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CEC Media Release Now is the time to power up consumers on energy use


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Australia now has the opportunity to make transformative changes to our electricity market to put power in the hands of consumers and businesses, according to the Chief Executive of Australia’s peak clean energy industry body.

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CEC Media Release Now is the time to power up consumers on energy use

  1. 1. CEC Media Release: Now is the timeto power up consumers on energyuseAustralia now has the opportunity to maketransformative changes to our electricitymarket to put power in the hands ofconsumers and businesses, according to theChief Executive of Australia’s peak cleanenergy industry body.
  2. 2. “We are facing an imminent need to‘rethink energy’ to keep prices low andimprove our energy productivity –particularly at peak times,” Clean EnergyCouncil Chief Executive David Green tolda conference in Sydney today.“A Quick Thought:  Solar Panels  orsolar electricity panels is an electrical devicethat converts the energy of light directly intoelectricity by the photovoltaic effect. “
  3. 3. “A unique set of complex challengesare currently facing our energymarket, and we must act soon tomeet these challenges byempowering consumers andbusinesses to take control of theirenergy use,” Mr Green said.
  4. 4. Speaking at the Australian Summer Study onEnergy Efficiency and Decentralised Energy inSydney, Mr Green outlined the clean energyindustry’s vision for smarter, cleaner powernetworks that allow energy to be generated bymultiple sources, and individuals and communitiesto generate their own power.“Allowing households to generate their ownelectricity through things like rooftop solar panelshas already been shown to alleviate the impact ofpeak demand in many states, reducing the need forcostly infrastructure upgrades,” Mr. Green said.
  5. 5. “Energy storage and smart appliances can alsomake a significant difference to peak demand.A simple measure like automatic air-conditioner cycling, where your air-conditioner is routinely switched off remotelyto cut power usage without affecting thetemperature, has been shown to reduce itsenergy use by 25 to 33 per cent.“Clean energy has a strong role to play both ingiving consumers a way to generate their ownpower and also keeping the costs of energy aslow as possible.
  6. 6. “Science, society and economics all say thatchange in our energy market is necessary toslow the rapidly rising price of electricity andensure we have a safe, stable and securesource of energy well into the future.“With well-considered, consumer-centricpolicy development and a focus on energyefficiency and clean energy technologies,energy market reform becomes a hurdle wecan comfortably clear.” Source:  Clean Energy Council
  7. 7. “Science, society and economics allsay that change in our energy marketis necessary to slow the rapidly risingprice of electricity and ensure wehave a safe, stable and secure sourceof energy well into the future.
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