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Jw day 6 (unit 3)

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Jw day 6 (unit 3)

  1. 1. Just WordsMaria Angala, NBCTJefferson Academy, Washington DC
  2. 2. • 1. Come in quietly and take your seat• 2. Place materials on desk• 3. Take out HW assignment• 4. Write down HW assignment in agenda book• 5. Begin “JUST START!”FIRST FIVE!
  3. 3. Open your Student Notebook & turn “Skywrite” these wordsto High Frequency/ Sight Words with your finger while youSection. spell them orally. Do three times for each word.High Frequency Words:- who – Who are the men from the Circle these new high Swiss press? frequency words in your notebook.- how – Help us plan how to tell the staff.- come – Come back from the cliff! Add the sentences in the High frequency/ Sight- some – Get him some cold ham to Words Check page for Units munch on. 1-3. JUST START! (5 min)
  4. 4. • Vocabulary, vocabulary how many words do you know?• We’ll have power to read in Just Words class• Here we go!!PRIDE scholars, hit it!!
  5. 5. By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:- read, tap & spell 5 words with welded soundsand/or bonus letters…80% of the time as measured by quick checks. OBJECTIVES:
  6. 6. • I’m going to show you HFW, I want you to: repeat, skywrite, orally spell the words on your slate• On your Student Challenge Book, check the HFW/ Sight Words Check pageHigh Frequency Words
  7. 7. • TEACH BONUS LETTERS• WORD: mis • ASK: When do f, l and s get bonus• EXPLAIN: this word has 3 sounds letters at the end of the word? but it needs another letter. • WORDS: smell & sniff• ASK: Who can guess what letter it is? S… great! • ASK: Who can tap the word -? …Wonderful!• EXPLAIN: the 2nd letter s does not get a sound and does not get tapped. • ASK: How many letters does the word – have? How many taps does it• ASK: Who can tap the word with 3 get? Why?...Fantastic! taps and read it aloud? • WORD: shelf• EXPLAIN: I want you to remember that f, l, and s all get bonus letters at • EXPLAIN: notice that the l comes the end of the word if they follow a after a short vowel but does not short vowel. come with a bonus letter.• ASK: Who can tell me again what • ASK: Who can guess why? Because the 3 letters are which get bonus the word has a digraph, the l is part letters at the end of the word when of a blend so no bonus letter is they follow a short vowel? added. Review Bonus Letters
  8. 8. • WORD: pat (tap, read)• Let’s change t to n. What does it read now? Tap.• Did you notice that the /a/ sound changes somewhat? • LETTER-KEYWORD- SOUND:• Let’s make the sound /m/…/n/…they are nasal • am – ham - /am/ sound, they are sometimes • an – fan - /an distort a vowel sound.• It is easier to read and spell words with some combinations if we glue them together. am, an hide
  9. 9. • WORDS:• brand, lamp• Let’s tap, read, and spell them • Show Welded Sounds in the Reference Charts, go• Student Notebook: over each of the welded• Add the keyword pictures sounds. for an and am on the Welded Sounds page (Sounds Section) of their Student Notebook.Teacher Build Words hide
  10. 10. • WORD: rink• Let’s tap, read:• string • How do we mark welded sounds?• strong • Let’s box these• slang welded sounds…• trunk• shrinkTeach New Sounds
  11. 11. • 1. Write these words three times, and• 2. Use these words in a sentence:• twist• stump• drift• slept• thrustHOMEWORK
  12. 12. By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:- read, tap & spell 5 words with weldedsounds and/or bonus letters…80% of the time as measured byquick checks.DID WE MEET THE OBJECTIVES?
  13. 13. • You deserve a Chimpan-CHEER!!!YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
  14. 14. • 1. Homework in homework folder• 2. Notes in folders• 3. Materials put away• 4. Clean desk and area• 5. Line up when instructedLAST FIVE!