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Jw day 1 (unit 4)


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Jw day 1 (unit 4)

  2. 2. FIRST FIVE! 1. Come in quietly and take your seat 2. Place materials on desk 3. Take out HW assignment 4. Write down HW assignment in agenda book. 5. Begin “JUST START!”
  3. 3. DO NOW: Just Start! (5 min) 1. Open your Student  Why is it important to Challenge Books to My chart your progress? Progress Section.  To monitor our strengths 2. We will chart your and weakness in reading progress together from and spelling words your last progress check. Explain: This chart will tell us if you have difficulty with high frequency words or phonetic words.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES:By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:read, tap, 4 out of 5 words with –sread, tap, 4 out of 5 words with –es…as measured by a progress check.
  5. 5. PRIDE scholars, hit it!! Vocabulary, vocabulary how many words do you know? We’ll have power to read in Just Words class Here we go!!
  6. 6. Pre-Test High Frequency Words hide Open your Student  DO: Turn to page 110 of Challenge Book to the Instructional Manual “High Frequency  DO: Dictate all 32 HFW. Spelling Check-Up Units Have students repeat 4-7” page. each word and spell them SAY: Remember that in their SCB. HFW are the words used  SAY: I will help you learn most in English writing. any words that you have Since many do not follow trouble with because the sound system, they some can be tricky. need to be memorized.
  7. 7. Teacher Build Words hide TEACH BASE WORD AND  ASK: Who can tell me what it is? THE –s, -es SUFFIXES Excellent!! WORD: shop  EXPLAIN: notice that the letter s EXPLAIN: read. I will add the has two different sounds here. suffix –s, what word do we have /s/ and /z/. now? Perfect!!  Now tell me what the sound of –s ASK: What is the baseword? is in the following words. What is the suffix? Nice job!!  WORDS: WORD: bug chops, chugs, clocks, clogs, clinks ASK: What do we do to make this , clings…great!! word plural? Add –s. What is our  WORD: pen one pen, two pens. new word? Bugs …wonderful!!  EXPLAIN: Remember your ELA ASK: Who can tell me what the lesson about this? By adding the baseword is and what the suffix is –s we make the singular pen in this new word? Great!! change to its plural form pens. SAY: Now, I notice something  SAY: From your math concepts about the sound of the letter s in give me an example. From your these two words shops and bugs. science concepts give me an Do you notice anything? example.
  8. 8. (Cont)Teacher Build Words hide WORD: box + -es  EXPLAIN: Now, you SAY: Let’s read the have to remember that word, everyone: box – nouns ending in s, x, z, boxes and sh add –es to its ASK: Which one means plural form. singular? Which one means plural? ASK: Which one is the baseword? Suffix? WORD:punch + -es ; pass + -es
  9. 9. Mark Words hide EXPLAIN: To mark these  YOU DO: words, we underline the  1. Open Student baseword and circle the Notebooks under suffix. consonant s ASK: Again, how do we  2. Add the bugs keyword mark these words? for the sound of /z/ We will also identify the under the consonant s sound of the suffix –s if it  SAY: You will now say s- is /s/ or /z/ by doing it snake - /s/, s – bugs - above the suffix. /z/…everyone repeat -
  10. 10. PROGRESS CHECK Explain: We will be  Instruct: 1. Please take doing a progress check at out your Student the beginning of every Challenge Book. Unit to see your  2. Find Unit 4 Progress strengths and Check page weaknesses. Don’t worry  3. You need to fold back if you make your answers on this mistakes, you will get page. better and better as we  Ready? (dictation page go on practicing and learning Just Words! 110 of Instructor’s Manual)
  11. 11. Progress Check Explain: Now let’s open the  YOU DO: page so you’ll see the  Circle the correctly spelled answers. high frequency words red Examine: Notice that there  Underline the correctly are words that were circled, spelled phonetic words and some are underlined. blue Ask: Who can guess what  You have 2 min. these words are?  Done? Circled= high frequency  Tally up high frequency words words Underlined= phonetic  Tally up phonetic words words
  12. 12. Charting DO NOW:  Explain: This is not a test 1. Open your Student but a way to see progress Challenge Books to My as you learn more in our Progress Section. class. 2. We will chart your  Explain: You will see that progress together. you will get better and Explain: This chart will better in our Just Words tell us if you have class and will eventually difficulty with high be able to know how to frequency words or spell these words phonetic words. correctly!
  13. 13. QUICK CHECK Why is it important to chart your progress? To monitor our strengths and weakness in reading and spelling words
  14. 14. HOMEWORK 1. Write these words three times, and 2. Use these words in a sentence: clumps dresses squalls kings skulls
  15. 15. Did we meet the OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, SWBAT: read, tap, 4 out of 5 words with –s read, tap, 4 out of 5 words with –es…as measured by a progress check.
  16. 16. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!  You deserve a Chimpan- CHEER!!!
  17. 17. LAST FIVE! 1. Homework in homework folder 2. Notes in folders 3. Materials put away 4. Clean desk and area 5. Line up when instructed