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About Solar Energy in Tucson


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Good information about solar energy.

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About Solar Energy in Tucson

  1. 1. ==== ====For complete information on everything solar, and to learn more about solar energy, visit ====Solar energy is gaining in popularity, with more people asking questions about converting to homesolar. Home solar is clean. Home solar is green. Home solar is free, once initial installation iscomplete. Home solar is almost entirely maintenance free.Home solar energy in Tucson, Arizona can be a very effective means of saving on energy costs. Infact, it is said that a 100-square-mile piece of desert near Tucson, if covered with solar panels,could generate enough electrical power to meet the needs of the entire U.S. So Tucson would bea good site for home solar. Consider these facts.Home Solar Energy in Tucson Makes SenseTucson, Arizona receives plenty of sunshine, so home solar energy in Tucson makes a lot ofsense. Tucson never dips below receiving at least 78 percent of the possible available hours ofsunshine in a given month. The one month when it dips to 78 percent is July - monsoon season.The remainder of the year, home solar energy in Tucson can count on receiving between 80 and93 percent of the available hours of sunshine.The Arizona Energy Office and the National Renewable Energy Labs say that home solar energyin Tucson needs a 4 KW photovoltaic (PV) system. Thats for an average sized home. A largerhome would presumably need more, a smaller home less.Cost of Home Solar Energy in TucsonAs with many products and building projects, home solar costs can vary tremendously in Tucson.It is reported that a builder in Tucson installed $50,000 worth of home solar equipment in a 1700square foot home. That included the recommended 4 KW PV system. He also installed a numberof expensive, high efficiency energy appliances. He connected the home to the local powercompany, so the home solar was not critical, but it was expensive. At the end of the day, he saidthe new house would be able to produce all energy needed on a "net average annual" basis. Inother words, it would even out over a year. You might have days when your home solar producedall the energy you needed, and other days when it did not.By way of contrast, another report tells of a couple in the Tucson area that helped design andequip their own house, including a home solar system. This couple did not have the option ofconnecting to the power grid unless they were willing to pay $10-15,000. Their home was a mile orso off the beaten track where the power lines ran. Instead of a mere 1700 square feet, this homewas 3700 square feet. The couple spent, on home solar equipment, the $19-15,000 they wouldhave needed to connect to the power lines. They were on their own, and could not afford good and
  2. 2. bad days. Their "stand-alone" home solar would have to provide energy for peak usage as well asaverage usage. It would have to provide on sunny days and cloudy days.Comparing the two homes, we see that home solar energy in Tucson can come in vastly differentpackages.1. Home #1 had a 4 KW PV system - Home #2 had a 1.2 KW PV system2. Home #1 was 1,700 square feet - Home #2 was 3,700 square feet.3. Home #1 paid $50,000 for home solar - Home #2 paid $10-15,000.4. Home #1 was not self-sufficient - Home #2 was totally self-sufficient.By the way, Home #1 was occupied by only 2 people. Home #2 was occupied by 5 people. It iseasy to see which home would have the greater energy demands.Home solar energy costs need not be as high as many builders place them.Cutting Home Solar Energy CostsHomeowners in Tucson, or any other place, who choose to use home solar energy, can reducecosts greatly through building design.Mud adobe houses are popular in the southwest, and when made with 16" walls, can greatlyreduce the need for air conditioning and/or heating. Houses with larger windows facing south cancollect warming sunlight during cool winter months. Hot summer sun will find only smaller windowson the buildings north side. Overhanging roofs can also shield windows from hot sunlight.Increasing Use of Home Solar EnergyIn the years ahead, we can expect to see increased use of home solar energy in Tucson andthroughout the nation. Do we have enough sunlight? One has only to look at a country likeGermany that, despite its cloudy climate, is leading the world in home solar energy.©2007, Anna Hart. Anna Hart invites you to read more of her articles about home solar energy at Anna has posted articles on that site about variousapplications of this useful technology. If you want to make yours a DIY solar power home, youwon’t want to miss her article on the subject.Article Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====For complete information on everything solar, and to learn more about solar energy, visit ====