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Jw day 5 (unit 4)

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Jw day 5 (unit 4)

  1. 1. FIRST FIVE!1. Come in quietly and take your seat2. Place materials on desk3. Take out HW assignment4. Write down HW assignment in agenda book5. Begin “Do Now”
  2. 2. DO NOW: JUST START! (5MIN)1. Please get your • PLURALS ACTION Composition • dishes VERBS: Books and twigs spends open to page • flags flosses ___. spills • lamps2. Write the smells following • benches punches phrases and mark them up:
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES:By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:read, tap, spell and mark up 8 out of 10 words with suffixes…as measured by quick checks.
  4. 4. PRIDE SCHOLARS, HIT IT!!Vocabulary, vocabulary how many words do you know?We’ll have power to read in Just Words classHere we go!!
  5. 5. TEACHER BUILD WORDS: HIDEMAKE WORDS:WORD: blank (closed syllable, baseword, suffix)WORD: grind (closed syllable, baseword, suffix)WORD: string (closed syllable, baseword, suffix)WORDS: sends, jumps, yanks, munches, presses
  6. 6. LET’S PHRASE IT! HIDEOpen your Student WRITE: That child lacks Challenge Book and the skills to win. find the unit phrases There is often more than from the Days 1-5 one way that might Phrase Practice list work, let me show (display from flash you… cards) Let’s try scooping withLet’s see who wants to other sentences. volunteer to read the bold words… Why do you think we have to do this? ToLet’s read the phrases help us read fluently (2) together…(scoop) and meaningfully. (For phrases and sentences, page 127 of manual.)
  7. 7. STUDENT CHALLENGE:- I need volunteers to 1. Can you also get the two demonstrate how we flags from the shelf? mark up words 2. Stresses can come from- Great!! 2 Trojan your job too. bucks for you!! Now you are going to do it on your Student challenge Books. I will be circulating to check if you are doing it correctly.
  8. 8. DICTATION HIDE Let’s tap this word…(tap the word with- Now, get your Composition students/ get a volunteer) Books Let’s skywrite this word…- Let’s do Day 5 Dictation on page Spell it in your Composition Notebook ___. Please check the Check- Underline the digraphs Up box at the top of the page. SOUNDS: /v/, /y/, /sh/ SUPER!!- There are days that we will be WORDS: grind, blank, chem, quiff, wings, doing dictation, and you are pranks, spends, slams, stinks, shrinks expected to show success. PHRASES: spills two drinks, spends too How does success look like? much, jogs towards Tom, stops to rest 80% proficiency SENTENCES: That man also rushes to- Repeat the word after me…(say the pond. / Where did the two stamps a word) come from?
  9. 9. DID WE MEET THE OBJECTIVES?By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:read, tap, spell and mark up 8 out of 10 words with suffixes…as measured by quick checks.
  10. 10. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You deserve a Chimpan-CHEER!!!
  11. 11. HOMEWORK1. Write these words three times, and2. Use these words in a sentence:sniffsthankssquintsfixescrunches
  12. 12. LAST FIVE!1. Homework in homework folder2. Notes in folders3. Materials put away4. Clean desk and area5. Line up when instructed