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This document explains the operation of solar lighting an demonstrates a variety of solar lighting application.

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Intro to-solar-lighting-with-examples

  1. 1. SOLAR ELECTRICS SOLAR POWER AND LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES4060 Trapp Road, Fairfax, VA 425-9712 AN INTRODUCTION TO SOLAR LIGHTINGHOW DO SOLAR LIGHTS WORK?Solar lights use safe, low-voltage electricity, the same as in your car.In a typical solar lighting system, the low voltage power produced by a solar panel is stored in a maintenance-free battery, foruse at night. The battery is sized to provide reliable and consistent operation during cloudy weather conditions.A sophisticated electronic circuit protects the battery from overcharge or undercharge and also switches the lights ON and OFFautomatically. As an option, the low voltage electricity can be converted to 120 Volt AC (regular electric power) to operategate openers, fountain pumps, irrigation controllers, Etc.The solar panel is installed in a convenient sunny location, hundreds of feet away if needed.WHERE TO USE SOLAR LIGHTING SIGN/MONUMENT LIGHTING  PIER LIGHTS  SLIDE AND BARRIER TOWNHOUSE PARKING LOT LIGHTS  SECURITY LIGHTS GATES LANDSCAPE LIGHTING  MAIL BOX CLUSTER LIGHTING  POWER FOR FOUNTAIN FLAG POLE LIGHTING  BUS SHELTER LIGHTING AND WATER FALL PUMPS GAZEBO AND PATHWAY LIGHTS  YARD AND DRIVEWAY LIGHTING  POWER FOR IRRIGATION CONTROL SYSTEMSTHE BENEFITS THE COST OF TRENCHING, RUNNING POWER  SAFETY: SAFE, 12 VOLT, LOW VOLTAGE POWER. LINES AND INSTALLING A METER IS ELIMINATED. LIGHTS STAY ON DURING A POWER OUTAGE. LOW MAINTENANCE AND ZERO UTILITY FEES  UNDISTURBED LANDSCAPING. NO NEED TO SET-UP AND ADMINISTER UTILITY  POLLUTION FREE. ACCOUNTS.  ONE SOURCE FOR POWER AND LIGHTING. NO NEED FOR ELECTRICAL PERMITS.  21 ST CENTURY LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES. BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT FOR BETTER NIGHT VISION.  RECOGNITION FOR INNOVATIVE DESIGN.COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONSHOW LONG DOES THE LIGHT OPERATE EACH NIGHT? WHAT IS THE REQUIRED MAINTENANCE? Operating time is determined by the user’s needs: Solar lighting systems require little maintenance: From motion activated security lights to all night operation. The typical installation uses timer-controlled lights that are 1. Fluorescent lamps have a 12,000-hour life, typically set to switch ON at dusk and OFF after 8-10 hours. 4-5 years. Replacement lamps are readily available. LED lamps have a life of 10+ yearsWHAT HAPPENS DURING CLOUDY WEATHER? 2. The maintenance-free battery needs replacement at the end of its life. Expected battery life is 4-5 years. The battery is designed to store sufficient power for 4-6 Replacements are readily available. nights of operation, longer if needed. 3. The solar module is truly maintenance free.
  2. 2. SOLAR LIGHTING INSTALLATION EXAMPLESTHE ILLUSTRATION BELOW SHOWS A NUMBER OF SOLAR LIGHTING APPLI CATIONS AT “SUN ESTATES” WITHREAL WORLD INSTALLATION EXAMPLES ON THE FOLLOWING PAGESEXAMPLES INCLUDE:Click a link below to go directly to a “Real World” installation by solar Electrics 1. Trails 2. Parking lots / Security lighting 3. Community mail box clusters 4. Flag pole lighting 5. Public art 6. Gazebos 7. Landscape Lighting 8. Pathways and Trees 9. Signs 4 1 6 8 9 3 7
  3. 3. TRAIL LIGHTING SYSTEMMOTION ACTIVATED TRAIL LIGHTSThe HOA requested a design to light up the many steps along the 350’ long “Hill”trail that connects two sections of the community.The result: Lights that are activated by three motion sensors placed at accesspoints to the trail. EACH SET OF STEPS IS LIT INDIVIDUALLY, TO REDUCELIGHT POLLUTION.The solar panel (20”x57”) is located about 20’ from the trail.COMMUNITY TRAIL AND GAZEBO LIGHTSA central solar power supply powers thiscommunity lighting system. It is wired justlike a conventional lighting system.The solar power supply takes the place of theutility transformer connection.Back to illustrationPARKING LOT/SECURITY LIGHTINGInstalled in 1999, this lightingsystem utilizes one pole for thesolar panel and lights. Each ofthe two lights is equivalent to a200-watt floodlight. The lightsoperate dusk to dawn during thesummer. Today’s efficient solar panels are 30% smaller. An additional security light was installed in 2010 and it operates Dusk to Dawn year roundMAILBOX CLUSTER LIGHTING Three miniature (thumb size) LED spotlights illuminate this mail box cluster.Solar panel on roof, lights installed in ceiling Solar Electrics (703) 425-9712
  4. 4. FLAG POLE AND SIGN LIGHTING PUBLIC ART One solar panel powers CO2LED installation the flag pole light and Arlington County, Virginia the sign lightGAZEBO LIGHTINGInterior and exterior gazebo lightingBack to illustrationLANDSCAPE LIGHTINGColumn lighting Path and tree lighting Available in 24” to 48” heightSIGN LIGHTING