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Apple’s Gone Green


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Apple is taking on a new environmental responsibility. As the company has increased its reliance on solar and invested $85- million in new solar farms to power its operations in the state of California.

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Apple’s Gone Green

  1. 1. Apple’s Gone Green Apple has recently invested $850-million in a new solar farm to power its operations in the state of California. Apple is taking on a new environmental responsibility. The recent investment in commercial solar is driven by Apple’s longing to “leave the world better than found.” The monster company hopes to reduce any contribution to climate change. The latest deal is said to be the largest attempt to supply clean power for a commercial user. Apple isn’t just worried about their products appealing to the masses anymore. These solar farms will power their data centers. The company’s decision to go green has accomplished a lot for Apple. Not only has it created a healthy work environment for employees, but also it’s increased the brand’s worth. They’ve recognized the role that many large and small companies play in regards to social change. Apple’s Clean Energy Strategy Apple’s solar farm is called the California Flats Solar Project. First Solar will be in charge of constructing the solar farm later in the year. The farm will sit on 2,900 acres. First Solar will provide solar panels as well. Apple owns the largest privately owned clean energy facilities in the United States. Apple’s solar farms are sophisticated and well designed. The solar panels microcontrollers are on their backs in order to be computer operated. This allows the panels to tilt and follow the sun throughout the day in order to ensure high quality and quantity solar energy. Apple plans to buy the equivalent amount of energy it takes to power 60,000 homes in the state of California. Apple has committed to use nothing but clean energy. In addition, rather than running multiple gas-powered mowers to maintain the grass around the plants, Apple has hired a company to coral sheep that will assist with eating
  2. 2. grass around the farm in an attempt to maintain the best possible field. These efforts tie back to how dedicated Apple is to sustainable options. Playing it Smart As a result of Apple’s major investment, its market capitalization rose to almost $711 billion after Timothy Cook, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, made the announcement about Apple’s run for clean energy at an Internet and technology conference. It is now the first American company to close $700 billion. Incidentally, Apple’s shares also closed out at nearly 2 percent higher. Spending Money to Make Money At the same Internet and technology conference, Cook emphasized that the environmental initiative wasn’t just a ploy for the company’s public appearance. It’s also an attempt to save money. Cook predicts major savings to come, which overtime would eventually return the company’s initial investment. The fixed price for renewable energy will allow Apple to save a significant amount of money on electricity, according to Cook. There’s no need to worry about the fluctuating prices of fossil fuels. Apple is also immensely responsible for bringing clean energy to North Carolina. Apple’s third solar farm project is said to create 75 new jobs during the construction period. According to the Harvard Business Review, attempts at “going green” have continued to contribute to the job market. In 2013, renewable energy made up $214 billion worldwide. In the United States alone, 80,000 jobs were created that year. Doug Barrick, City Manager of Claremont, NC believes that Apple has full intentions to source people from the area in need of a job. The $55 million investment established in July last year is predicted to take some five years to construct. Smaller Businesses Investing in Solar Energy Apple’s going somewhere with the eco-friendly image they have pursued. Plenty of smaller companies are considering investing in their very own solar energy systems. Despite a company as gigantic as Apple, plenty of small businesses can still afford the transition. More and more prospective investors are learning solar systems are cheaper than they’ve ever been. Solar installation companies are guaranteeing a considerable reduction in utility bills immediately upon installing new systems. Installing solar panels is worth the investment, now more than ever. This could mean a serious return in investment for moderate or high-energy users. Solar power prices are significantly dropping in comparison to other electricity sources. Why Should You Consider Going Green? Waste reduction, sustainability, awards, recognition, and increasing your brands value are just a few other ways that investing in solar energy can take your business to the next level. Solar panels will create an environmentally friendly image for you and your business. Stakeholders will be incredibly intrigued by this notion. They’ll see that you aren’t just a company, but an entity that cares about the environment and social responsibility. People want to invest in companies or organizations that are conscious of their
  3. 3. environmental impact. When your business takes a stance for going green, you’re also earning credibility and bringing a new competitive advantage to your business. Furthermore, the government has provided businesses with a “green” tax credit and deduction opportunity. When businesses upgrade their conventional power systems to alternative energy systems, they could be considered for a tax credit worth 30 percent of their initial investment in the system. Although you may not be entirely familiar with the process of making this transition, you should certainly consider contacting your local solar installation company to discuss additional benefits. Become a leader in the movement like Apple and invest in commercial solar to grow your brand, reduce your impact and lower your costs. Investing in solar systems means more than saving money on utility bills. It also means our world is a step closer to improving the environment. Additionally, it reflects the changing industry of energy and how we’re improving economic performance. Revolve Solar is a leader in the Solar Industry. Located in Central Texas and Northern California, the focus is on customer service for both residential and commercial clientele. Saving the world and your money one system at a time. For more information visit their website today.