Why go high tilt?                              Recent Customers      Because the earth      isn’t flat.      The simple tr...
Outperforming expectations with                  Our drive to innovate continues...the experience to consider everydetail....
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SolarDock Tri-fold Brochure


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A good overview of SolarDock, its features, and how it can help you generate more power and save money.

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SolarDock Tri-fold Brochure

  1. 1. Why go high tilt? Recent Customers Because the earth isn’t flat. The simple truth is, solar panels produce SOLARDOCK ® Going full tilt to bring you more power. the most power when they’re pointed directly at the sun. The angle of the sun varies depending on your geographic location. So, tilting the panels to face the sun maximizes energy production. At SolarDock we carefully calculate optimal tilt for your roof. A high-tilt solar array also generates more Sales Offices power because it stays cleaner—snow slides Northwest Northeast off easily and the slope enhances the Mark Finley Dan OBrien cleansing action of rainfall. mfinley@solardock.com dobrien@solardock.com For the best return on your investment, go 509 220 4269 302 225 8703 maximum tilt for your location with a Midwest Southwest SolarDock mounting system. Jane DeLoof Matt Turville jdeloof@solardock.com mturville@solardock.com Best tilt angles for optimal 440 846 6342 775 297 5579 solar power production: Southeast Corporate Headquarters Dave Lewenz 201 W 14th St. Suite 10145° dlewenz@solardock.com Wilmington, DE 19899 941 866 2112 info@solardock.com 30° - 35° 302 504 012440° International Sales & 25° - 30° Licensing Agreements Canada35° Ed OBrien Scott McDonald 20° - 25° eobrien@solardock.com scott@sunrisepower.ca30° 302 225 8706 705 743 1817 15° - 20° 10° - 15° SOLARDOCK ® Going full tilt to bring you more power. Recycled Paper Copyright © 2011 SolarDock
  2. 2. Outperforming expectations with Our drive to innovate continues...the experience to consider everydetail. That’s the SolarDock way. Because your roof deserves the best. Throughout North America and around the world, SolarDock is recognized among leading integrators,Precision engineered for fast installation and distributors and site owners as the premier choice in custom tilt solar mounting systems. Here’s why:maximum power generation, our patentedsolar mounting system is built for Quick and easy installation Next generation technologyperformance and looks beautiful on your roof. Standardized parts, few components and ▪ 120 MPH wind certified (ASCE 7-05)With SolarDock you will: simple assembly result in lower labor and equipment costs and faster installation times ▪ TUV certified and UL Listed ▪ maximize annual power production, producing 10-20% more kW hours per ▪ California DSA pre-check approved Increased bottom line profit year than low-angle or flat mounting ▪ OPA Fit compliant in Canada With faster installation, energy production systems. begins sooner and reduces capital costs. ▪ Lightweight system averages less than ▪ dramatically increase installation Savings on interest carried creates more profit 5 pounds/sf in 90 mph wind zones productivity—install up to 40% more to your bottom line ▪ Dock ventilation ensures no energy kW/year with SolarDock. Less up-front capital needed degradation due to heat buildup Because our system requires less labor and ▪ Made in USA and Canada fewer materials to install, your ROI is increased Responsive and reliable customer support More power Throughout the project, our customers receive By implementing a proper tilt angle, kilowatt full service technical support that is prompt hour production is increased by 10-20% over and efficient. We’ve grown 400% since 2007, low tilt or flat mounting systems a testament to our clients’ satisfaction in quality and service. Lower maintenance costs Patented design protects the solar panel by eliminating stress points, encapsulates ballast “I’ve been installing renewable energy and wiring, sheds snow and water, and systems since 2002 and without a doubt prevents bird/rodent damage SolarDock is the best quality racking system Roof-friendly features I’ve ever used. ” — Adrian Buck, Freedom Solar SolarDock is the only truly non-penetrating University of Texas, Pickle Research Campus mounting system that protects the surface membrane and roof structure, with ballastThe SolarDock warranty weight distributed broadly and evenlyOur commitment to product excellence andservice is unmatched in the industry, and sois our 25-year warranty. Shouldn’t your In 2011, SolarDock mounting systems installed worldwidemounting system last as long as your solarpanel investment and roof? We think so. will be equivalent to 210,513 acres of trees in carbon offsets.