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SolarDock Case Study - Governor Mifflin Schools


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Learn how SolarDock helped UGI Performance Solutions and Denny's Electric Service engineer, construct, and turn 583.74 kW of solar in 90 days.

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SolarDock Case Study - Governor Mifflin Schools

  1. 1. SOLARDOCK ® Going full tilt to bring you more power. CASE STUDY High tilt SolarDock mounting system saves over $100,000 in system costsClient at Governor Mifflin School District in Berks County, PAUGI Performance Solutionsand Denny’s Electric UGI Performance Solutions and Denny’s Electric Service UGI Performance Solutions saw the value and efficiency were faced with a tough task when they took on a PV that a 25° tilt SolarDock system would bring to thisService, Inc. Project for the Governor Mifflin School District, of project, and our team worked closely with them to design, southern Berks County, Pennsylvania. They were asked fabricate and deliver all project components on time andProject to plan, engineer, construct, and turn on three PV to their precise specifications.Governor Mifflin School systems (totaling 583.74 kW) on three different schools in essentially 90 days. At 25°, this 583.74 kW system is estimated to generateDistrict, Berks County, PA 715,500 kW hours per year. In contrast, a 10° tilt system Both organizations proved to be up to the task, would need a minimum of 623 kW worth of equipmentIndustry completing the planning and engineering in less than installed. Bottom line? UGI Performance Solutions savedEducation one month and completing the full turnkey installation in over $100,000 based on current system costs by going less then two months – despite losing 2 working weeks with a higher tilt 25° Solardock mounting system. due to adverse weather conditions.System installed25° high tilt SolarDockmounting system, usingMotech MTPVP-235-MSC235W solar panels 583.74 kW installed in record time on three school roofs Kevin Hackman from Denny’s Electric Service consults at Governor Mifflin School District. at the job site with Dan O’Brien of Solardock. SolarDoc k | PO Box 711 | W ilmington, DE 19899 | TEL 302 50 4 0124 | © 2011 SolarDoc k . All Rights Reser ved.