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Sunways solar-panels-inverters


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What solar panels did BMW use? How did Gehry include solar PV in his Basel building ? Clever engineering from Sunways AG excites and delights in these reference photos showing the solar dream

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Sunways solar-panels-inverters

  2. 2. 3 This is Sunways 4 // 5 Our products 6 // 7 Our service spectrum 8 // 9 Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) – Maximum output meets design 10 // 11 Gehry Building – Transparency for daylight 12 // 13 WestendGate – Highest demands taken literally 14 // 15 Maison Gaïta – Elegance and highest efficiency 16 // 17 Sunways standard solutions – Exceptional products in series 18 // 19 St. Gabriel – Interactive systems in Freiburg 20 // 21 EDEKA Südwest – Complete package for freshness and quality 22 // 23 Lonza – Solar park with a twist 24 // 25 Mobile solutions – Getting there with photovoltaics 26 Research and development – Partnerships for you 27 Our locations Table of contents 2 Table of contents
  3. 3. HOW DO YOU COMBINE QUALITY, EFFICIENCY AND DESIGN? WITH Sunways. From domestic roof systems to large building-integrated projects, building owners, planners and architects have been trusting in the quality of Sunways since 1993. We develop, produce and sell not only technologically leading highly efficient components for photovoltaic systems, but also plan and implement complete systems. What begins with the quality of the individual cells is carried on in our overall approach. We make your wishes come true with our products and services. Thanks to our own uncompromising quality standards, we can realise your demands in the best way. With a complete system designed by Sunways, you profit from our collective expertise garnered from all areas of photovoltaics. Our systems offer you a positive return and improved performance through perfectly coordinated components. Take advantage of the benefits of our complete systems. An important and growing area of photovoltaics is building integration. We offer you solutions in which photovoltaics are part of the building envelope and the design of the elements is the decisive criterion. Here too, our work and systems also demonstrate quality and efficiency. With Sunways, your photovoltaic system benefits – from perfect integration. 3 This is Sunways
  4. 4. 4 Our products WHY SUNWAYS? FOR PERFECTLY COORDINATED PREMIUM PRODUCTS. Solar cells // Inverters // Modules // Accessories In combination, Sunways products reach up to a 10 % higher output than comparable competitors’ systems. Our years of experience result in perfect interaction. Your trust in complete systems from Sunways pays off straight away. SOLAR CELLS The superior performance of our solar cells starts on the surface. Precise quality and tolerance controls make up the basis for top-class efficiency. Top technology is not only found in our individual prod- ucts, but is also the benchmark for our standard solutions. Sunways offers the right cells for every need. Besides high-performance cells transparent or coloured design cells highlight the main points of building- integrated photovoltaics without ad- versely affecting efficiency. With our transparent cells we are expand- ing the fields of application for solar cells. Through a new manufacturing process using lasers, it is possible to create slots for translucency and still achieve an efficiency of up to 14.4 %. Let the sun in!
  5. 5. 5 Our products Inverters The inverters from Sunways are in the global premier league and offer un- rivalled efficiency. We are naturally delight- ed with the red dot design awards, as well as awards in technical journals like Photon. What pleases us even more is to be able to offer you top-of-the-range products with first-class design. ModuleS Modules from the highly economical Eco-Line are as much a part of our range as multi- and monocrystalline modules or laminates for building in- tegration. Our laminates offer a design- oriented solution and do not just take care of the electricity supply, but also inte- grate perfectly as part of the façade. A diverse range of colours enables the perfect fit to your ideas. Sunways turns your photovoltaic system into a visual highlight.
  6. 6. 6 Our service spectrum WHY A VERSATILE SPECTRUM? FOR SYSTEMATIC INNOVATIONS. Employees // Research and Development // Systems // Individual Solutions // BIPV // Automotive Sector // Production Innovations which advance photovoltaics come from the most diverse of areas. In order to offer you the most cutting-edge technologies at the best quality, we cover a wide range of services. In combination we therefore deliver optimal results where it matters – in your system. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT In development, Sunways places value on close cooperation with many partners which goes beyond contract work alone. The results are innovations which are rel- evant and decisive for you. SYSTEMS Sunways also offers the highest efficiency and quality for conventional solutions. Our passion for detail makes something special out of your roof systems. Do you want to use your roof surface profitably? Then we can offer innovative solutions – right up to large systems. EMPLOYEES Qualified, committed and driven, our team strives for innovative and efficient solu- tions. You, as the customer, are at the centre of our work – because it is your demands which spur us on to provide the highest performance.
  7. 7. 7 Our service spectrum PRODUCTION Sunways products undergo the toughest tests for quality and tolerance control. With these we can ensure consistently high product standards. The product attributes OutputPlus+, and SolidPlus+ are a result of these norms and tests – for more power, stability and weather resist- ance. So our intensive product tests also pay off for you. INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS Thanks to our wide product range, we can happily rise to the challenges set by your personal living space. We implement aesthetic solutions based on the wishes of the customer, for private houses as well as for large commercial buildings. We are also happy to take over the planning and implementation so that you get the maxi- mum benefit from our knowledge. BIPV When it comes to modern photovoltaics, a key issue is building integration. Our cells and module solutions offer special accents for integration into the architecture. So, along with electricity supply, our products can also take over functions of the build- ing envelope. AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR The mechanical demands placed on solar cells are extremely high in the automotive sector. Then there are the highest aesthetic requirements as well. Our superior quality and design have proven themselves here too. Thanks to their production quality, their resistance to environmental influenc- es and their flawless appearance, Sunways Solar Cells are a perfect product for the automotive sector.
  8. 8. Our black design cells are characterised by their especially high efficiency and an overall homogeneous surface. 8 BIPV
  9. 9. To perfectly integrate photovoltaics into a building, we work closely with our customers. Only this can guarantee that wishes and demands are met. The result is highly individual systems which are a perfect part of the whole building. Cells, modules and other system components are individually made and assembled by us. Our large choice of colours and shapes, as well as the option of individual manufac- ture and adjustment, allow us to rely on Sunways quality in all areas. Our service portfolio also includes working as a general contractor – we are happy to undertake planning, production and implementation to offer you the best possible solution. BIPV makes it possible to make sustainable buildings without adversely affecting their appearance and design. The result is the natural and yet impressive everyday integration of photovoltaic solutions. WHAT DOES INNO- VATIVE PHOTOVOLTAICS LOOK LIKE? BUILDING-INTEGRATED. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) – Maximum capacity meets design Particularly uniform light filtering char- acterises our transparent solar cells and offers new fields of application for photovoltaics. In the Gehry Building our cells not only provide electricity, but also a unique use of daylight. Perfectly integrated – visual highlight by day and, thanks to LED light bands, also at night. 9 BIPV
  10. 10. 01 10 BIPV // Gehry Building 02
  11. 11. The size of the holes can be determined by you, meaning that our cells are perfectly adapted to your needs. The photovoltaic installation covers more than 85 % of the total roof area. 02 01 WHY ARE OUR SOLAR CELLS TRANSPARENT? For a INNOVATIVE use of DAYLIGHT. Gehry Building – Transparency for daylight The possibilities offered by building-integrated photovoltaics are reflected in the Gehry Building. Our silver solar cells provide not only energy, but also protection from excessive solar radiation. In order to best use the daylight in the rooms, transparent Sunways Solar Cells were built. This means that the cells are thereby used for both energy production and the filtering of daylight. Each cell was perforated individu- ally, meaning that particularly uniform filtering could be achieved. During the project, as well as producing these highly individual cells, Sunways also con- sulted a firm of architects and specialist planners. The result is impressive not just in its design, but also in terms of the completely successful integration of photovoltaics into the overall project. As well as multi-space office areas, the building houses an auditorium with more than 600 seats, teaching rooms and a restaurant. A total of 125,000 monocrystalline transparent Sunways Solar Cells were used for the roof construction. 11 BIPV // Gehry Building
  12. 12. HOW FAR DOES INNOVATION GO? 47 STOREYS HIGH – WITH NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR THE NIGHT. WestEndgate – Highest demands taken literally Over the course of the extensive energy-conserving renovation of the WestendGate, which was built in 1976, an innovative and unique photovoltaic system took shape. WestendGate is the first office building in Frankfurt, Germany, to be completely covered with a photovoltaic system. While the photovoltaic system contributes to a better CO2 balance during the day, at night the LED light bands running between the modules ensure a lightshow and illuminate the building’s façade. The project received the Green Building Certificate from the EU for the reduction of its primary energy consumption by 36 %. 10,500 multicrystalline emerald green sili- con solar cells and a number of Sunways Inverters were used in Frankfurt. Our modules were integrated through- out the entire building, which spans 159 metres. 02 01 Enough room could be left between the modules to also impress by night. 12 BIPV // WestendGate
  13. 13. 02 01 13 BIPV // WestendGate
  14. 14. WHAT DELIGHTS ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS? SMALL BLACK OBJECTS. In a private project, the wishes of the customer are particularly important – taking different demands into account under one roof. For the realisation of his vision, architect and town planner Pascal Gontier searched for highly efficient monocrystalline black solar cells which could also be aesthetically integrated into the building. He found the right partner in Sunways. The result can be seen clearly: The building impresses not only with its consistent and modern appearance, but Gontier also managed to create a positive-energy house. Through the combination of the photovoltaic system with various further construction principles such as triple glazing, a ventilation system with energy recovery and a geo- thermal heat pump, the house produces more energy than it needs. A real stunner. On the balance sheet too. Simultaneously collecting energy and providing shade – solar cells employed in shading elements. 02 01 Our black monocrystalline design cells are perfectly suited for integration and have a particularly homogeneous surface structure. Gontier trusted the quality and the extremely high efficiency from Sunways in his choice of inverter too. The photovoltaic roof system completed the positive-energy house. 14 BIPV // Maison Gaïta Maison Gaïta – Elegance and highest efficiency
  15. 15. 02 01 15 BIPV // Maison Gaïta
  16. 16. WHAT MAKES STANDARD SPECIAL? SUNWAYS SOLUTIONS. Sunways standard solutions – Exceptional products in series With our proposals we don’t just want to offer individual solutions, but rather we are striving to offer you products of the highest level in all areas. Large projects are always giving us new data from which our whole service spectrum profits. To us, standard means serial innovation – because quality and efficiency are at the highest level in all our components. Our standard products also make it possible to realise systems that are anything but standard. Our passion for detail ensures well thought-through and groundbreaking solutions. With Sunways, unused roof surfaces are a thing of the past. 310 metres of control cables ensure a 20 % higher yield. Realise efficient and highly profitable large systems with Sunways. 16 Sunways standard solutions
  17. 17. Standard solar modules from Sunways with up to 250 watts peak, “SolidPlus+” and “OutputPlus+”. 17 Sunways standard solutions
  18. 18. 18 standard solutions // St. Gabriel 02 01
  19. 19. Through minimised module mismatch and close sorting of cells and modules, Sunways effectively increases your yields. 02 01 Thanks to their lightweight design, Sunways Modules are ideally suited for roof-mounted systems. WHY CAN OUR SYSTEMS SEND SMS AND E-MAILS? SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. St. Gabriel – Interactive systems in Freiburg “The installation of the photovoltaic system rounded off our profile as a company in the disposal and environmental sector. As a result, for us it is a vital image-enhancing factor.” Michael Broglin // Managing Director, Abfallwirtschaft und Stadtreini- gung Freiburg GmbH 19 standard solutions // St. Gabriel At the St. Gabriel depot in Freiburg the innovative radio connection of the Sunways Inverter ensures that eight different roof systems are seamlessly networked and the control room is alerted by E-mail and SMS completely automatically in the event of malfunction or failure. 1,590 Sunways Solar Modules and NT 10000 type Solar Inverters were used for the whole collector surface of 2,645 square metres. The system is the second largest photovoltaic power station in Freiburg. As well as meet- ing the energy needs of Abfallwirtschaft und Stadtreinigung Freiburg GmbH (ASF, Freiburg waste management and town cleaning) the system also delivers electricity to over 100 two-person households.
  20. 20. 02 01 20 standard solutions // Edeka Südwest
  21. 21. WHAT IS IMPORTANT FOR FRESHNESS? BEST QUALITY AND A PERFECT COMBINATION WITH SUNWAYS. EDEKA Südwest – Complete package for freshness and quality One of the most state-of-the-art meat and sausage processing plants in Europe has become even more cutting-edge thanks to Sunways. From Rheinstetten, near Karlsruhe in Germany, over 1,250 markets are supplied with meat and sausage specialities from the region. EDEKA Südwest relied on the experience and quality of Sunways during the construction of its roof system and completely entrusted us with the planning, project manage- ment and installation. The result of this trust is the perfect interaction of 1,710 Sunways Modules and 30 Inverters. Through our experience we managed to meet the tight timeframes for the realisation of the project and guarantee the feed-in tariff. 1,710 standard modules with 230 watts peak make up the whole surface of the roof system. The solar modules work together with 30 NT 12000 type inverters and so ensure a total output of 393.3 kilowatts peak. 02 01 21 standard solutions // Edeka Südwest “Climate change, ever scarcer raw materials and a sense of respon- sibility towards future generations are only some of the reasons for EDEKA Südwest to dedicate itself to the topic of sustainability.” Jürgen Schulz // Project control, EDEKA Südwest Solarenergie GmbH
  22. 22. 02 01 22 standard solutions // Lonza Solar park
  23. 23. Lonza – Solar park with a twist WHAT DOES TURNING WITH THE SUN ACHIEVE? 20 % MORE YIELD. Every ten minutes the position of the module carriers is adjusted to the posi- tion of the sun. 02 01 Our PT 30k central inverter is also avail- able in a special outdoor version from summer 2011. Now you can make even more use of its unique efficiency. The system in the Upper Rhine valley was already highly efficient thanks to Sunways components. 2,880 Sunways Solar Modules work together with 21 PT 30k type Inverters and ensure 648 kW peak performance. These fantastic values are accompanied by innovation that is equally as impressive. The system is turned towards the direction of the sun every ten minutes by a track- ing system driven by an electric motor. In comparison with non-tracking systems, a 20 % higher yield can be achieved. Inno- vations that pay for themselves. 20 % higher yield by tracking – a simple and elegant solution. The Sunways Central Inverters are mounted on intermediate pillars spaced every 40 metres. 23 standard solutions // Lonza Solar park
  24. 24. 24 Mobile solutions HOW MUCH FURTHER CAN PHOTO- VOLTAICS GO? SOLAR ENERGY IN MOTION. The requirements of the automotive industry are a perfect opportunity for Sunways to make our quality, production precision and resistance mobile for you. The particu- larly high design requirements of Maybach, Audi and others are well met by Sunways Solar Cells. The e-bike sector, as an environment-friendly and flexible alternative in city traffic, is also growing in importance with double-digit growth rates. Together with its development partners, Sunways ensures a “solar charging station with mobility guarantee.” Smart – A whole roof full of power With the Smart fortwo used by car2go, the mobility concept from Daimler, implementa- tion goes a step further. The entire roof surface is utilised to generate electricity using Sunways Solar Cells. So the car can be supplied with additional power of up to 100 watts to charge the battery and keep the interior cool. This lowers fuel con- sumption and CO2 emissions. Mobile solutions – Getting there with photovoltaics How does photovoltaics protect your batteries? It charges those of your e-bike. You are cordially invited to start charging. The energy collected from the sunroof ensures that the temperature of the interior is controlled and hence saves fuel. A small innovation resulting in a noticeable saving. The extremely uniform surface of the monocrystalline solar cells from Sunways make them ideal for use in the most demanding design sectors, such as e. g. the sunroofs of Maybach and Audi cars. 02 01 From sunroof to complete vehicle roof, with Sunways Cells you have the best conditions for efficient solar usage.
  25. 25. 25 Mobile solutions 01 02
  26. 26. 26 Research and development WHAT CAN YOU RELY ON? COOPERATION IN RESEARCH – KNOWLEDGE THAT ALSO BENEFITS YOU. Through our development partnerships we are actively generating new knowledge, from which your private system can also profit. ISC Konstanz is researching the efficiency increases of crystalline solar cells. The institute carries out additional development assistance in countries such as Cameroon, India and Tanzania – for the furtherance and technical development of solar energy. Sunways is also working closely with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in the development of new generations of high-efficiency solar cells. This cooperation is worthwhile for our entire production range. Research and development – Partnerships for you Within the scope of the LOANA project, Sunways was involved in the develop- ment of the automatic analysis of crystalline solar cells. The system signifi- cantly contributed to speeding up the development process of new solar cells. DR. F. Clement, DR. R. PREU, ISE Freiburg, DR. G. SCHUBERT, Sunways AG // F. l. t. r. Dr. Ralf Preu // Head of PV-Production Technology and Quality Assurance, Fraun- hofer ISE Freiburg » The large degree of compe- tence together with a lot of trust enables highly efficient cooperation. «
  27. 27. 27 Our Locations WHERE CAN YOU FIND US? ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU. Our locations Not only in Germany, but also at our locations in Spain and Italy, we work on numerous photovoltaic projects and constantly set ourselves new challenges and requirements for performance and design. In turn, at our locations in Konstanz and Arnstadt we benefit from the experience that we gain in Barcelona and Bologna. A win-win for all. Sunways AG MacairestraSSe 3 - 5 D - 78467 Konstanz fon +49 (0)7531 996 77-0 fax +49 (0)7531 996 77-10 Sunways Production GmbH August-Broemel-StraSSe 8 D - 99310 Arnstadt fon +49 (0)3628 66 36-622 fax +49 (0)3628 66 36-880 Sales office Bologna Via Giacosa 3 I - 40132 Bologna fon +39 051 984 66 04 fax +39 051 619 42 07 Sales office Barcelona C/ Antic Cami Ral de Valencia, 38 E - 08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona) fon +34 93 664 944-0 fax +34 93 664 944-7 Corporate Communications & Investor Relations fon +49 (0)7531 996 77-415 fax +49 (0)7531 996 77-10 Trade press fon +49 (0)7531 996 77-509 fax +49 (0)7531 996 77-10 Customer Service fon +49 (0)7531 996 77-555 fax +49 (0)7531 996 77-444
  28. 28. A recommendation from: Decide in favour of photovoltaic solutions from Sunways. That way you safeguard your plant for a long service life and maximum yields. Sunways AG | Photovoltaic Technology MacairestraSSe 3 - 5 | D -78467 Konstanz fon + 49 (0) 7531 996 77-0 |