affects not only thetransportation line running stability and normal usage period, but also has the seriousinfluence to the environment of the surrounding areas especially Beijing.The local government hopes that our company could help them with prevention and cureof desertification, to create a Green Barrier which is a shelter forest to stop sandsexpansion for human and economic activity in Beijing and northern areas.In order to prevent wind erosion on highway, grass grids are usually used to ensure thehighway runs well at the initial completion stage. Such a project needs a lot of time andlabour, it costs extremely high. Therefore, creating a permanent forest along the highwayis the preferred choice,Shenzhen Solartech Renewable Energy is a professional solar pumping system andsolar grid-connected system manufacturer, handling R&D, production as well as sales.Doctor Xuzhen, our chief engineer , helped the government to design and create a solarwater pumping system for highway desertification protection in Hade district of Xinjiangprovince in 2001. The system has been running steadily more than 10 years already. Thesuccessful experience has proved that our system can completely meet the requirementsof forest creating along the highway in the desert, but without any pollution.2. SystemA Solartech solar water pumping system mainly consists of PV array, solar water pumpinverter and 3 phase AC pump, easy for use. In order to reduce the construction andoperation cost, to improve the reliability of the system, the system rejects storage batterywhich could cause serious pollution to environment, storing water instead of electricity,reducing the construction cost and maintenance cost.Independent solar pumping system has a bright future in solving the remote areas ofdrinking water for people and livestock, agriculture and forest irrigation. For an AC
  2. 2. electric motor driven pump, it requires an inverter to convert DC output by PV array intothree-phase AC. With MPPT application, adjust output frequency in real time according tolight intensity, to guarantee maximum output power. The system has the advantages ofsimple structure, high reliability, good dynamic characteristic, low cost. So far, there havebeen no similar products at home and abroad, our technology has already taken theleading position in the worldCombinationa. PV arrayThe power source for system made of photovoltaic modules in series-parallel, absorbingsolar radiation energy and transforming it into electric.b. Solar water pump InverterControl & adjust the system, convert DC into AC to drive the pump, adjust output powerinreal time through MPPT function.
  3. 3. c. PumpThe pump is driven by three-phase AC motor, drawing water from wells, rivers into watertank or to irrigate directly. To meet the practical requirements and situation, the systemcan work with different kinds of pumps, such as mixed flow pump, deep well pump, axialpump, centrifugal pump.
  4. 4. 3. ProjectRefer to the true data of the system established in Hade desert of Xinjiang province, aswell as the successful operating experience from the project built in Takemala desert ofXinjiang, a couple of figures attached for reference too.1. Solar pumping station design and constructionTo solve the irrigation problem of a shelter forest in desert, we designed a solar pumpingsystem in capacity of 15KW, PS15000.Specifications for PS15000 as follows:total power of station 15KWHead 85m specifications for PV arrayFlow rate 36m3/h open-circuit voltage DC 685Vworking voltage DC 556V short-circuit current DC 28.8AStart light intensity 410W/m2 operating voltage DC 556VEnd light intensity 360W/m2 operating current DC 26.4APumping time( per day) 6~7.5h floor area 200m2
  5. 5. Quantity of water 135 m2 Watering area 70 acre(46,200m2)pumping (per day)The system was established in 2001, static level of the well: 24m, dune height:45m,water salinity: 28mg/L Effects in 2003 Oasis in 20102. Planting effectsBased on the actual natural environment along the road in Tali Mu desert, plantsselecting should ask for more attention on the characteristics of salt tolerance, droughtresistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, wind erosion and sand burial.According to research findings and successful experience, Calligonum, Tamarisk andHaloxylon should be the best choice.3. Irrigation compare(1) Flood irrigation. Working on the range of 400 m3/acre,not good for desert.(2) Trickle irrigation. Working on the range of 120m3/acre(3) Infiltrating irrigation. Working on the range of 80m3/acre, 5-7days irrigation cycle,small evaporation, get away from damage cased by human and mouse, 1/3 water savedand 3 times longer for use compared with trickle irrigationEconomical benefits analysisAccording to the statistical data in early operation period of four years, if the equipment
  6. 6. depreciation is scheduled to 20 years, watering desert forest costs about $7.8/acre and$0.06/ square meters annually.Meanwhile, as people know, desert plant roots always have symbiont which has a greatmedicinal value, such as Cistanche. Combining sand-break creation and cultivation ofmedicinal herbs will produce good economic benefits, and also be pretty good forsustainability of a shelter forestConclusionsThe solar water pumping system has been running in good condition over the yearswith high stability and reliability, without any fault. Solar plants irrigation is verysuccessful, and has great popularization and application value, can completely replacethe traditional fuel pump and reduce maintenance cost, zero pollution to environment.Shenzhen Solartech Renewable Energy Co.,LtdWeb: 86-0755-8615 1888