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14 myths about solar power and solar panels


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14 myths about solar power and solar panels

  1. 1. Myth 1: Solar panels fail to work in cold, cloudy places/states.Truth: Solar panels dont need full sunlight, they just need ultra purple sun rays - sun rays thatsimply pull through cloud cover (much like that sunburn you didn’t expect if this was cloudy inthe beach!) Germany, a rustic ranking really low in sunshine, is among the solar energy capitalsaround the globe. The potency of solar panels to conduct electrical current really increases oncethe sections are awesome while collecting Ultra violet sun rays. Snow isnt an problem either.The College of Vermont boasts an effective solar systemthat is efficient and reduces energy costsfor that school - regardless of the lengthy winters.Myth 2: Solar power systems are extremely costly.Truth: The Boston Solar Company can provide you with a solar power system that can cost younothing. No gimmick. Via a financing agreement with Sungevity, were placing full leasedsystems on roofs daily - and clients are reaping helpful benefits from lower monthly energy bills.If you would rather own the body, costs of installment are heading down every single day. Theyare accompanied by condition and federal incentives that come to a decision to go to solar powermuch more enticing. A solar system installation comes with an incredible rate of return aroundthe energy production.Myth 3: Solar panels require constant maintenance.Truth: The sections rarely require maintenance or cleaning, as well as the average warranty laststwenty five years!Myth 4: solar power systems are ugly, large and bulky.
  2. 2. Truth: solar power sections have advanced significantly. You will find many solar possibilitiesincluding solar shingles which are integrated directly into your homes roof. Theres additionallya greater knowledge of how wonderful solar energy is perfect for the atmosphere so that as aneconomic investment. Youre no more a weirdo for getting a solar system. It really might justcause you to among the awesome crowd. General perception has switched from solar panelssearching ugly for them becoming an enhancement on the house. Many towns re going solartogether - adopting the efficiency and classy look of recent systems.Myth5: Couple of states offer rebates or financial incentives for solar energy installations.Truth: Based on the Database of Condition Incentives for Alternative Energy,48 states possess asolar/alternative energy incentive on the top from the 30% federal tax credit! Massachussets isjust one of these. Condition incentives offer additional rebates on systems. Some metropolitanareas will also be aboard with bonus financial support and help for any new system. Approach totake Massachussets solar!Myth 6: Solar Power systems are hard to rely on and sporadic.Truth: solar power systems could be more reliable compared to traditional electricity power grid.Theyve very couple of parts to become maintained and depend only around the sun rising everymorning. Many safety systems (like aircraft warning lights, railroad crossing systems, etc.) haveswitched to solar energy to be always working.Myth 7: I am unable to use solar energy because I havent got Southern roof exposure.Truth: A south facing roof without any shading is optimal for catching the sun’s sun rays, butthat does not imply that other roof orientations won’t act as well. If youre wondering in caseyour roof is appropriate for any solar power cell system, call us. We’d gladly view it free ofcharge and let guess what happens savings you can get from the system in your roof. A differentway to go would be to think about a ground mounted system for those who have a comparativelyflat shade free area in your land.
  3. 3. Myth 8: Solar energy is inefficient.Truth: Based on the U.S. United states doe, solar panel efficiency has a lot more than quadrupledbecause the 1970s. By having an average between 15-19% it sits within the same efficiencyrange because the gas inside your vehicle. Unlike gas though, solar technology is constantly onthe advance, and as a result, the same is true efficiency. Add this that solar energy is renewableand financially more effective, which myth is busted!Myth 9: I will not live in your home lengthy enough to create my investment back.Truth: A solar power system increases the need for your house. For each $1,000 thats been heldin annual electric costs, your homes value increases $20,000. (U.S. Department of Housing andconcrete Development). When you purchase a cash system, you will probably make back yourenergy production in five to seven years (you will find very couple of investment schemes thatmay match that!) If youre leasing, you start saving cash immediately and you will find a varietyof choices for the body if you opt to sell your house.Myth 10: Solar panels may cause my roof to leak, deteriorate, or collapse.Truth: Solar panels cover and safeguard the part of your homes roof theyre positioned on. Readthis picture of solar panels which have been via a hurricane! If any roof stabilization must bedone just before cellular phone, the Boston Solar team will take you step-by-step through it. Ifyou want roof repair, solar panels can be simply removed throughout the repair and changedwhen its done.Myth 11: Ill keep excess energy I generate in batteries.Truth: Many of the systems installed today are tied in to the electirictygrid. This enables you todefinitely reap the advantage of internet metering- excess energy you’re your homes roofproduces throughout your day is offered towards the electricity company and also you electricmeter spins backwards. If you are using a lot more than youre creating at night and during the
  4. 4. night, you utilize electricity in the energy company. This technique is much more efficient andfewer pricey than bulky batteries that require changing every 5 to 10 years.Myth 12: Once the energy is out, my house continues to be powered.Truth: This is true if you opt to have solar batteries (see Myth 11 above). However, solar powersystems tied in to the power grid venture out once the power grid is out. Its not safe to possessthese solar power systems pushing energy into the power grid while electric deck hands may beout attempting to fix an issue. Your solar inverter (that Boston Solar installs together with yoursections in your solar power system) sees that the power grid is lower and shuts lower your solarpower system too.Myth 13: You will find no jobs produced through the solar industry.Truth: The solar industry presently utilizes over 100,000 People in america. The dpi iscontinually growing as communities, metropolitan areas and states use solar energy. Our veryown local Massachussets solar teamuses deck hands based in your area setting up sectionsfabricated within the U . s . States. The U.S. solar energy market increased 140 percent withinthe third quarter of 2011 within the same quarter this year which makes it among the quickestgrowing industries throughout the economy!Myth 14: Solar Panels Have A Superior Carbon Footprint And Arent SustainableTruth: Solar panels are most frequently produced from plastic - probably the most commonelements on the planet (it comes down from sand!). Obviously this plastic must be refined. Therefinement process happens in huge ovens which do overeat of ones. However, it takes only oneto two years for any solar panel to repay the power consumed in the construction. Any energyproduced after thats completely eco-friendly, and solar panels lasts 25 to 4 decades! Weconsume silicone in lots of other kinds every single day - from mobile phone covers to potteryglazes to implants. Solar panels are among the couple of energy creating ways to use refinedsilicone. Other kinds of ones production cash longer repay occasions.