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Antipolis LLC


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Farming & Agriculture

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Antipolis LLC

  2. 2. About Us • Under the brand name of Antipolis, We will be a leading producer of bio/organic field in Greece striving to produce process and distribute high quality organic product and technologies in farming, energy production and other combined services. We will use modern production method and technologically enhanced procedure to meet above par quality.
  3. 3. Problem Identification • Increasing demand for organic food grains, Fruit and Vegetables and Limited capacity of Bio organic Farmer to meet the rising trend in Organic food market. • Bio fertilizers manufacturing lacking behind. • The absence of modern bio-farming methods, innovations and marketing policies to promote the excellent quality of the produced goods, which are well recognized andreputed in most European and other International markets because of the Greek tourism. • According to EUROSTAT, the gross value of the output of the 'Agricultural Sector' is estimated at 10.6 billion Euros in 2014, a 12.4% fall from 2008 to 2013.
  4. 4. Product idea • Antipolis EA will operate the biggest developed organic farm in Greece to produce fresh bio-fruit and bio-vegetables to market all over Greece, Athens, a line of new bio-products all over the year. • Antipolis EA will continue to farm and will start processing its excellent quality biotable olives and oil and produce hazel in specific suitable fields within its property, taking advantage of the global production hazel crisis. • Antipolis EA will be the first company in Europe to offer baby-super foods based on Quinoa, a non meat food high in protien.
  5. 5. Our Idea Validation • Gross value addition in Agricultural goods and supplies is estimated to 5.17 billion Euro. • The agricultural income index in 2014 is 1.3 billion euro. • During the 2009-2014 period, average financing for Greek agricultural enterprises remains, low (1.8%) compared to other sectors of the economy. • The increasing demand on imported bio-fertilizers and other high tech supporting farming goods
  6. 6. Our CSR • Antipolis EA will invest in modern farming methods as well as in energy production technologies for energy harvesting installations will be combined with modern hydrogen production for energy storage through water electrolysis that will make it energy self sufficient. • Antipolis will continue to offer free educational services to bio-farmers and to elementary school students of Athens and the nearby cities as part of its marketing and promotion strategy of its brand and products
  7. 7. Competitive factor • Quality • End User Trust on certification • Branding • Production cost • Access to distribution channels • Proximity to big markets
  8. 8. Features : Adding value to our idea • wind mill technologies, Green Houses • modern processing and storage facility, Bio tech labs for R&D Buy critical fields and land (aprox 35 ha) of the existing company Antipolis SA in order to build the infrastructure needed • to produce hazel, quinoa, olives and aromatic crops that will be used as the “flag” products under the Antipolis brand. Leasing available land with a Buy out option
  9. 9. Our product line • Quinoa and Quinoa based baby food • Hazel and Aromatic plants • Fresh fruit, vegetable and flowers by hydroponic /green house farming • Organic table olives and oil • Third party bio/organic food products branding services • High-tech biotechnology products and bio-fertilizers
  10. 10. Market Segment & Potential • A Global increasing demand rate of 1.6% annually it is expected to 2050 •Majority of the buyers is in the age group of 30- 40 year of age •Women are more likely to buy organic food item Age Profile •Middle and Upper Income class are the main consumers of the organic products •Majority of buyers earning above 800€ per month Income Profile •All the sampled buyers had graduate or higher degrees. •80-90% of the •buyers had a professional qualification. Education Profile
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy 1. Price for Offer Trials: To build customer loyalty, free samples or promotional campaigns • to offer products at less than the MRP should be promoted 2. Wet Sampling: For products such as vegetables and fruits, a kiosk or dedicated counter • to provide samples for immediate consumption can be set-up 3. Brand Visibility for recall: Reinforce, position and promote the brand through • promotional offers, in-store promotion and increased visibility of the products
  12. 12. Customer Preference • Majority of the known surveys respondent buy organic food for its health benefits • Only 8% - 10% of the respondents bought organic food for ‘environmental concerns’ • Only 4% - 5% of the respondents bought it to ensure a sustainable eco-system • Additionally, a few of the respondents were advised to buy organic food by their doctors
  13. 13. SWOT ANALYSIS S W O T Strengths: •Location and Land •Well recognized brand name •BIO/organic certified fields •Self sufficient in water and energy •New innovative bio-products and Greenfield hydroponic products •Proximity with big markets •Technologies and methods Combined agriculture/hospitality/recreatio n services within a promotion plan •Experienced management team and available scientific support Weakness: •Existing supportive Infrastructure of processing and roads (needs repairs) •Complexities in bio- standardization and bureaucracy
  14. 14. SWOT ANALYSIS S W O T Opportunity: •CAP and CAP aid to organic/bio agriculture •ESPA aid subsidies to agri- chain technologies and projects •Increasing demand of organic/bio products locally and in EU •Hub in an Agrilogistics network •New technologies in farming •Diversity on farming (except trees) •Demand for branding from small bio-producers •State new policies to support exports Threats : •Climate change •Future energy crisis •Natural disasters •TTIP EU-US trade terms (that could not be in favour of organic farming)
  15. 15. Sales Forecast:By the end of 2020
  16. 16. Key Financial Indicators • The predicted key indicator by the end of 2020 are Total Revenue 26,924,000€ Operating expenses 20,659,000€ EBIDTA margin: 23.3% Current ratio: 1.92 Quick ratio: 1.92 Return on average capital employed (ROACE) 33.1% Return on equity (ROE) 62.7% Dividend cover 1.4%
  17. 17. Our team • President of the BoD and CEO. John (Ioannis) Chatzichristos • Head of R&D. Stavros Athanasiadis • Head of Agriculturists. Dimitris Geronikos • Head Farmer. George Bakolas • Head of processing and Sales. Polydoros Xenikakis • Logistics expert. Theodoros Skamagos • PR expert. Maria Argyrokastritou
  18. 18. Capital Requreiement • A total of 6,200,000€ will be injected into the capital of the company. • Asset investments for the first four years are scheduled to 10,011,000 euro.