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Creating end-to-end IoT applications with Eclipse Kura & Solair IoT Platform

How to create powerful and flexible Internet of Things end-to-end applications using Eclipse Kura and Solair IoT Platform.

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Creating end-to-end IoT applications with Eclipse Kura & Solair IoT Platform

  1. 1. Eclipse Kura and Solair Iot Platform A perfect synergy to create IoT applications Davide De Cesaris Valeria Naldi
  2. 2. About Solair Part of a Group, Solair was founded in 2011 to focus on Cloud and IoT software: 70+ People 2 Headquarters: Bologna, Italy Offices: » Aix-en-Provence, France » Tokyo, Japan » Bangalore, India
  3. 3. What we do Solair IoT Application Platform allows companies to quickly create smart and compelling Business Applications for the Internet of Things with Zero coding.
  4. 4. FAST Deployment FULL Functionality Future FLEXIBILIY Solair’s patent pending technology means no code to write and manage. Solair offers complete and powerful tools to create your perfect and complete IoT App. Solair’s unique technology provides the scalability and flexibility to handle any changes in your business requirements. Better than simple, codeless We want you to have it all When you like it. As you like it Solair means having:
  5. 5. Fully featured, on the cloud A secure, scalable and flexible cloud platform
  6. 6. Platform Architecture DATABASE Information are persisted using Dynamic SQL technology on Microsoft SQL Server with a multi- tenancy architecture and separate database schemas for each tenant AVAILABILITY Automatic backups, geo-replication and managed queues support disaster recovery CONNECTION Secure connection protocols guarantee trustworthiness and avoids man-in-the-middle attacks GUI HTML5/JavaScript with responsive frontend and REST Web APIs Solair Platform runs on Microsoft Azure as a single-page application API Solair Platform Core Microsoft SQL Server Your IoT Business APPs
  7. 7. Availability & Security • Multiple clouds in multiple geographies • Web & external services managed in clusters • Database in mirrored instances • Dedicated monitoring system • Every VM runs under a private network exposing only web endpoints • HTTPS with optional 2- way authentication • Hashing-based handshake for IoT devices Availability Security
  8. 8. Codeless development Breakthrough codeless technology to save time and resources
  9. 9. Concept-based Development There are Concepts for every purpose from base functions to complex scenarios. Concepts are the building blocks of Solair They are little wonders defined by data, behaviour and appearance.
  10. 10. Entities Built by drag&drop: Solair handles everything underneath Aggregations of Concepts become Entities, logical representations of components of your IoT application
  11. 11. Relationships You can set multi-level Relationships that aren’t simple connections between two Entities or Concepts: they’re what gives meaning to the data model you create. Relationships are not links made using common keys, but powerful tools providing flexibility and future-proofing.
  12. 12. Spreadsheet A Spreadsheet is embedded behind every Entity. Allows Business Logic to be created in a simple user friendly format. With the Spreadsheet you can create mathematical & logical functions, algorithms, using all the data stored in Concepts, Entities and connected through Relationships
  13. 13. Zero-Coding, WYSIWYG Environment Concept Concept Library Entity Relationships Entity Canvas Concept Properties Spreadsheet
  14. 14. Full Business Application functionality 14 Codeless Drag&Drop Customization Full data management Workflows & Lifecycles BOM Management CAD Integration Custom Code Role & Organization Management 3RD Party systems integration
  15. 15. Built for the Internet of Things A comprehensive solution to interact effectively with your devices
  16. 16. Solair IoT Technology Stack can run here: Thing(s) Sensor IoT Gateway Data & Device Management Application Platform Biz Systems
  17. 17. Eclipse Foundation Solair adopted Kura to develop edge applications that interoperate with the cloud platform to build end-to-end solutions Solair joined Eclipse Foundation Solair accepted as a member of the IoT Working Group to focus on development, promotion and adoption of IoT technology
  18. 18. Solair Integration Gateway 18 Solair gateway technology is based on Kura, a Java/OSGi-based container for IoT applications running in service gateways. Kura is an inclusive and targeted software framework with an extensive set of ready-to-use Java Plug-Ins (Bundles) provided for unique platform supplied hardware, network, cellular, and storage applications Kura is part of the Eclipse Foundation
  19. 19. Kura Framework Features MQTTGSM/GPRS 3G/4G EVDO SNMP HTTP / REST ServicesWeb ServicesBluetooth / BTLE Wi-Fi 802,15,4 / Zigbee RS485 GPIO RS232 CANbus SMBus Modbus Device Mgmt WatchDog SSLLegacy JNI’s Security SOA Power Mgmt Location Based Services
  20. 20. Solair IoT Protocol • Based on HTTPS with X.509 (Public + Private keys) • Authentication is not negotiated but performed through univocal device ID hash check • Measure data are stored in dedicated tables to be accessed only using Web Application pages or Web API 4 end-points based on REST APIs: • Data collection based on a polling request cycle by the device • Alarm & Events collection based on requests raised by the device on demand (when an issue occurs). • Configurations based on a polling cycle by the device. • Commands provisioning based on a polling cycle by the device
  21. 21. Carracho
  22. 22. FEATURES • Read vehicle ECU parameters via Bluetooth exploiting the OBD- II standard protocol • Capture GPS data with a USB dongle and parse them • Scan for nearby Bluetooth devices to check enabled drivers • Detect security issues like flames or gas leaks Cloud vehicle monitoring application that reads vehicle ECU (Engine Control Unit) parameters, capture GPS data, provides anti-theft feature and detects security issues like flames or gas leak
  23. 23. Carracho Live Demo
  24. 24. Possible Improvements • Real-time vehicle monitoring system as on-board computer and remote data management • Predictive vehicle maintenance based on historical data and analysis of wear of components • Black Box for security applications and insurance companies • Fleet Management and vehicle pooling for enterprise business • Track Day recording telemetry and timings (possible race scenario with multiple vehicles data) • In-car entertainment systems integration (and Android Auto) for advanced services (for example recognise the driCarplayver and automatically set the preferred radio stations or playlists); in this case the Kura gateway acts as on-board digital hub.
  25. 25. 25 Thank you! Valeria Naldi Davide De Cesaris @solaircorporate centre