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SolarDock Safety & Reliability


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Your Solar System should last as long as your roof. SolarDock makes that happen.

When we invented SolarDock in 2003, our goal was to create a racking system that met the needs of commercial property owners. We knew they wanted a system that would protect their building while providing a strong ROI.

This is why SolarDock is made form durable mill-grade aluminum and stainless steel, why we’ve invested in rigorous wind-tunnel and CFD analysis, and why we’ve earned TUV Rheinland’s certification.

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SolarDock Safety & Reliability

  1. 1. SAFETY & RELIABILITY Your solar system should last as long as your roof. SolarDock makes sure that happens. Safest choice for your Safest choice for your Safest choice for your Solar Panels Building Business• SolarDock supports the whole • SolarDock never makes • High tilt angles (up to 35˚) length of the panel frame, rooftop penetrations, even at maximize kWh generated, minimizing the stress placed high tilt angles - which means creating more electricity for on the panel during windy less likelihood of roof leaks. your money conditions • When fully installed, there are • SolarDock’s low installation• SolarDock’s enclosed back SolarDock has no metal parts and maintenance costs rubbing against the roof. increase the system’s ROI, reduces the uplift forces keeping more money in your experienced by the system • SolarDock distributes the pocket. and panels. system’s weight evenly, avoiding high point loads that • SolarDock’s clear walkways• All wiring and connections are between rows reduce tripping fully enclosed inside the can damage the building’s structure hazards and make SolarDock, protecting them maintenance easier. from being damaged by • SolarDock’s robust integrated weather, animals, or birds. grounding solution protects • SolarDock is covered by a 25 year warranty - more than the system and building from• SolarDock uses no positive twice as long as our electrical surges and fires. points of attachment. competitors. SolarDoc k | PO Box 711 | W ilmington, DE 19899 | TEL 302 50 4 0124 | © 2012 SolarDoc k . All Rights Reser ved.