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LAK18: Jojo Manai — Teachers Co-designing Innovations and Sharing Data to Improve Outcomes


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Date: Monday 5 March, 2018
Time: 8.30am—3.15pm
Venue: SMC Conference & Function Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney NSW 2000

In association with the 8th International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge, Society for Learning Analytics Research

Briefing papers:

You are warmly invited to join this inaugural event!

The data and analytics revolutions are disrupting and already transforming many sectors in society: finance, health, shopping, politics. Data is not new to education, but for many, it is still challenging to articulate the connection between the potential of using data to support decision making, and the every day-to-day operations occurring in learning environments.

School leaders, teachers, data analysts, academics, policy makers and all other interested parties are invited to join a professional learning and development day focused on the practical applications of Learning Analytics in school (K-12) education.

Drawing on national and international expertise, speakers include innovative school leaders and teachers, school data analysts, university researchers, government and software companies. Whether you already know a bit about Learning Analytics, are brand new to it, or already use it in the classroom, there will be insightful sessions with pertinent applications for all levels of knowledge and understanding.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of:

The diverse forms that Learning Analytics can take, and especially how technology extends this far beyond conventional school data to create better feedback

How such data is being used by school leaders to support strategic reflection

How new kinds of data are being used by teachers to support their practice

The practicalities of initiating such work in your own school

This is the first event of its kind in Australia, and a new initiative for the international LAK conference, so you will make many professional connections as we forge this new network.

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LAK18: Jojo Manai — Teachers Co-designing Innovations and Sharing Data to Improve Outcomes

  1. 1. TEACHERS CO-DESIGNING INNOVATIONS AND SHARING DATA TO IMPROVE OUTCOMES Jojo Manai Senior Associate, Director of Analytics & Collaborative Technology Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  2. 2. Our Aspirations Current Performance of Our Schools TIME
  3. 3. IDEA
  4. 4. Last Decade: Performance Management Using Accountability to Drive Change Set targets Create incentives Collect data/dashboards Hold individuals accountable “Go figure it out or else…”
  5. 5. Last Decade: Evidence-based Practice Movement An academic has an idea He/she design and fine tunes an intervention An RCT field trial (5 years later) Evidence it can work Reviewed and Goes on an “approved list” Districts required to only use from approved list Educators “Implement with Fidelity” Practice Improves!
  6. 6. Last Decade: Communities of Practice 6
  7. 7. Healthcare NetworksServices Design Manufacturing So how do organizations get better at what they do?
  8. 8. Organize as networks Learn through disciplined inquiry Embrace measurement Attend to variability See the system Be problem-focused and user-centered CORE PRINCIPLES OF IMPROVEMENT 6
  9. 9. A DIVERSE COLLEAGUESHIP Research Knowledge Profound Knowledge W. Edwards Deming Research Knowledge: Knowledge about what works. Improvement Knowledge: The interaction of the theories of systems, variation, knowledge, and psychology. Professional Knowledge Improvement Knowledge Professional Knowledge: Knowledge of local organizational context, structures, and processes.
  10. 10. “ALL TEACH, ALL LEARN” ETHOS NICs Combine research, professional, improvement knowledge in creative ways to develop effective changes for improvement.
  11. 11. • Early Literacy • Developmental Math • Teaching Effectiveness • Student Agency • Etc… Examples of NICs:
  12. 12. What’s Carnegie Math Pathways? Example:
  13. 13. The Problem – Developmental Math Crisis 60-70% of community college students need at least one developmental math course before enrolling in college-credit courses 80% of those students never get out of the developmental math pathway 500,000 students in every cohort will never complete the math requirement We cannot continue to use the same approach and expect different results.
  14. 14. Pathways Success Comparison 2 Years Statway 1 Year
  15. 15. 15 Anatomy of The Carnegie Math Pathways Network ● 48 institutions ● 96 administrators & leaders ● 14 faculty mentors ● 40 faculty facilitators ● 318 faculty & TAs ● ~8000 pathways students
  16. 16. Theory of Improvement GOAL: Increase the number of students achieving college math credit within one year of continuous enrollment Accelerated Pathway through College Level Math Productive Persistence Quality System of Instruction Language Support Faculty Support Networked Improvement Community (NIC) 16
  17. 17. Theory of Improvement Productive Persistence 17 • Mindset • Stereotype Threat • Math Anxiety • Belonging Uncertainty • Professor Cares • Comfort Asking Questions
  18. 18. start end Term PP x1 PP x2 start end Course 0 … n MCK ... Report Report Report PP x3 data collection data visualization Productive Persistence Survey Administration
  19. 19. Productive Persistence week 1 report
  20. 20. Productive Persistence week 4 & end of term report
  21. 21. Productive Persistence stock and flow report
  22. 22. Thank you! Jojo Manai Senior Associate, Director of Analytics & Collaborative Technology @jmanai 22