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Future Magazine Presentation


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Future Magazine Presentation

  1. 1. Do they have a future both as a product as well as online?I do not believe they have a future at all really, I believe they may last a bit longer online but pirating things is very easy these days so therefore they wouldn’t make enough money to stay stable within the business. So no I don’t believe they have a future.
  2. 2. How have audience habits changed when consuming media?The magazine audience has changed a lot due to technology, there are many different things in which you can read a magazine on, an actual magazine itself, tablets, phones and computers etc. So the habits of the audience have all changed to the technology side of things.
  3. 3. What has been the impact of this change on the magazine industry?The impact of this change has been huge, the magazine industry is now taking plunge due to the sheer amount of available technology in which you can read magazines on. It’s making the whole industry change they way there distributing there products, and the way there producing their products. Whether there on technology or on good old fashioned paper.
  4. 4. How are audience’s habits going to change the way in which magazines are consumed, produced, distributed today?The magazine audience is growing fond of purchasing there magazines online, so this is a very good place in which magazine companies (large or small) will distribute there products so there target audience will purchase it on there. Every single magazine nowadays is produced with technology, so this will always be the way from now on.
  5. 5. What do audiences think of magazines?Many different audiences think different things about magazines, to some audiences magazines show twisted images to younger members of the public , this is generally the older generation that believes this. Many young males don’t really purchase magazines unless they feel close to the subject in which the magazine is based on. Young women on the other hand like to keep up to date with the latest gossip, so they tend to purchase magazines a lot more often then males. Even though women buy gossip magazine’s they don’t always trust them, because the media can easily twist things.
  6. 6. Have circulation figures dropped/increased?Circulation figures for magazine have dropped dramatically in all types of magazines, the Mens health magazine even thought the most popular mens magazine dropped by 11% year on year. Also the famous gossip magazine “Heat” fell by 8%.
  7. 7. What about the impact of advertising?Advertising is the lifeline of the magazines future, it’s the only thing that will keep it known to the public without it the magazine will end up a bit like the typewriter, only every occasionally used. But, if they use clever advertising, which results in the public buying magazines again the impact will be positive.
  8. 8. In your opinion what is the future of the magazine industry?Personally I do not believe that the once most commonly used thing known as the magazine, does not have a future.